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Chapter 15 The Importance of Resistance 2
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Chapter 15 The Importance of Resistance 2

[And there was something else that you did not realize, that’s your advantage that others can not have as talented as they are and that’s also why I said that the maximum of statistics is very difficult to achieve, and your advantage is I, although you have to train the same amount of time as others and spend the same effort as others, the resulting you and the others will have is different, as I said every point you earn I increase that points in all the aspects and possibilities that this point may have, when an athlete who has 45 points of resistance, his body can not stand the effort anymore and his statistics of strength and agility do not follow, so this resistance also requires much of an athlete’s body, so the human limit is around 75, plus you will not have that kind of problem, these statistics points you have are not entirely physical points, they are also a kind of karma, my help to you It is giving you karma points instead of a muscular body, so even if you have 60 strength you will not have muscles jumping all over the body but an asymmetrical body, so you can with great effort pass that barrier that is the 75 points with a lot of effort.]

As the system said this became much clearer to Jake, in fact, he should have realized that these stats are not all pure, because the system had already said that it was impossible for a child under 13 to conquer, in addition, the system had already said that his fate of 99 had been given by him, so it is normal that he could change the others.

Jake was really a bit worried that when he had many points of strength he would have a very muscular body and was happy that this was not the case, now he only had to strive to reach the 7 points of strength before returning to classes.

"Fate, I’m going to get the 7 strength points before the classes start ?, Before I did not think it was possible anymore now that I learned the usefulness of the resistance I think it might be possible, but it’s only 20 days left that I go get?"

[I think if you continue with the same pace of training that you are going through now is very possible, even if you do not achieve will still be lacking very little, your resistance will increase one point in 12 days, your strength will increase in the next 6 days and his agility in the next 18 so I think that may be possible.]

"Because the time the statistics increase is not the same?"

[From the beginning it was always like this, I only show the statistics points and not how much to increase the next, when you reached 5 agility your statistics seemed to have increased equally, but it was only because 1 day is missing for your resistance statistic increase and a few days to increase strength, now that it took for his agility to reach 6 his resistance managed to raise 2 more points more did not give time for his strength to rise, because the difference of a point gets more and more difficult, if your resistance would not increase and you could train more, it would take much longer, not to mention that your resistance is very different than for normal people, so only you in the world can train like that.]

So Jake understood more about his own body, it was nice to know that he had a greater advantage over others, so his path to success would be smoother, the only one Jake did not understand was about his luck, the most useless of all, the good thing was that Jake was optimistic and he thought that this high luck would help more to throw balls of 3, if the system knew that Jake would think only in the most basic of the resources of luck he would spew blood, Jake perceived nothing different in his luck because he never left home and normally his luck did not affect much the system so it was impossible for his luck to attack and suddenly increase a point of strength, so, for now, it did not seem useful, Jake seemed to forget that for his lack of luck in his past life his mother died young and he was paralyzed and almost died, and that was only because Jake did not venture very alone, so his good fortune could do the opposite, for example his mother is now in much better health now and is much less depressed, this can be considered the way Jake treats his mother plus also involves luck, the clients of his mother’s restaurant and his boss are always very good humor, so she has less stress at work and earns more tips, more in her past life, Eva was often treated badly for no reason and her boss is in a bad mood she had to do overtime.

Luck can in an invisible way mess with the ways of fate, so the will of the world only realized that there was something wrong with Jake that his bad luck was so much that he twisted fate to the point of the world’s will to perceive its presence.

So without knowing how his successful life would be guaranteed by a statistic that Jake considered useless he continued training to the extreme, after realizing his resistance Jake finally realized that he really could cope much longer and also needed to rest much less, so he was able to spend better all the little time she had when the days went by Eva also realized that her son really seemed to be struggling a lot in this dream of being a basketball player more did not understand why Jake despite having a new block and balls If she knew that Jake was trained for less than three months to have a body compared to an adult she would be shocked, so she saw that Jake was not hurt and did not overload herself. She did not disturb him, she thought when he tired of training or when he saw that short training did not make much sense, he would give up and go and get the ball to practice, what she did not expect was that what her son was doing that she considered joking was perhaps the most effective training that everyone has ever done, so the days before school were ending.

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