Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 31 Cooking pig fat
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Chapter 31 Cooking pig fat

She saw tangerine over at the county city’s supply and demand cooperative last time and none at the community’s supply and demand cooperative. At that time, she did not think about this as there were apples, pears, and grapes in the space and end up not buy it.

Now she regretted it.

Since she was all day at home, the sweater knitting was naturally fast. At night they ate seaweed and shrimp congee. She worked overtime on the knitting for a while and finished knitting Er Wa’s sweater.

The next day, she got Da Wa and his brothers to stay at home. The Kang was heated and they were fully-fed. They just need to babysit San Wa. She will return as soon as possible.

She walked faster because there were three children alone at home. Once she arrived, Mei Jie handed it over. She also gave Mei Jie a piece of soap.

Her space contained a few boxes of it. There were ten pieces of soap in a box. She got both of the laundry and bath ones.

At a glance, Mei Jie knew that the soap must have been bought from the county city, otherwise, it wouldn’t be so pretty and fragrant.

Naturally, she dare not accept such a good thing from her. Lin Qing He said to her: "Jie, please accept it. Don’t be polite with me. Just for the bones you got for me, I must thank you."

For two yuans, Chen Mei brought her half a jin of fatty meat and half a jin of lean meat. On top of that, three ribs, two large bones, and a half pair of pig ears.

This was definitely enough.

In addition to these, she also gave two jins of kerosene.

She did pay, but this quality soap was a token of goodwill for Chen Mei, because she could see that Chen Mei was a good person even though she was a little proud when she first met her.

Seeing that she was really sincere in giving it, Mei Jie accepted it. This kind of soap was very good to use. Without two yuans, one can’t buy it. She whispered: "There isn’t much kerosene this time. Next time, there’s a new batch, I’ll set aside more for you. "

"Thank you, Mei Jie." Lin Qing He nodded.

Bidding goodbye to Mei Jie, Lin Qing He put everything in the basket, covered it with a cloth, and returned home.

Once she got home, she took out the fatty meat in the space as well to prepare for oil extraction.

"Send it over to your grandfather." Lin Qing He gave them a white bun. As for the brothers, she gave no more.

The brothers showed no hesitation when they heard that they would send it to their grandfather.

They wrapped it in oil paper, placed it in his arms, and delivered it to old Zhou’s house.

These days were too cold, Father Zhou had been on the kang. He smoked a big cigarette and felt comfortable.

"Grandpa, we came." Da Wa and Er Wa grinned.

"Why are you two brothers here?" Father Zhou asked with a smile.

"Grandpa, this is for you to eat." Da Wa took out the oil paper from his arms and gave it to their grandpa.

"What is this?" Father Zhou paused for a moment and asked.

"Grandpa will know when you look at it." Blinking, Er Wa declared.

Father Zhou received it and then saw this was a hot white bun. Stunned, he blurted: "Where did this come from?"

"Our mother bought it," Da Wa said.

"Yesterday, Grandma ate it, but Grandpa hasn’t eaten it yet. So Mother went to buy meat and bought it back. Grandpa, eat it," Er Wa explained.

Father Zhou approximately understood. Because they had eaten yesterday and he hadn’t, so his two grandsons brought it up. With that, their mother had bought it back for him.

"Grandpa doesn’t need to eat, you guys can eat it." Father Zhou felt very comforted on inside. He thought that Fourth’s wife was a good role-model.

"We have eaten." Da Wa shook his head.

"En, we ate yesterday." Er Wa nodded. Although he was also greedy, he never of eating their grandpa’s.

So Father Zhou ate his second white bun in his life.

It was as delicious as he remembered. It was so delicious that after he finished eating it, he immersed himself in the aftertaste for a long time.

When he regained his wits, he saw his two grandsons staring at him. Father Zhou was a little embarrassed. Such a big bun, he didn’t leave any leftover.

"Grandpa, is it yummy?" Zhou Da Wa asked.

"It must be very yummy," Er Wa said.

"It is." Father Zhou nodded. "Thank you Da Wa and Er Wa for letting Grandpa eat such yummy white bun."

Da Wa and Er Wa beamed, and the brothers went back in a very good mood.

Father Zhou continued to reminisce about the taste. This white bun was more delicious than what he remembered. It was really flavourful.

When Mother Zhou came in, she said, "Eldest’s wife said Da Wa and Er Wa came over."

"En, they sent me a white bun." Father Zhou replied.

Mother Zhou froze for a moment: "They really delivered it over?"

"They said I didn’t have one yesterday, so today their mother bought it to make it up." Father Zhou said.

Hearing this, Mother Zhou was in a much better mood and said, "Fourth’s wife isn’t so unreasonable."

"The white bun is really fragrant." Father Zhou felt a little sleepy, smacked his lips, and expressed.

Mother Zhou had no comment because she had eaten one. It was so delicious that one swallowed their tongue.

On this side, Lin Qing He started to cook pig fat.

She took five pounds of pig fat out of the space, and with the ones brought back from Mei Jie, it was enough to extract a pot full of lard.

In the current weather, it will solidify on its own and not go bad. Estimating the time, it shouldn’t be long before Zhou Qing Bai comes back. He will come back at the end of the month. She naturally had to stock up more things at home.

As soon as he comes back, she had to be cautious, otherwise, with his sensitivity, 8 or 9 out 10 times she would be caught. Once he comes back, she did not plan to take things out of the space.


So extracting more oil was a must.

Of course, the peanut oil jar at home was full, too. There was still a lot left in her space.

Cooking pig fat had a strong fragrant odor. But it won’t be conspicuous now, because meat distribution was not long ago and many people were cooking pig fat. So far, many people haven’t finished their meat yet. They will consume it slowly. So it was normal to have a meaty smell.

A full jar of lard was extracted from five jins of pig fat. And for the rest, Lin Qing He used another jar. It filled a small half of the jar.

As for the fat residue, she put it away on a plate.

When frying, she can add a little bit in. She can fry something fragrant, even without oil.

The three kids also like to eat fat residues. Lin Qing He didn’t stop them, but she also didn’t let them eat too much. Each got three pieces. Even then, it was satisfying.

They had millet porridge for noon. It was served with soy sauce ribs stewed by Lin Qing He, as well as fried vegetables mixed with fat residues. All three brothers were content. Lin Qing He was the same. She felt life was pretty good.

Now the mother and sons only knew to eat all day, every day. What will they eat today? What will they eat tomorrow? The mother and sons were all foodies.

The cheerful days didn’t last a few days. After the last autumn rain, there was another autumn rain. This autumn rain also fell for a few days. This was really cold then. The temperature was probably around 4 or 5 degrees. Cold and icy.

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