Be happy with sports

Chapter 11 Training Time 2
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Chapter 11 Training Time 2

When Jake was back in his tired home, and wanted to go take a shower to rest, he lifted his head and saw his mother sitting on the couch looking seriously at him.

"Hi Mom, I did not know you were back home, how was your day," Jake said as he ran to sit with his mother.

"Jake, I think we have something to talk about," Eve said as she looked seriously at her son.

"Has something happened, Mother?"

At this moment until Jake realized that something was happening, his mother rarely called him to have an argument, because he did not do anything wrong.

"Jake, my son, is there something going on with you, is there something you want to tell your mother, something you’re ashamed of or did you think it would be better to hide?"

When Jake heard his mother say that his heart almost stopped, ’Mothers know their own children’ he thought, Jake of course was different from before because his mind was too mature for his age, plus he thought his mother would not notice nothing, but he underestimated his mother’s attention, of course Jake never thought his mother knew anything about the system, because the more creative a person of imagination was, he would never have imagined it existed in the real world.

"No mom, nothing happened, I’ve been acting different because I saw how busy you were and wanted to do something to help you," Jake said without changing his expression.

Jake had done some acting classes, so faking emotions or calming down was a key part of his acting training.

When Eva heard Jake say that her heart ached, she was also proud to see her son growing up and paying attention to what she did, but she did not want to see him lose his childhood.

"My son, I thank you for thinking of me, but you’re just a child, I do not want to see you as an adult, I want you to have fun, play more, I’ve been busy, can not do some homework. "

"I know mom, I’ve been joking, I go to the park every day, these things I do quickly at home."

"Speaking of playing in the park, I’ve heard that you’ve been running alone and doing exercises until you get tired every day in the park, Jake does not seem like a normal kind of joke to do."

"How do you know, mother?"

"My friends saw you in the park, they got worried and came to talk to me."

’These gossipers,’ thought Jake, of course he knew that when she talked to her friends she meant the other ladies in the neighborhood who had nothing to do so they lived by paying attention to the lives of others.

"Mom, I wanted to wait a while and say that later, but I think the time has come, I’ve been thinking those days, and you should not know anymore. I’ve really enjoyed watching basketball on television, and when I saw it, I found out that I wanted to be a basketball player, more talked on television that to be a basketball player has to have some fitness and a lot of training since I was young, so I decided to start training now to be a great play in the future. "

Eva was a bit shocked to see her son talking so seriously about her future, of course she thought it was just a phase and that he would change her mind in the future maybe, but still, she saw that he did some research before speaking , and he was even training alone, so at least he’s excited about something.

"Son, I think it’s nice of you to want to be a basketball player, your dad loved basketball too, why did you say you wanted to tell me that later?"

"Because I wanted to wait until near my birthday, then show you how serious I am at learning basketball, so as a birthday present, I wanted you to build a basketball court in the basement, only one table is good."

When Eva saw what Jake said she was impressed, it seems that he was thinking seriously about it and was also very intelligent and knew to have patience, if it was for this much she was willing to give that gift to her son, she had seen in a great a sports store that cost $ 300, a table, and they gave her two balls of toast, that much money she’d saved, not to mention that at age 10 Jake had never asked for a present from her mother.

When Jake saw his mother think he sighed, he knew his mother had that money, but it was money from his savings for emergencies, and he did not want to ask his mother anything, but that was more important, they did not have basketball courts available for children and he would have to wait 5 years at least if he wanted to play with others on the courts, before he did not care, more after receiving his system skills, now he had to train them, and 5 years of training would make a great difference in the future.

As for the basement, it was very large, their house had a basement and an attic, as they did not have many things and their mother did not like going to the basement at night they kept everything in the attic and the basement that was more than 4 meters below of the ground was empty, 8 meters wide and 12 meters long, this was almost half of the measurements of a normal court, so with a treatment on the floor, and a table, was enough to train in those 5 years.

What Jake would do is create a line of 3 equal to the professional’s measure and the table to train leyups, so he could train all his basketball skills minus those that need other players.

"Okay son, I’m going to give you this gift as a vote of confidence, although it’s not necessary for you to be a professional player, at least I want to see you using this block that I’ll do for you, if I see you Do not go there, I’m going to be very disappointed in you. "

When Jake heard this he flashed a big smile, "You can be sure Mom, I will not stop using this block."

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