Battling Records of the Chosen One

Chapter 371 - Battle in Tianwu Arena
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Chapter 371: Battle in Tianwu Arena

As soon as Lin Xun got out of Heart-cleansing Peak, he was surprised to find there was someone waiting for him.

Shi Yu had an easy demeanor in white robe. Ning Meng stood as a steel tower with his resolute demeanor. Even Gong Ming and Ye Qi were there.

“Why are you here?”

Lin Xun was surprised.

“Don’t talk nonsense. We will accompany you and support you this time. We can’t let others look down on you!”

Shi Yu said with a smile.

“Yes, the rumor in the Forbidden City said that you had offended Song Family and Hua Family so you would be helpless. Wasn’t it hitting us in the face?”

Ning Meng despised.

Lin Xun was touched. He knew that it would take a lot of courage for Shi Yu and Ning Meng to stand on his side.

“Aha, we are here to join in the fun.”

Ye Qi also made a voice.


Gong Ming nodded and agreed with Ye Qi.

This was the way of communication between men. Seemingly joking actually represented a certain attitude in heart.

To be honest, Lin Xun was really surprised. When he was in Bloodthirsty Camp, he was not familiar with Gong Ming and Ye Qi. They even had been enemies in eliminating fights. Unexpectedly, they would support him in this way.

Lin Xun laughed: “You really had nothing better to do.”

“Don’t bullshit. Let’s go Tianwu Arena right now.”

Ning Meng was a little impatient, shouting.

Then they took the chariot together.

“Lin Xun, I have something to tell you.”

On the chariot, Shi Yu whispered to Lin Xun, “We four have decided to use some of our family’s strength to help you solve some of your fetters in the dark.”

Before Lin Xun responded, Shi Yu quickly explained, “We all knew that you had to solve the internal problems first if you want to take charge of Heart-cleansing Peak completely. These internal problems were from nowhere but Westbrook Lin, Floating-cloud Lin, Flying-peak Lin and Northlight Lin.”

“It may be difficult for us to deal with them directly, but it’s easy to trouble them in the dark.”

“For example, Westbrook Lin relied on their 50 industries in the Forbidden City for survival. We can use the strength of our own families to suppress these industries!”

“In the same way, we can use this method to deal with other three collateral forces of Lin Family.”

Shi Yu said with a smile, “This is a commercial war. It can inflict great damage on these forces as easy as falling off the log.”

“A practitioner couldn’t continue his practice if he has no resource, let alone a family without wealth.”

“If this is done, it will give these forces a heavy blow. At that time, you can take this opportunity to speed up the pace of unifying them!”

Lin Xun felt complicated after hearing this. This must be Shi Yu’s idea. Only he could come up with such a ruthless strategy.

If Shi Yu, Ning Meng, Gong Ming and Ye Qi used the power in their family together, the power produced would be really terrible!

After all, today’s four collateral forces of Lin Family could only be regarded as inferior forces. How could they compete with great forces in the first-class like Keystone Business, Ning Family, Gong Family and Ye Family?

Even if they could only use a small part of their family power, it would be enough to make the four collateral forces of Lin Family suffer a lot!

“What do you think?”

Shi Yu asked Lin Xun’s opinion.

He needed to get Lin Xun’s allowance. After all, they were outsiders of Lin Family. It was taboo to interfere others’ family affairs.

“I will decide it after this duel.”

Lin Xun said in thought.


Shi Yu nodded.

It was a matter of great concern. If he was Lin Xun, he would be cautious.

“By the way, your duel with Hua Wuyou has attracted the attention of the whole Forbidden City. Many powerful people are likely to appear in Tianwu Arena to watch this duel.”

Shi Yu suddenly reminded.

Lin Xun said with a smile: “Hua Wuyou is really powerful in means. If I fail this time, wouldn’t everyone in the Forbidden City know it all at once? It’s too humiliating.”

Shi Yu also smiled: “So you can’t fail this time. If you fail, we will be laughed at too.”

“Why are they laughing at you?”

Lin Xun was stunned.

“They will laugh at us making an incompetent friend in the team.”

Shi Yu said with a smile.

Lin Xun turned his eyes and shouted Shi Yu away.


Tianwu Arena.

It was said that in ancient times, this place was a battlefield of purgatory, where many heroes were buried. Later, it was ordered by the founding emperor of Ziyao Empire to build this large-scale arena.

