Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 22 County City Shopping Battle
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Chapter 22. County city shopping battle

Mother Zhou came over at eight o’clock for the sleepover.

The kids had not washed their feet yet. Lin Qing He washed the brothers first and then fetched a basin for Mother Zhou.

Mother Zhou was so shocked. Fourth’s wife actually got her water for washing feet?

"Mother, make lean pork porridge for the kids tomorrow. I used well water to cool the meat." Lin Qing He only fetched the water and as for washing feet, that was left to Mother Zhou. She’ll just help pour it out later on.

"What are you going to buy tomorrow?" Probably because Mother Zhou found her more pleasing, she asked.

"Nothing much, mainly because the kids don’t have warm inner clothes and trousers. I have to get some material. This demand isn’t too high. At that time, I’ll just ask Eldest Sister-in-law to help, however, she would pay a lot for her effort." Lin Qing He explained.

Mother Zhou thought that if the money wasn’t spent on her grandsons, then it must have been taken back by this daughter-in-law to the old Lin Family, so she said: "It is time to make some inner clothes for the brothers."

Lin Qing He wasn’t familiar with her, so when she was mostly done, she took out her foot basin and prepared to rest.

After a few days, Lin Qing He became used to it. Especially since she needed to wake up earlier tomorrow to go to the county town. She would have to leave before dawn.

Just the thought of it made her leg ache.

Lin Qing He got up the next morning. She got up, washed herself, and then came out. Of course, she went to give Mother Zhou a head up.

During the darkness, she came out and saw Zhou Dong pulling the tow cart. He had just arrived but waited outside without knocking on the door.

"I’ll be hard on you today. Later when we are at the county city, the white bun will be on Shenzi." Lin Qing He declared.

Zhou Dong hurriedly said no need, he had eaten at home before coming.

It was now October. It was a bit cold in the morning, and what’s more, it was still dark.

If Zhou Dong wasn’t with her, Lin Qing He dare not to walk on this dark road.

"Now it is getting colder and colder every day. Does your quilt still ward off the cold?" Lin Qing He asked.

"It’s warm," Zhou Dong nodded.

"I ordered a big quilt on the county city last time, so the one at home can be a replacement." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Dong stunned: "Shenzi, is that true?"

There were quilts at home, but it was getting quite old. And now that he and his sister have grown up, it goes without they can’t sleep together like when they were young. So the siblings have one each.

But it was because one each, the brothers and sisters were freezing since the year before. Fortunately, there was the kang, which burns until the middle of the night and become cold again.

He was fine, but the main point was his sister.

"It is." Lin Qing He nodded.

On this trip to the county city, she planned to pull the big quilt out of the space. Not only the big quilt but also the bedding. These were essential for keeping warm in the winter.

"Shenzi, how much does that one cost? There are some cloth coupons I haven’t use at home. I can give them to Shenzi." Zhou Dong quickly responded.

It wasn’t easy to get a quilt in this era.

Although in Lin Qing He’s eyes, the one at home was a bit old, it was only a few years since she was married. Of course, this one wasn’t a newly-wed quilt. It was another piece bought afterward. Not old either. If Zhou Dong didn’t want it, she planned to keep it as a mattress.

As for the mattresses in the space, she can sell it in the county city, and someone will want it.

But seeing how tough the Zhou Dong’s and his sister’s life was and what’s more, they help out with chores even if paid, supporting them wasn’t a problem as the siblings weren’t bad in the end.

"You can forget the money. Your Shenzi, I don’t lack that money. However I’ll be buying a lot during this year’s food distribution, you will be responsible for carrying it home for me then." Lin Qing He said.

In previous years, the original owner called for Eldest Brother Zhou’s help. It goes without saying, she gave him two eggs back to bring back before leaving.

Zhou Dong shook his head: "Shenzi, don’t need to mention it. I would have volunteered to carry it back for Shenzi."

"Besides that, do your best with this time supplies. I am going to buy a lot of things this time. Today will exhaust you without exception." Lin Qing He said.

On and on they walked, as the sky began to light up. When they reached one-third of the way, it was dawn.

At this time, Lin Qing He was hungry, but she couldn’t take anything out to eat. So she kept on going with Zhou Dong till they reached the county city. Then she entered the state-run restaurant and came out with three white buns. One for herself and two for Zhou Dong.

Zhou Dong wanted to refuse but was told by Lin Qing He that he had a lot of work today, so hurry up eat and they can start working after eating.

Then Zhou Dong ate.

One was enough for Lin Qing He. Zhou Dong had the most delicious meal of white bun in his life, and what’s more two of them. The ingredients inside made Zhou Dong nearly swallow his tongue.

Although he could finish three more white buns like this size, the two made his stomach really comfortable.

Lin Qing He took him over to the county supply and demand cooperative.

She planned to come here to make a large purchase today. In fact, at this time, there were many from the production team in all directions. Some production teams have handed the public ration early and issued the coupons and money, so they naturally come to the county city for consumption and purchased this year’s supplies.

Sure enough, there were a lot of people in the supply and demand cooperative and basically, they couldn’t buy any fabric. Lin Qing He wasn’t concerned. She originally planned to buy it from the black market. Although the price was a little more expensive, the quality wasn’t worst than the supply and demand cooperative.

As for the other goods in the supply and demand cooperative, there were still some. After browsing, Lin Qing He bought the shrimp skin, mushroom, seaweed, edible fungus, and red dates with the family’s subsidiary food coupon.

She got one jin of shrimp skin, one jin of mushrooms, one jin of seaweed, two jins of red dates, and two jins of dried fungus.


Because she and the children like to eat fungus.

In addition to these, there were three packs of white rabbit candy, a jin of white sugar that reserved for an emergency, and two cans of malted milk powder instead of the initially planned one after seeing how small a can was.

Also canned fruits. She wasn’t interested in canned fruits during this age, but the children haven’t eaten it before, so she bought two cans back for them to try.

The taste was definitely no match for the apples in her space.

She also grabbed other snacks, such as sweet glutinous-rice sticks.

Because she bought quite a lot of things, she bought a large wrap from the teller, then simply packed these things, and asked Zhou Dong to come in and carry it out.

Don’t underestimate Zhou Dong cause he was fifteen, his strength isn’t little because he had been working as a farmer since young.

Zhou Dong’s mouth twitched, even if he didn’t know what she bought inside, but he also knew that she definitely spent a lot of money.

That was about it with the things she needed to buy from the supply and demand cooperative, Lin Qing He directly brought Zhou Dong to the county city’s department store.

Zhou Dong stayed outside to watch the cart and the things in it. Lin Qing He entered and bought two large quilt covers with the remaining cloth tickets.

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