Be happy with sports

Chapter 16 The Body of a Man
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Chapter 16 The Body of a Man

And so Jake continued training, on those days of training he acquired a habit, did not look at his stats until he met the goal he had set, he hoped he would get the 7 of force before he spent the 20 days, more if he could not it would do no good to keep looking every day, it was just like cooking, if you stare at the pan while you’re doing it seems like time does not pass, yet still he realized that his resistance had increased and that he could train more and more time and needed restless time.

And after 19 days of training after lying exhausted on his court in the basement, the system finally spoke to him.

[Congratulations, you did Jake, you reached 7 stats after today’s practice.]

"Seriously, how cool I was afraid of not being able to, after yesterday I was starting to get anxious, show me then Fate."

[Here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Primary School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.34 m]

[Weight: 35 Kg]

[Force 7]

[Agility 7]

[Resistance 6]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


’It really came to 7 and agility too, just lacked more resistance should increase soon’, Jake was thinking while looking at his new statistics, in 3 months he had a great change and improvement, so it would probably take much longer to increase these statistics.

[Now you have a normal adult body, actually as I improve the efficiency of your statistics you have a better body than a normal adult, as this is the potential that everyone has up to 7 is relatively easier, then up to 10 still can be considered easy, then up to 15 is difficult, and up to 20 is quite difficult, after 20 each point is a barrier, after reaching 30 you can be considered a top-level athlete in any sport, plus people more talented and dedicated people reach that level at age 25 and that’s because they focus on one statistic more than others, so now it’s no longer just about training, up to 10 you can get by doing those exercises you’re doing now more after 11 If you want to be efficient you should start using professional equipment, but your mother may not approve, so I recommend that you slow down the physical training and start and to train your skills that are lagging behind.]

Jake listened seriously to everything the system said, and in fact he had already thought about it, he was running almost non-stop just resting enough for almost 10 hours a day yet still took almost 18 days to increase his agility at one point and strength in 2, even if the resistance increases and allows him to train more he will not be able to improve fast and will waste a lot of time, people who practiced exercises had visible improvements in 6 months of gym even being a person with a normal physical, and without the system to help, it just shows how useful the exercise machines can be for Jake now, but as the system said it is impossible for him to convince his mother to give equipment like a 100 kg weight to a 10-year-old kid professional supervision.

Just as Jake was thinking of starting his training with a ball, now he was forced, but even so it was good enough, until the 17 even with training runs he should be able to reach 20 in all statistics, it can be difficult more it is necessary, he should have all the possible advantages before playing with the professionals, because when they arrive at that time everyone would be training as well, no one wants to be back in their profession.

[Jake, if I could speak I would recommend you take a break this week of your training before you start playing ball, your classes are already starting and you are still 10 years old, you better get acquainted with your teachers and classmates this week, stay longer with your mother, this is good to give your body a breather too, you are almost 3 months training non-stop, even if I find it difficult for you to get an injury, it’s still not good to exaggerate and even your mother seems to be worried, she may start to think you’re crazy again.]

Jake thought and realized that the system was right, he also saw that his mother was worried about him, but he was so focused on increasing his strength that he could not stop training, but now that worry is gone, and so should he good memories at school on his second chance, after all his goal was not just to be more basketball player be happy, and someone obsessed with something and leaving aside family and friends cannot be happy.

"You’re right, Fate, I’m going to take this first week of school to get used to classes and my classmates and take some time to rest my body, I do not want to end an injury for no reason, scheme of exercises with the ball, I saw some more I have to get the most useful for me now, which are the for the player to train alone, this gives more time to improve my skills, I want until the end of this semester leave that title player of elementary school basketball, I’m going to enter Middle School now, it should at least be like that, but it’s good for me to improve on my own. "

So with the finished training, Jake finished his first vacation back in the past, he ended up just training, but that will not be a waste as it will improve his bases for the future, Jake wanted to be the best NBA player in the future, and in a time when there are geniuses everywhere, all the effort is short.

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