Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 17 Private Little Treasury
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Chapter 17 Private Little Treasury

It was Eldest Sister-in-law ’s second daughter, Zhou Er Ni, who brought Zhou San Wa back. Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa was also there.

"Take this big bone back, another dish for your grandpa and grandma." Lin Qing He didn’t care what old Zhou Family would think of her, gave a big bone to Zhou Er Ni and sent her off.

"Just one morning, you’re already a dirty cat." Lin Qing He drew water and wash Er Wa’s and San Wa’s face.

Then she washed Da Wa. Da Wa asked, "Mother, how many big white buns did you buy?"

"How many do you want?" Lin Qing He questioned.

"Of course, one per person," Da Wa answered.

"You wish." Lin Qing He harumphed: "I only bought two and can give you each half of one."Half per person was also excellent.

After cleaning up the three of them, Lin Qing He began to heat up the congee. Sure enough, it was troublesome to not have gas.

Lin Qinghe, who had been accustomed to modern life, tried her best to adapt. In fact, she had already adapted well, but she was still feeling a bit lazy.

Lunch was congee, with fried cucumber and meat, boiled eggs and most importantly, two large white buns.

There wasn’t much porridge, just one bowl per person. But with these dishes and two large white buns, both mother and children are satisfied.

Especially Da Wa and Er Wa, their love for white bun was unswerving.

"Mother, what else did you buy back?" Asked Zhou Er Wa.

"Nothing much." Lin Qing He replied while picking up the chopsticks.

Speaking of this, the supply and demand cooperative in the town were quite lacking. According to the memory of the original owner, the county city’s supply and demand cooperative have a larger range of varieties.

This time she wanted to order some red date, shrimp skin or something, but there was nothing. However, in the county’s supply and demand cooperatives, have all these.

As for the original owner, she always kept an eye out for good-quality fabric, and toward these, she wasn’t interested.

She wasn’t interested, but Lin Qing He was. The kids were currently in a growing age. And the shrimp skin was great for supplementing calcium.

She also wants to buy some red dates, which can be added to stewing chicken.

And other mushrooms. This time she bought half jin of fungus and kelp. Once Zhou Qing Bai returns, then it won’t be enough for him to eat, so she had to go to the county city and shop around.

After planning to bring Zhou Dong with her tomorrow to transport supplies back, she took three sons to prepare for a nap.

Can’t help it, there was nothing to do other than sleeping.

Thinking how the days were getting colder and colder each day, Lin Qing He inspected her space as she waited for the three boys to sleep.

She had prepared two seven-jin large quilts, especially warm ones. Even if the color was low-key, it was full of modern elements. Which was not in line with this era.

She was missing a big quilt cover. So she had to go to the county city to buy one. When the time comes, she’ll stuff the quilt in cover. And Zhou Qing Bai couldn’t say anything about her.

She can say that she got it by her own ability!

In addition to the quilt, was a mattress. This mattress can be taken out. It’s old-styled and not patterned at all. The key feature was warmth.

She had it all planned out. The quilt and the mattress were to be used by herself. When winter here, the three sons will sleep with her. As for the villains’ father, he can sleep in the neighboring room, a.k.a the sons’ room. Anyway, there was an old quilt, so can’t freeze him.

Zhou Qing Bai: "..."

Lin Qing He, who looked at the space supplies, fell into the dream world with her three sons.

Once the old Zhou Family came back, they found out that Lin Qing He had given them a big bone. Although there wasn’t much meat, anything that produces oily substance was a good thing at this age. So who can dislike it?

In particular, this was sent over by Lin Qing He through Zhou Er Ni.

This big bone was chopped and then used to stew pickled vegetables. It tasted very fragrant to the old Zhou family who had not eaten oil for a long time.

After eating, they dispersed.

When Mother Zhou returned to the room, she asked Father Zhou: "Old man, what’s the matter with Fourth’s wife?"

"What matter?" Father Zhou actually didn’t understand her, and he didn’t like to think about these things.

"What else could it be? She used to wish to stay as far away as possible from our old Zhou’s house. As if she’s afraid we might take advantage of her. Now she sends Er Wa and San Wa over when she’s going to the town and this big bone too!" Mother Zhou pointed out.

Father Zhou didn’t have such deep thought. In his opinion, it’s enough to change for the better. Why care so much.

What’s more important now was to quickly hand over the public rations, and then prepare for the winter wheat cultivation after the food distribution. These are important matters.

In fact, it wasn’t only Mother Zhou who is puzzled, the other three sisters-in-law as well.

Second sister-in-law mumbled to Zhou Qing Lin: "What does Fourth’s wife mean? It can’t be that she wants a share of our family’s meat!"

Zhou Qing Lin didn’t care: "She already separated from us. How can we give her a share of our family’s meat." There were so many people in the family.

"She did separate but Da Wa and his brothers are Father’s and Mother’s grandsons." Second Sister-in-law felt that she had seen through Lin Qing He’s plan.

"Why think so much? She’s so proud, and Fourth has sent so many allowances every month. If she wants to eat meat, she can buy it from the production team. No need to take our family’s. I guess she has a way to get meat, otherwise, she can’t bear to give us a big bone."Zhou Qing Lin said.

Second Sister-in-law couldn’t concealed the acidity in her tone: "Did you not see? Da Wa and his brothers have grown a lot in this period, especially San Wa. His face is so chubby?"

She had two girls and a son, who was only three years old this year, and they’re skinny as a stick.

Initially in the past, he was the same age as Er Wa and despite being younger than Er Wa, he was not as thin as Er Wa. But after not seeing him for a short while, Er Wa became sturdier.

"Don’t think about it anymore. I guess the money in her pocket may be less than ours." Zhou Qing Lin said.

This sentence scratched Second Sister-in-law’s itch.

Second Sister-in-law believed that she was very family-oriented. Even if she had no income at home, she somehow saved more than ten yuan.


This was definitely a huge sum of money!

But looking back on Fourth’s wife. So what if Fourth Brother-in-law sends back allowance every month. With a wife like Fourth’s, who didn’t how to manage a family, no matter how much the allowance was, it will be wasted.

For example, Third Sister-in-law was now helping her make her sons’ winter clothes. It was said that the three brothers were getting complete new sets, and the cotton and cloth were all good. This was really squandering away the family wealth.

She dared to bet that Lin Qing He’s wallet might not be as big as hers!

"I don’t know how much pocket money Mother will give to our family this year." After Second Sister-in-law comforted herself, she was in a good mood.

As a mother-in-law, Mother Zhou was actually one of the best in the village. Apart from being biased toward Zhou Qing Bai, the young son, and not counting Lin Qing He who moved out, she was fair to the three families.

And she wasn’t that stingy. For example, when distributing money at the end of the year, she will give them one or two yuan of pocket money.

Whether they save it themselves or give it to the relatives on New Year’s maternal family visitation (a.k.a the second day of New Year), it was up to them in the end.

The daughter-in-law of the same age in the village didn’t have the same treatment as the old Zhou Family’s daughter-in-law. Those mothers-in-law kept everything in control. So how can there be any private little treasury?

In contrast, her life was still very good.

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