Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 20 Pan-fried sweet potato cake
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Chapter 20. Pan-fried sweet potato cake

No matter what the villagers said, Lin Qing He and her three sons were having sweet dreams.

Early the next morning, Lin Qing He came back after washing clothes and cooked millet porridge.

Now she gave them a bath every three days, but the feet were washed every day.

She fried with salted pork belly for the three brothers. The salted pork belly didn’t need any more seasoning. Just cooked like that in oil, it became very fragrant.

With the remaining oil in the pan, she hatched an egg in it for each brother.

Breakfast was that simple, but the three brothers were satisfied.

"Mother, people outside say that you don’t know how to live." Zhou Da Wa blurted out as he gobbled the fragrant sunnyside up.

He heard it while playing outside.

Lin Qing He saw Er Wa nod as well, expressing that he had heard it too. She raised her eyebrows: "Do you think Mother doesn’t know how to live?"

"No." Zhou Da Wa answered.

"Mother, this is how to live life," Zhou Er Wa replied as well.

"Yummy." The gluttonous San Wa added.

"Let them say what they want to say. Your mother, I, didn’t spend their money. My man can make money for me, why can’t I spend it? And I still have three sons to raise. Don’t I need to nurture you into a white and chubby? If I don’t spend money, what am I going to use to take care of you little greedy ones? "Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Da Wa grinned and Zhou Er Wa laugh in embarrassment. As for Zhou San Wa, he already opened wide his mouth waiting for his mother to feed him.

"Quickly eat. After you finish, go with your grandma to sundry the corn. In the afternoon, let your grandma come over to eat at home." Lin Qing He ordered.

"Do Mother need something from Grandma?" Zhou Da Wa asked.

"There is." Lin Qing He replied.

"Alright, then." Zhou Da Wa agreed.

After breakfast, he slipped out to play. Lin Qing He finished feeding San Wa and let him play with Er Wa at the entrance, while she ate herself. After finishing, she tidied up the bowls and chopsticks and then began to clean the room.

Her only dissatisfaction with the original owner was that she was too capable and too realistic. And for the other traits, Lin Qing He still approved.

For example, the original owner would make her home clean and have everything organized. Nothing out of place.

Lin Qing He was satisfied with this point.

After cleaning the house, Lin Qing He began to take out the original owner’s clothes and hung them under the sun.

The original owner’s clothes were excellent. There were several sets in the closet, all of which are very good condition. No patch at all. ƒ𝑟𝐞ewe𝚋𝑛o𝙫𝚎l. 𝒄o𝗺

Toward this, the original owner was still not very satisfied.

In Lin Qing He’s words, how could last year’s clothes match up to this year’s her?

So this year the original owner also wanted to make new clothes. As for the three sons, she just made do with whatever.

In fact, the original owner had a lot of clothes, but she took them back to her mother’s house to give her sisters-in-law. Basically, she sent back one or two sets.

But even like this, she still had several sets of clothes in her closet. Among them, three sets were summer. The one on her, the one chilling out outside and one set in the closet was for autumn. Three sets of autumn clothes in total. There were two cotton clothes. One set was from two years back and one set was from last year.

This year, she wanted to make another set as the previous year one was to be sent to her family.

As well as the cloths and cotton were specially obtained for her mother’s family...

Speaking of this, old Lin family was not losing out for raising this girl.

But now? Sorry, she was here. Let’s focus on her sons first, as for the others, she didn’t have much ability to take care. What she spent now was still the hard-earned money earned by Zhou Qing Bai.

Since she took all these clothes out to sundry, then it goes without saying she took out her sons’ clothes and let them bathe under the sun as well. The three sons ... didn’t have many clothes.

One set of autumn clothes was the ones they wore now and another one was the ones that were just washed. And that was it.

There was also a set in the cupboard, which Zhou Da Wa wore last winter. As for Er Wa and San Wa, they had none. The two brothers had basically spent last winter on the kang. It was like this and was still scorned.

However, because of the lack of firewood, it was impossible to heat two Kang. In the end, she could only let them come over to her kang. And because of wetting the kang, they got beaten more than once by the original owner.

It won’t happen this year. The brothers each get a new set, but still, need to prepare one or two more warm inner clothes and trousers. Also summer wear. They were broken into unrecognizable bits. She didn’t plan to continue to let them wear them, so straight out make new ones.

Moreover, in the black market, a bolt of good-quality cotton cloth was three dimes at the moment. And that was on the premise that no coupons are needed. To her, it seems cheap.

A bolt of fabric was enough to make many sets of clothes.

Lin Qing He planned to go to the black market tomorrow.

After finishing the chores at home, she watched Er Wa and San Wa playing sand at the door a bit. She went back to the house to start the preparation.

Taking the pen and paper from the space, she jotted down what she will buy tomorrow.

Shrimp skin, red dates, coal, coal stove, foot wash basin and basin. And also two more enamels for drinking water. There was one at home at the moment. The two new ones are brought back to drink water, while the old one for brushing teeth.

There was no need to buy a thermos flask. Zhou Qing Bai had brought one back. It was very convenient to use. Because there was only one of them, the original owner was reluctant to give it to her maternal family. Thank god this one left here. Although it wasn’t adequate for winter, it was still barely sufficient to use She did not plan to buy one, as this thing was very difficult to buy.

Then there was malted milk powder. She planned to buy a can of malted milk powder for the three brothers to drink. Oh right, and the white rabbit candy.

White rabbit candy was a notoriously good thing in this era. More or less, it was equivalent to a glass of milk.

But the price seemed to be more expensive, but that didn’t matter. If she remembered correctly, this time when the villains’ father return, he’ll bring a large sum of money back. So no need to care too much.

In addition to these, there were mushrooms.

There were no mushrooms in the town’s supply and demand cooperative, just half jin of dried edible fungus and dried seaweed. Both she planned to buy more in the county city. In winter, there weren’t many foods that can satisfy oil craving.

And if pumpkins can be found, she must buy more.

After a lot of things were written, she double-checked it. When she felt a shortage, she added more and that was about it.

After this shopping trip, she didn’t plan to go to the county city anymore this year. It was so far away that she already dreading it by the thought.

There was no way this time. There were so many things to buy back for passing winter. Stop after once!

Lin Qing He finished her mental construction, and it was only about eight o’clock. What should she do next to pass the time?

Visit old Zhou’s house? Check out Third Sister-in-law’s progress on the clothes?

Forget it. She better not go over and didn’t scare other people. (TN: XD) If she didn’t perform well, she could ruin the cloth she gave.

Turning her mine over, there was really nothing to do. She grabbed a bowl, added rock sugar in, and pour boiling water into it. And like that, she let this small bowl of sugar water cool.

She took out the sweet potato and began to peel it. Then cut it into strips. Altogether two sweet potatoes were cut up. The sweet potato was still the latest produce.

She placed the sweet potatoes in the large bowl and add flour. Seeing the sugar water was about done, she added a little less than half of it in.

Lin Qing He actually wanted to lament a bit. If she knew early, she won’t buy just rock sugar. She should have bought some white sugar. Ah, forget it. Let’s take a look at the county city.

The sweet potato was covered in flour and fried in a pan. Lin Qing He wasn’t reluctant to use oil, after all, it was rare to make a snack for her three sons.

The fried sweet potato was extremely fragrant, and soon the sweet fragrance spread out and Er Wa and San Wa, who were playing at the entrance soon smelled it.

"Mother, what are you making?" Er Wa swallowed his saliva.

"Pan-fried sweet potato cake. Go find if your big brother is around. If he is, tell him to come back to eat. Never mind if not," Lin Qing He answered.

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