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Chapter 12 Training Time 3
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Chapter 12 Training Time 3

As Eva promised, she quickly bought the table and some materials to make a simple basketball court, when it is paid things run fast, 2 days later Jake looked at his court in the basement, with the line of 3 points at 7,24m as used in the NBA, the other markings also in the official measurements, this gave almost half a block, which was more than enough for Jake to train until he reached adulthood, today is also the day the system said that if Jake did the exercises which he does every day would gain 1 attribute point on each main attribute except intelligence.

More now, Jake no longer needed to run into the park and be called crazy, now he could do his strength, endurance and run training in his basement, so Jake started his daily workout, training was simple, running from one side of the Jake was able to take only 30 minutes at his maximum and then he had to rest, and the push-ups he was already 6 without getting tired, but Jake was thinking about his future, if he took 10 days of exercise routine to increase 1 point, then probably the amount of time he will have to exercise increased in the future when he reaches 20 it will take close to 1 per point plus he had to accept because he was better than others who did not have a goal to reach and a system to measure their capacity in numbers.

By the time he reached the end of his training Jake was totally exhausted, it was no wonder that the gossipers in the neighborhood thought he was crazy, not even professional athletes train up to that point.

"And, Fate, did I get a point already?"

[Yes, you will, I will show you.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Primary School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.31 m]

[Weight: 35 Kg]

[Force 4]

[Agility 5]

[Resistance 3]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


"Really increased one point each, now I feel it was worth everything I did, when will it give to increase all 3 attributes again Fate?"

[The 3’s, if it’s 3 it’s going to take 12 days.]

"12 days just, not much I thought it would take much longer."

[It does not take so long because you train on the limit every day, if you trained lighter the normal would be 1 month.]

"I have to train like this in 1 month will start the schools, I’m glad that this year starts in September, if it was in August I would not have that much time, when classes start I’ll only have a third of the time I have now to train."

[That’s true, plus you do not have to be so rushed, 5 years from now when you start competing with the other boys in basketball your advantage will be huge, if it’s just 3-point throws when you’re 15 with your talents could compete in the NBA, of course, only in that requirement, in the others you will still be very far.]

"Speaking of a 3-point shot, do I really have to wait until my strength reaches 7 to start training? My hands are already itching for so long that I do not make a pitch."

[I can not do anything about it if you have the strength of less than 7 to throw your ball nor reach the rim of the throw distance of 3 meters, and the force for this type of throw is mainly a very important factor , the more strength and control of that force you have, the more chances you will have to hit the pitch, because once you have the strength you just need to adjust the accuracy, not to mention that the amount of strength you have plus the amount of resistance greatly influence for how many pitches you can do in a row, when you were 40 years old before you came back, after a lot of pushing your wheelchair and a lot of strength training you did, your strength was 18 and you could do several pitches in a row, for you to have a good example the best 3-point thrower of the NBA today has 35 strength and 28 resistance, much more than you have ever had in two lives together, and yet he has a an average of just over 50% of pitches, if one day with your talent you have 50 strength and 40 resistance you can hit an average of 80% and so on.]

When Jake heard 80% average 3-point pitches his mind went blank, if he tries 20 pitches in a game with that average he ranges around 39 points per game if he only tosses 3, that’s how the system spoke , if he achieves this only with pitches of 3 he would be one of the best players in NBA history, not to mention other skills.

After that Jake got even more excited to start training again, just to train the physical skills if he had time he would become a good basketball player, this shows how important training is.

When he saw the time, Jake rose quickly to start cleaning the house and cooking for his mother, on those days he had been frustrated trying to cook in the most normal way possible, if he cooked as he knew his mother would definitely find it strange as a child who just learned to cook, cooks better than her, so he has to strive to maintain a normal taste.

After her mother arrived and saw that everything was tidy as always and the food was ready she just smiled, after she confirmed that he was not crazy, it was great to have an obedient son who helps the mother at home, and in fact later of the open conversation she had with her son, Eva felt much lighter, she no longer had that tired look she had since her husband died now her life was her and Jake and he was becoming the man of the house.

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