At this time, the Tianwu Arena was already a sea of people. 100 thousand seats were all crowded with dense figures. The scene was extremely hot.

Around the arena, the second-story and the third-story box had been occupied by dignitaries.

Lin Xun and Hua Wuyou’s duel attracted the whole city’s attention before they started!

It was not because their authority, but because of their special identities.

Hua Wuyou was a noble one in seven first-class aristocratic families and was also well-known in Martial Department of Green-deer School. Among the younger generation, her fighting ability was strong enough to be among the top 100.

Lin Xun was a descendant of Lin Family. Although Lin Family had been in decline for a long time, it was brilliant in the age of legendary Lin Daochen.

As the lineal descendant of Lin Daochen, 15-year-old Lin Xun offended Song Family and Hua Family overnight. It was hard to ignore this news.

For some big shot who knew the secret of Lin Family, the emergence of Lin Xun had too much to pay attention to.

His life experience was so special. The bloody incident more than ten years ago involved many amazing secrets.

Although Lin Xun returned to the Forbidden City alone, it was too strong and abnormal for him to offend two top aristocratic families under such a helpless and tight spot.

Chi family, who had carried out encirclement and suppression actions against Lin Xun, also concerned about this. Why... Lin Xun acted so boldly?

How many monsters stood behind him?

Different perspectives of attention led to different attitudes towards issues.

Most practitioners in the field did not consider these.

What they were really interested in was the battle between Lin Xun and Hua Wuyou.

“What a spectacular situation. Who can imagine that Tianwu Arena will be so popular because of Hua Wuyou’s duel with Lin Xun?”

“Yes, Lin Xun really made a big noise. He was so bold to offend Song Family and Hua Family.”

“Alas, it would be very disappointing if Lin Xun didn’t come to fight this time.”

“Don’t worry. There’s already news. Lin Xun is bound to appear today. Let’s wait for the fun. ” “Aha, in this way, Lin Xun might be beaten to death. Hua Wuyou is a well-known demon. I’m afraid that he would be abolished of his cultivation even if he didn’t die.”

“It’s true that Hua Wuyou is too strong. It’s a very slim hope for Lin Xun to win.”

All around the huge arena, there were discussions everywhere. The noise was like thunder, surging between heaven and earth.

Most people were against Lin Xun. They thought that even if his talent was outstanding, he had just been promoted to Sea Spirit Realm. Hua Wuyou had a higher cultivation stage than him. So he was doomed to be defeated.

Some people also retorted that Lin Xun must rely on some special means since he dared to fight.

But there were fewer practitioners holding this view.

“Do you see that? Most people in the field are against Lin Xun. I have to admire his courage if he really comes.”

In a box, Lin Tianlong, leader of Westbrook Lin, laughed.

“If he doesn’t come, he will be shamed by the whole Forbidden City and completely become a laughingstock. It will be difficult for him to raise his head in the future. Therefore, even if he knows that he will fail, he has to summon up his courage to come here.”

Lin Nianshan said, “I’m curious about whether Hua Wuyou will kill Lin Xun on the spot with his carefree character.”

“I hope not. If Lin Xun dies, we may lose the chance to regain Heart-cleansing Peak.”

Lin Pingdu frowned.

“It’s true that it’s better to abolish his cultivation. If Lin Xun were killed, it would be too much. I only hope that Hua Wuyou could leave him a way to live.”

Lin Tianlong muttered to himself.


At this moment, cheers burst out in the arena, which immediately attracted everyone’s eyes.

On the huge arena in the center, a beautiful flaming figure appeared.

She was charming in features, but her expression was cold as ice. When she was walking, she looked like a proud phoenix cruising in its territory, domineering and calm.

That was Hua Wuyou!

The scene was sensational. Eyes were all concentrated on Hua Wuyou. There were amaze, fear, envy and admiration.

It seemed that Hua Wuyou felt unconscious for all this. She stood elegantly on the arena. Her red clothes looked like fire. Her black hair floated in the wind.

At first glance, people knew Hua Wuyou was extraordinary. She was an existence that could be called gifted woman who won the favor of God.

She had terrible background and ability to be proud. It was hard for such a person to remain obscure.

With the arrival of Hua Wuyou, the scene became hotter. Many people couldn’t help discussing when Lin Xun would appear since Hua Wuyou had come.

In their discussing, a tall and graceful figure, on the other side of the arena was pacing to the arena.

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