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Chapter 14 The Importance of Resistance 1
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Chapter 14 The Importance of Resistance 1

"So Fate, show my statistics, I’m looking forward to seeing the points change."

[So here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Primary School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.33 m]

[Weight: 35 Kg]

[Force 5]

[Agility 6]

[Resistance 5]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


As Jake saw this he was very excited, this is kind of a reward for him for his efforts and hard work, in addition, it is a step closer to being able to practice with the ball, in fact the system had already told Jake that he could already practice with the ball, he just could not do 3-point layups and pitches, the rest he could, more like Jake learned from that friend of his coach, the fundamentals training he’s going to have to start doing occupy much of his time, so he thought it would be best to just start when he could leave a little aside that training he is doing now, more as the system said his stats are only going up so much because he is giving up as much if he has to split time of training to train the fundamentals, then it may take much longer to have the strength to start firing.

Now there are only 2 points to have enough strength, but as the holidays are going to end, it will not be enough for him to reach so fast, 20 days should increase to another 1 point and after classes start it should take another 3 months to win the last Stand.

After Jake focused on his strength statistics, he started looking at other details of his statistics window, he saw that he had grown a few inches and his agility had increased by 1 point too, only after he looked at his resistance and was shocked, he had increased 2 points in those 12 days, he remembered that his stamina was the smallest of all his stats but now it was along with strength, while another had increased 1 only resistance increased by 2.

"Fate, why only my resistance increased by 2 points while the other statistics increased by only 1?"

[I thought you’d already noticed, Jake think you got too obsessed with your strength, in fact I can tell you that your most important statistic for you in the future as a basketball player is your stamina.]

"What you thought I had already noticed in this training I did not notice anything different, and because the resistance is the most important to me, when you said that the person who had the most resistance in the world was only 45 much less than the other 3 statistics I already had a little given up trying to train the resistance. "

[I see, then you did not realize the importance of resistance, I will explain to you the uses of your statistics, strength statistics is the strength of the body, muscle strength, when you increase your strength in points all the muscles in your body if also strengthen, after the muscles the tendons, arteries and bones will also have more strength, the strength you gain through me and your training that I put in numbers is different from the others, in strength you will have much more advantage than any world with the same strength statistics as you. Agility is the same as I explained to you, has to do with thinking speed, dexterity and speed, for example, a large car racing runner should be around 39 agility, more if he wants to bet a race as the others he would surely lose, because his agility is focused on the speed of thought and his dexterity, in that you are also advantageous because every point of agility that you increase, increases also in all aspects of agility not only in one, if you have 40 agility in the future and you want to be a professional rider you will surely win from anyone with a little training and experience. Intelligence has a less important role in some sports, as I said is too broad, reasoning, memory and knowledge form intelligence, plus a chess master would lose all discussions with an academic plus they could have the same number of intelligence, you have the upper hand because when your intelligence increases your thinking, your perception, your memory and your knowledge increase equally, as you are now in intelligence there must be only about 20 people in the NBA who have more than you, and they are geniuses, so your advantage in organizing moves and passing choices should be huge. Now the resistance as I said is the most important to you now and in the future you have the flexibility that goes, improve and you will be able to make difficult moves more easily, the body defense also increases causing you to make more contact plays or of power struggle and can win, and the most important is the stamina, which is the energy of the body, the more stamina you have the longer you can endure in a game, and also the faster your energy will recover, so now your training speed has increased and the time to gain statistics has not increased so much because you have increased your stamina by 3, and the stronger the more resistance exercise you will be able to gain, which means more time training, so it is a win-win situation. ]

When Jake heard the system explaining so he finally understood, in fact if so, in basketball and in many more sports resistance is the most important, but as he needed strength to be able to make his pitches he neglected the importance of others, and hearing the system speak he recalled that once he heard that the more resistance the player has also helps to resist injuries, if his body is much stronger the less chance of suffering an injury in the future, and this is something that still gave Jake some fear, after all in his other life he could not use his legs and did not want to be the same at his second chance.

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