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Chapter 13 Training Time 4
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Chapter 13 Training Time 4

So the 12 days of intensive training were over, Jake did not notice, because he always trained until he fell, plus the time he exercised to get tired totally had increased and so he also recovered faster, so in those 12 days you can say which he trained almost twice as much as he had before.

In fact, not even the system thought that Jake was going to continue this intensive training, he thought that after a few days he would reduce the training load, which is normal for every athlete, more obviously he underestimated the will and determination of Jake.

What actually happened was that most of the resistance training and speed was running, and only in a small part of time did he empty force drills, and Jake always loved running above all else, thus taking away the fatigue, that training was as a joke to Jake, and they say that as long as you have fun, you can handle more difficult things.

Not to mention that Jake knew that this was only temporary in 20 days was going to start school, and could not do all this training, so Jake had to struggle while he had time, what he was trying very hard was to gain the amount of strong enough to start training their basketball skills.

Her mother was also used to Jake’s training routine, even more so when it was her mother’s day off, Jake would give up training to stay with her for a while, and sometimes he would take her for a walk.

Eva of course was very pleased with this, and over time she felt less and less lack of Jake’s father and his vitality and beauty came back to her, Eva was still a young woman, she always seemed a little older and had a face tired, more for the depression she felt and also that she had no one to vent, in

Jake’s previous life, as he was a normal child and then a normal teenager, it was normal for him to ignore his mother a little and even feel ashamed of to be near her and he tried to make friends.

In fact, Eva and Jake were actually very similar on this side of making few friends, so if one ignored the other they would stay the 2 in a house living as isolated.

More after Jake lost his mother and learned that she was always depressed and hid it from him, now that he had another chance he wanted to stay with his mother as much as possible and ensure that she was happy.

And the two of them could actually be talking to each other for hours, Jake’s mental age was much older than his mother so naturally they could have a conversation on the same level, now that it had been a month since he’d gone back in time, Jake did not have to more hide her mature personality, her mother gradually became accustomed to it, and as she thought he still "played" playing basketball every day he was a normal child.

Funny that his mother one day after seeing that Jake spent all day training, said that if he did not get good grades this school year she would not let him play more basketball when she said it Jake almost laughed at how ridiculous that was, for him who could enter a university at any time, go well to school, more when he saw the serious face of his mother decided not to laugh.

After the end of training day Jake was totally exhausted, he was breathing unevenly but he had a smile on his face because he knew that today was the day to harvest the fruit. Of all this training.

[Boy, I’ll have to say that I’m impressed by you, I found that at that time, after training a few days you were going to decrease more I was wrong, so until you’re old enough to play with others your stats will be unmatched.]

"Fate, you know I’m doing it like this because soon I will not have that much time to train, besides, I’m crazy enough to be able to throw again."

[You can rest easy the way things will even if you decrease your training time when you are over the age of 11 and you will be ready to train.]

"Hey Fate, there’s one thing you did not explain right to me, this elementary school player title, I’ll only be able to change when I reach age?"

[No, there’s another way for you to move forward so that you can consider your statistics with older people, but it’s very difficult, actually, although it’s a lot harder this path I recommend to you, the way you get to SS in less 5 skills and B in all other skills, this should not be considered difficult for you.]

"It’s not very difficult, it’s going to have to take a long time, I do not know when I’ll be able to play with other people, so the skills that an opponent and a teammate require are the most difficult to train."

[It should not be so, after you can practice you will understand despite what I said that your statistics are compared to the best player of the primary school age trained to the extreme, because it also has the same limit as you, age and physical strength , more in your case when you are training with ball your body should have the same statistics as an adult taking off weight and height, and this no matter how new he started to train are things he will not be able to do before 13 .]

So Jake understood, he was a little embarrassed to look at his skill statistics being compared to that of a boy his age, moreover, in the pitch of 2 and 3 points that he was so proud he was a C compared to a boy of his age, willing or not he trained for many years in his past life, yet he was no better than a boy who had trained for 5 years, of course he understood what the system said, as soon as he learned to shoot by jumping him will definitely go to the SS, more for what the system said now depends only on him and his abilities to take that shameful title.

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