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Chapter 21. Being excessive

This time, it was unknown where Zhou Da Wa ran off to play and Er Wa was unable to find him. He asked an older child in the village to pass a message. If he saw his eldest brother, tell him to come home to eat pan-fried sweet potato.

Then Er Wa ran home by himself.

So when Zhou Da Wa heard the message and ran home, Lin Qing He had eaten with Er Wa and San Wa.

It goes without saying, she left a piece for him.

"Mother, you didn’t tell me there are pan-fried sweet potato cakes!" Da Wa complained while washing his hands.

"I got Er Wa to call you." Lin Qing He responded.

Da Wa immediately glared at Er Wa: "You dare not call me and run back on your own to eat?"

"I did go call, but I didn’t find you, so I told someone to pass a message to you. Otherwise, Eldest brother, you will definitely not return home now." Er Wa gave a lazy response.

After eating three pieces of sweet potato cakes, he was sunk in delight and felt full now, so he does not want to quarrel with his eldest brother. f reewe bnovel

Da Wa can only eat sweet potato cake, and there was only one piece left. His appetite was relatively large, so it wasn’t enough. He turned to Er Wa: "How many pieces did you eat?"

"Three pieces," Er Wa answered.

"Mother, why did you let him eat my share!" Da Wa expressed dissatisfaction.

"Who told you to run off to play where people can’t see you. Remember next time you play, stay near around the house, otherwise, don’t think about having what I’m cooking." Lin Qing He said.

Although she won’t rein him in, it was impossible to let him run like a wild horse.

However, compared to her holding his ear and counseling him, it was obvious this method of using good food was more capable of affecting Zhou Da Wa and hinting him to decide not to run so far next time, and let Er Wa find him easily when he heads out!

He also wanted to tell Er Wa where he usually went to play, so that Er Wa could find him easily. However, Er Wa was not happy, and object to the number of places he played at. He had no way of finding and won’t look for the entrance he can’t find.

Then he got beaten by Da Wa, and Er Wa howled. Lin Qing He planned to beat Da Wa.

After a while of chaos, Lin Qing He asked Da Wa, "Did you tell your grandma?"

"I did. Grandma said she would come once she’s not busy, but don’t need to prepare her meal." Zhou Da Wa replied.

Even though she said this, Lin Qing He still prepared lunch for Mother Zhou. After all, she was asking a favor from the other.

Steamed rice for noon. After washing the rice, she left it to soak in the iron pot. After soaking for half an hour, it can be steamed.

They do eat rice here, but just fewer people. Generally, they ate more noodles. Rice, especially this white rice, was very rare.

However, it was obvious that white rice was the tastiest. It wasn’t easy to buy and required food coupons. But still, the original owner liked it very much.

Lin Qing He also liked it, so the rice tank was always full. She was afraid that Zhou Qing Bai will come back suddenly, then she can’t refill it when she wants.

She didn’t have a large appetite, and the three children hadn’t reached that time. However, Da Wa’s food intake was not small. This kid was fed by Lin Qing He for a few days, although he didn’t develop more meat, he was obviously much stronger.

While Mother Zhou, her appetite should be relatively larger.

Around eight bowls of rice were steamed. She, Er Wa, and San Wa get three bowls, two bowls for Da Wa, and lastly three bowls for Mother Zhou.

There was a good bit of salted pork belly left, so Lin Qing He picked two cucumbers.

After the rice was steamed, she heated the pork belly in the pan. After scooping up the pork belly, there was a lot of oil with a salty fragrance left. The cucumbers went in the pan and it started sizzling as the fragrance emit out.

After the cucumbers were fried, Lin Qing He also made an egg drop and seaweed soup.

Steamed rice was served with salted pork belly, fried cucumber, and egg drop, and seaweed soup. This was also a relatively simple and ordinary meal.

But when Mother Zhou came to see the food, her heartache acted up again. It was no worse than the landlord’s household in the past!

"Mother, sit down, and eat. I specially made steamed rice for you. If you don’t eat it, then there will be leftovers. I promised Da Wa that they would eat lean pork congee tonight." Lin Qing He said.

Mother Zhou’s expression was not good, but she knew she wouldn’t listen to her. So she sat down and looked at the plate of salty meat, and the plate of oily fried cucumbers. Even tasty smell filling her nose didn’t alleviate her worry.

Fourth’s wife really didn’t know how to live!

"Grandma, eat it quickly, it’s really fragrant." Da Wa received the rice that his mother had served him and called her.

Er Wa began to eat. San Wa sat quietly, but could not wait for his mother to feed her with his mouth open.

Lin Qing He also called: "Mother, eat. Don’t just sit there."

Then she began to feed San Wa. San Wa was very obedient when eating. He sat on his mother’s lap and pointed at whatever he wanted to eat.

His favorite was meat, and his appetite was not small. He ate a small half bowl of rice, with a lot of meat and vegetables, and a few sips of soup before she let him play by himself at her feet.

Then Lin Qing He also started eating and said to Mother Zhou: "Mother, it tastes pretty good."

Mother Zhou’s lips twitched and thought, how can it be bad with so much oil in. However, seeing the amount she fed San Wa, she didn’t mind anymore. The money-splurging was still the same as before, at least it was spent on the three brothers. So she was beginning to be considerate.

"Why did you think of having me over for lunch?" When Mother Zhou finished eating, she started talking. Lin Qing He got up, filled another bowl for her, and poured cucumber’s oily juice over the rice with a spoon, making it especially fragrant. Da Wa and Er Wa liked to eat it this way.

Of course, she too.

Mother Zhou glanced at her, Lin Qing He replied, "It’s like this. I plan to buy some dry goods from the county city for passing winter. Our local supply and demand cooperative doesn’t have much. After this trip, I won’t go out again this year. I will head out at five tomorrow, so I want Mother to come over to watch the three tomorrow and cook for them. "

Knowing that she can’t stop her, Mother Zhou had no other choice but to agreed. If she didn’t, she would definitely leave her son behind and go.

Thankfully, she knows to get her to come over and help watch the children now.

After comforting herself, Mother Zhou agreed, but still advised: "Don’t buy anything that is not necessary."

"I know." Lin Qing He nodded.

Mother Zhou ate three large bowls of fragrant rice, and then went back. Before going back, she said that she’ll come over to sleep with the kids tonight, so so does not have to come over in the dark tomorrow morning.

Lin Qing He conveyed to her to join them for dinner tonight. Mother Zhou refused.

In fact, she could promise to let her come and sleep with the kids for a night made Mother Zhou a little surprised. According to her temperament, even if she agreed, she wouldn’t agree so frankly.

In the end, Lin Qing He was not the original owner. She can’t copy the original owner to the T. Mother Zhou was willing to come over to help, why would she disagree? Not happening.

Mother Zhou, who was very satisfied with the food, talked about it with Father Zhou when she returned.

Except for the love to spend money and the unchangeable habit of being excessive, Fourth’s wife’s other aspects seem to have changed a lot.

Father Zhou said: "Already separated, so why intervened so much. It’s enough that she can now care about the children and raise them well."

It was much better than supporting the old Lin Family!

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