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Chapter 81: A Proper Sugar Daddy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Dad, we don’t want to play here anymore. And we don’t need an apology from him,” Su Bing said to Su Shen after thinking it through.

Su Li also chimed in, “Yes, Daddy. Let’s go. Let’s go!”

Su Shen observed his two sons who appeared thin with yellow hair, despite Gu Zi’s careful care. They struggled to adapt to their new life in such a short period.

When confronted with malice and suspicion from the outside world, their instinctive response was to escape. They seemed to believe that if they hid, people around them wouldn’t be able to direct their malice toward them.

This coping mechanism was the same as when they endured Chu Xi’s harsh treatment in the past. They didn’t dare to criticize Chu Xi to their father, nor did they dare to seek his protection.

Their hearts were sensitive and filled with doubts and fear of the world. This sensitivity had made them careful, cautious, and forbearing. It had also erased their ability to ask for help from their loved ones.

Su Shen frowned, and his cold gaze fell on the guard, sending a shiver down the guard’s spine. The guard quickly hid behind Director Wang, who intended to smooth things over.

Unexpectedly, as Director Wang turned around and saw Su Shen, his calm demeanor crumbled, and his pupils constricted. “Mr. Su, why are you here?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

Su Shen confirmed Director Wang’s identity and responded calmly, “We’re here

to take the children out for a walk.”

Director Wang’s gaze shifted to the children, and he seemed to grasp the situation. Sweat appeared on his forehead, and he exclaimed, “So it’s them…”

The guard was baffled, urgently trying to communicate with his cousin-in-law, but he received no response. He realized that they were in serious trouble.

As Director Wang smiled upon recognizing the woman beside Su Shen, Gu Zi inquired, “I’m Mr. Su’s fiancée. Do you know each other?”

Director Wang nodded vigorously. “Our Children’s Palace’s Scientific Breeding Center collaborates with Mr. Su. When the children from the Children’s Palace participate in biological science activities, they go to Mr. Su’s breeding center.”

Gu Zi, slightly astonished, glanced at Su Shen, finding it hard to believe that Su Shen’s pig farm was chosen for such a significant cooperation.

She was confused. Was Su Shen’s pig farm so powerful?

Director Wang spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear. It left the crowd shocked, with jaws nearly dropping.

Usually, when parents brought their children here, they would try their best to get their children a spot to participate in the Scientific Breeding Center.

This was because the Scientific Breeding Center here was cooperating with a large breeding farm, enabling children to engage in scientific practical activities on-site.

If the children performed well in the activities, they could also receive a considerable cash reward from the farm owner. f reewe bnovel

In the eyes of these parents, the owner of the breeding farm was a proper sugar daddy.

Seeing that the guard had chased the owner’s two sons out and even incited parents to suspect them of human trafficking was utterly shocking to everyone.

Panic ensued, and all eyes turned to the woman with the pearl necklace, who appeared visibly nervous.

Some parents, who knew her, couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re a teacher, yet you don’t know right from wrong. How could you form baseless accusations about others so easily?”

“Hurry up and give up your child’s spot in the Scientific Breeding Center. Otherwise, if people find out that you got your spot through the back door, they’ll laugh their teeth out.”

“She’s a funny one. She said that the owner of the farm is a human trafficker.”

Dejected, the woman left with her child in tow amidst the sarcastic comments of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the guard could only stand there dumbfounded, his legs trembling.

The realization that he had offended a major sponsor began to dawn on the guard as he worked at the Children’s Palace and was aware of their collaboration with the large-scale breeding farm.

This collaboration was the result of discussions between the city leaders and the farm owner. The Children’s Palace was privileged to be in such a partnership.

He was done for. He had offended a VIP!

“If that’s the attitude of the Children’s Palace, I don’t think we should talk about the cooperation for the second half of the year, Director Wang!” Su Shen’s voice grew colder and more resolute.

When Director Wang heard this, he looked distressed. If they abandoned this cooperation, he’d likely face repercussions from higher-ups, which was something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

He had worked hard to attain his position as department director, and returning to his previous role would be a significant setback.

In an effort to salvage the situation, he angrily dragged the guard over. “Apologize to Mr. Su’s family immediately!”

The young guard had lost his previous arrogance and complied by offering a humble apology while bowing for looking down on others.

Su Shen, however, didn’t respond. He continued to gaze coldly at Director Wang..

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