Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 4 Personal Interspatial Space part4
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Chapter 4. Personal Interspatial Space part4

She got some for cold, fever, bloating and diarrhea and other emergency use. She bought ten boxes of the triple six brand cold capsule.

She also bought some other medicines that are very likely to be used, such as the menthol balm jotted in the book.

Several of them were particularly expensive, costing her nearly 10,000 yuan, but Lin Qing He didn’t mind as they were prepared for just-in-case.

These don’t take up much space. Because Lin Qing He bought a lot, she asked the pharmacy to give a paper suitcase to pack it.

After putting it on the minibus, Lin Qing He took out the notebook and crossed out the word ’medicine’.

Then she drove over to the wholesaler, and the wholesale manager called someone to load her remaining fifty bags of flour into the vehicle.

"If you still need anything, I can prepare it all. As long as you come here, I can ask someone to load It into the vehicle for you." The wholesale manager said politely.

Dragon Boat Festival was nearly approaching, and he deduced that this must be a big company giving benefits to its employees.

When Lin Qing He heard what he said, on impulse, she took out the notebook and wrote down brown sugar, rock sugar, soy, vinegar, and salt.

Then she gave it to the wholesale manager and asked him to prepare it according to the amount above while she sends the flour to the unit first.

The wholesale manager expressed that it was no problem.

Lin Qing He drove away and collected the flour into the space halfway on the road.

Now there are three-sevenths of space left in the space. She felt that the food supplies are almost enough.

She stopped on the main street, took out the notebook and crossed out the words flour. Then she looked at the other things to see if there was anything missing. She would make up for it if she lacked it. She organized the space and checked if she can make more room.

Taking out her cell phone and checked that it was nearly half an hour, she drove back.

The wholesale manager had brown sugar, rock sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, and salt ready for her.

Twenty jin of brown sugar, twenty jin of rock sugar, twelve bottles in a box of soy sauce, fifteen bottles in a box of vinegar, a large sack with twenty-five small bags of salt inside, and one small bag contain two jins of refined salt.

Someone put it in a vehicle for her, and then Lin Qing He settled the bill first.

"I still have something to buy." Lin Qing He said after the checkout.

"Miss, what you want to buy, you can tell me, I will take Miss over." The wholesale manager nodded.

Lin Qing He didn’t act shy with him, this time she came to buy women’s products (a.k.a. period stuff).

She frankly ordered ten boxes of supplies, and she requested the wholesale manager to call someone to tear off the outer packaging and scattered them into five boxes.

Because this saves space. With these five large boxes plus the brown sugar, white sugar and stuff before, the two-sevenths of space was left in the end.

Although it was a bit excessive, Lin Qing He felt that the current supplies are not in short supply but this stuff was really indispensable!

Because a lot of materials had been stored in the space, enough to temporarily stabilize the situation in the desperate situation, she did not believe that if she was really to transmigrate, she wouldn’t be able to live successfully.

So what she had to consider now should be personal issues.

Lin Qing He ignored the perplexed look of the male wholesale manager and asked someone to take it to the minibus. and took it with her, Then she took the yet-to-recover and first-time-meeting-such-bizarre-client male wholesale manager with her to continue shopping.

Lin Qing He also bought two large boxes of tissues.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, face towel, soap, moisturizer and so on also can’t be forgotten.

She even saw old-fashioned double-eared iron pots and old-fashioned casseroles pot in the supermarket. She got two of each. In addition to those, were five sharp old-fashioned cleavers...

The male manager automatically attributed this was for her female colleague to take home to use, so there was nothing to ask.

Whatever the client wants, he just give it to them, and it’s not like he never saw this kind of client.

Lin Qing He glanced at him and said, "These things, you have to make it cheaper for me. I bought so much from you."

"That’s for sure," asserted the male manager with a slight smile.

"How heavy is this quilt? How is it sold?" Lin Qing He came to the clothing area (T/N:shouldn’t it be homeware), pointed directly at the shelves of quilts packed in bags.

"This is a good five-jin quilt. If Miss wants to buy it, I’ll give Miss a discount. The wholesale price for one is only three hundred and eight." The wholesale manager said.

"Five pounds isn’t enough. Give me another. No, give me two seven-jin quilts!" Lin Qing He glanced and frankly spoken.

The male wholesale manager swiftly arranged two seven-jin quilts, both of which can be used for double beds.

Lin Qing He was satisfied with a glance because the quilt could leave the inner core and remove the outside.

She briefly looked at the mattress and also asked for two wool mattresses, both of which were grayish in color. They looked very old, but the quality was really good and the price was not cheap. The wholesale manager said that it was targeted at middle-aged and elderly people and would she like to change it?

Lin Qing He conveyed no, it’s exactly what she wanted!

"A new batch of fruit arrived in the fruit area today. Would you like to see it, Miss?" The wholesale manager said politely when it seemed like she was almost done.

Lin Qing He originally wanted to leave, but after he said that, she examined the space. There was currently one-seventh space left. It was just enough to keep the ordered big buns, but if it was packed in a bag, she can find a bit of space.

And with more than 10,000 savings left, Lin Qing He came to the fruit area. In the end, she got a box of grapes, a box of yellow pear (Pyrus nivalis) and two boxes of apples.

(T/N: it’s one of these? For me, it’s right)

When the bill was settled, Lin Qing He drove away with all the goods. It was one vehicle full. She took all the materials into the space halfway on the road.

After solving these problems, Lin Qing He let out a sigh of relief.


Now that these things are gathered, even if there were any accident, she should not have to worry about it for a short time when she went over, right?

Ten square meters was only so big. From start to end, so many things were put in, the space in her palm left some room but not very big. There was only a place reserved for the last five hundred white buns.

And when the time comes, she’ll have to put it in a bag and take it inside. If she uses a foam box, it may not be able to fit it.

After being busy outside all day, she grabbed a bun from the space and ate it when hungry, drank mineral water, and passed it as a meal.

She reached home when it was 6:30 in the evening.

After a long day of exhaustion, her spending was down to the last few thousand yuan after all her spending. However, she didn’t plan to spend any more. Don’t mention that the space couldn’t fit anymore, it was for in case the unexpected didn’t happen. Then she’ll be empty-handed!

However, after sweeping in so many things, satisfied Lin Qing He was tired and paralyzed. She planned to sleep after taking a bath.

She didn’t know whether these preparations were enough or not, but she had done her best. The only thing she prayed now was to hope that place would not be the apocalypse.

She had read a good quantity of popular male apocalypse novel. The male lead got a space without a warning, but apocalypse was too dangerous ...

Along with the random thoughts, Lin Qing He went to sleep, but she didn’t expect that once she sleeps, she would sleep to the sixties...

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