Battling Records of the Chosen One

Chapter 10: First Fight
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Chapter 10: First Fight

Lin Xun frowned and thought for a moment, and then he stepped out of the room and opened the door.

Outside was a man, very thin, with bright piercing eyes. While he looked around, the gaze was alert and spiteful.

Lin Xun remembered, he was one of the guardians who returned with Lian Rufeng. But why he stayed behind while the Captain left?

What was his purpose by visiting unannounced in the midnight?

“I am Lu Ting, one of the village guardians. I have something to ask you about.”

The man darted a look at Lin Xun, and started to talk in an unarguable tone of voice.

“It’s you, Brother Lu. Are you alone?”

Lin Xun asked with a smile.

He had learned to deal with everyone with a smiling face, which was not just a self-respect gesture, but would also make others subconsciously lower down their guard.

“When Captain Lian left, he was worried and asked me to stay and keep an eye on the village, in case some unknown stranger makes trouble.”

Lu Ting said, entering the courtyard in an aggressive manner before he was invited to.

Lin Xun smiled again. How couldn’t he tell the “unknown stranger” apparently referred to him?

What intrigued him was whether the unexpected visit was Lu Ting’s own idea or Lian Rufeng’s order.

He stepped forward to greet Lu Ting with the same smile on his face, “Brother Lu, the thing you want to inquire, may I ask what it is?”

He then invited Lu Ting to go inside the room.

Lu Ting rejected, “I’d like to talk in the courtyard. I shall be leaving soon.”

Lin Xun nodded, “As you like.”

Lu Ting frowned, for he suddenly realized, since he was there, this young boy in front of him had been extremely composed and kept smiling, as if nothing could startle him.

The calmer Lin Xun was, the more irritated he was. He hated people he could not see through, especially when the person he dealt with was a 12 or 13-year-old boy.

He thought there was no need to be polite any longer, so he asked directly, “Tell me, who are you? Where are you from? Why do you come to Feiyun?”

Once more, Lin Xun smiled, “I come from a turbulent wasteland. As for the reason why I come here, it’s quite simple, I am just passing by.”

Passing by?

Lu Ting glared his eyes and snapped, “Kid, don’t play with me. If you do not tell the truth, I will force you to.”

His joints rattled like a furious beast, violent and terrifying.

If Lin Xun had been a common teenager, then he would have been intimidated and obedient.

But there seemed no such response. Instead, he ceased to smile and frowned, “Brother Lu, every word I said was the truth. I never lie. If you don’t believe me, please go and check with the village head. He knows my story.”

Lu Ting’s face darkened, as his playing tough did not work out on this young boy at all. He shouted, “Shiao Tianren? He is just a doddering old fool. Don’t fool me with him. Do you really think he can protect you?”

He did not even try to conceal his contempt.

Lin Xun laughed at this thought. He then looked at Lu Ting, and asked, “Did Lian Rufeng ask you to pay me this visit?”

“How do you……”

Lu Ting subconsciously opened his mouth until he realized it was a set-up. He was irritated to the point of murder, so he suddenly swung his palm at Lin Xun, trying to grasp his shoulder.

“You damn thing, you want to do this the hard way, then I will show you what I am capable of!”

He made the move so unexpected that it looked like a goshawk hunting a hare. His attack was fast, accurate and relentless. If he succeeded, he would have crushed Lin Xun’s bones.

Without delay, Lin Xun lowered his shoulder, tapped the ground with the tip of his toes to step back and foiled the attack with ease. There was still a smile on his lips, yet it turned a bit cold.

“It seems my arrival makes you guys uncomfortable, which makes me wonder, could it be that you are plotting something behind and are afraid to be discovered by me, so you are here to test me?”

Lu Ting was shocked. How could the young boy see right through their plan?

“Nonsense, little creature!”

He shouted, and suddenly changed the palm into a fist. In the meanwhile, he twisted his waist and moved his legs to a bow stance. His fist was like the rolling thunder and a strong wind, making the air scream.

It was the Force to Doom Armies, one of the moves of the Marching Boxing.

Unlike the children practicing during the day, this attacker, whose fist was humming as it was boosted by copious spiritual energy, could smash a giant rock of 1000 juns (“jun” is an ancient measuring unit in China, equaling to 15 kilos) and rip up a tiger with bare hand.

To do this, he must have reached Inner Strong, the second level of Martial Realm.

Spinning like a top, Lin Xun dodged the attack effortlessly once again.


After his two attacks were fended off, Lu Ting instantly realized, this young boy in front of him, who looked thin and fragile, was not as simple as a spiritual apprentice.

“You little thing sure enough did not tell the whole story, just as Captain Lian expected. You must have some hidden agendas in Feiyun.”

This time, he jumped at Lin Xun, with the intent to kill.

One by one, he attacked with the eight killing moves of the Marching Boxing –FTDA (force to doom armies), WDPD (white-dragon to penetrate defense), TRRE (tiger roar to repulse the enemy), ICRA (iron-chain to resist attack), RTSM (ridge to suppress the moon), FTSH (flames to scorch the heaven), WTRM (waves to raze the mountain) and BTTH (battle through the heaven).

His fists, like two shining spears ringing in a bloody battle, looked ferocious and scary.

However, no matter how fast and fiercely he attacked, he was unable to touch Lin Xun’s clothing, let alone hurt him.


Lin Xun twisted, turned and ran swiftly with the only intention to duck the attack. It was nearly unbelievable that he could manage to succeed in the last minute every time.

The two of them kept doing this for a while. Although Lin Xun was not injured, the courtyard that had been cleaned and repaired was completely destroyed. The ground was broken, and the soil was all over the place.

On the contrary, Lu Ting was both surprised and raged. The fact that he couldn’t defeat a 12 or 13-year-old boy made him dare not to believe.

“You little thing, get ready to die!”

As Lin Xun was forced into a corner, Lu Ting growled, and smashed his fists at Lin Xun, swiftly and violently like the rolling thunder.

Watching the fists coming right at his face, Lin Xun decided to fight back for the first time, and the usual smile was back on his lips.

He made his move simultaneously.

He clenched his right hand into a fist, and then he bent his arm, tightened his waist and turned to a bow stance, all of which were done in a blink of eyes.


He threw out his right fist.

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