Back to 1985: Spicy Pretty Wife

Chapter 36
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"Why are they here again?"

He cunfang muttered.

With what happened yesterday, the old Gu family had only a few cheap people who bought it in the past and tasted it, and others didn't buy theirs.

Some also pointed out to them and discussed the things done by old family members.

But strangely, the old family care people have been indifferent, as if they don't care about business at all.

"Did they come here to block us?"

He cunfang didn't have such doubts alone, and Zhang Peipei almost thought so.

Otherwise, I really can't explain what Lao Gu's family did today.

After selling for a while, when the three factories passed the dinner point, the old family members closed the stall and left.

Gu qiaoyue calculated that from beginning to end, they sold less than five pancakes and two cold skins.

It's like coming around specially and don't care about buying a few money.

As soon as the old Gu family left, Zhang Yang came.

I still want a set meal. I talked to Gu qiaoyue today. It's a pity that Gu qiaoyue hasn't paid attention to him.

He was not impatient to talk to Zhang Peipei and he cunfang.

Buy a meal, just three or five minutes, but he can always make them laugh.

In the next two days, the old family still came every day and went back after selling a few.

Zhang Yang also came every day, each time a set meal, threw down a dollar and 30 cents and left.

After Zhang Yang's unremitting efforts, Zhang peipeipei and he cunfang also think the boy is very good. They also boast in front of Gu Qiao's moon from time to time.

Gu qiaoyue has been watching coldly. She wants to see what these people want to do.

No matter what the old Gu family and Zhang Yang want to do, Gu qiaoyue is not idle during this period.

After walking around the county town, I finally decided to rent a shop on the main street.

After the shop was sold out every day, Gu qiaoyue also took Zhang Peipei and others to see it. They were very satisfied.

The owner's family agreed on the price, 190 yuan a month, with a minimum of one payment a quarter.

Because we have to rush to start school, we must rush to decorate now.

After discussion, he directly paid the rent for one year and entrusted someone to find the decoration team.

Zhang housheng also went to his classmates and agreed on Gu Qiaowan's transfer.

Of course, the exam is still essential. Gu Qiaowan will be arranged to take the exam at the beginning of school. After passing the exam, you can go to school in No. 1 middle school.

Zhang Peipei and others were relieved to open a shop and transfer to another school.

It's not a good thing for the old Gu family to sell cold skins there every day.

Except for the first day when the old Gu family set up a stall, it affected the business of Gu qiaoyue's family. After that, it had no impact.

They can only watch Gu qiaoyue's business prosper every day and sulk alone.

As soon as I came back that day, I saw that Wu Honglian and Gu Qiaowan looked very bad.

"What's the matter?"

Zhang Peipei asked worried and thought something had happened at home.

Gu Qiaowan looked up at Zhang Peipei and went to see Qiao Yue again.

"Mom, sister, those old Gu people talk nonsense. They all say that sister is hanging out with other men and that she has a nose and eyes..."

"Is there such a thing?"

Zhang Peipei clenched his fist angrily.

She almost had a bad reputation. Now someone put his hand in front of her daughter. It's too much deception.

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"Mom, do you know a man named Zhang Yang?... they all say that a man named Zhang Yang has a crush on his sister and goes to see her every day. What they say is ugly. They also say that his sister and Zhang Yang have long privately decided to spend their lives..."

Speaking of Zhang Yang, Zhang Peipei and he cunfang looked at each other.

These days they also see that Zhang Yang really seems to like Gu qiaoyue, but Gu qiaoyue hasn't seen him from beginning to end.

Why did these words come out.

Because of this, the whole family was not in high spirits at night.

In the evening, Zhang Peipei talked to Gu qiaoyue.

"Qiao Yue, you may like Zhang Yang very much... What do you think?"

Zhang Peipei and he cunfang have discussed it. They think Zhang Yang is a good man. If Gu qiaoyue wants to, they can try to communicate. If they communicate normally, they can block the mouths of those people outside.

Gu qiaoyue is also seventeen. He has been dating for several years. If it's appropriate, it's not too early to get married.

Gu qiaoyue frowned fiercely, looked at Zhang Peipei and asked, "Mom, do you really think that Zhang Yang is very good?"

Zhang Peipei didn't speak.

Gu qiaoyue sighed and said, "Mom, Zhang Yang's mind is not right. You and kuzi should be more careful. Don't be cheated by him."

Whether Zhang Yang is evil or not, Gu qiaoyue can't understand.

Zhang Peipei glanced at Gu qiaoyue and said helplessly:

"You child, how can you say that others have evil intentions? Forget it. If you don't like it, avoid it these days. Your wife and I are busy. Don't go these days."

She just thought that Gu qiaoyue didn't like Zhang Yang. Since her daughter didn't like it, that's all.

Gu qiaoyue nodded and didn't say anything more. She wondered whether it was the old Gu's family or the old Gu's people and Zhang Yang.

And in previous lives, after she married Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang's mother always said that she took a lot of betrothal gifts from his family, but didn't give a dowry.

At that time, she wondered that she and Zhang Yang were in free love, and Zhang Yang didn't give bride price at all

Or is it actually a bride price, but you don't know?

That's why Zhang Yang has always hated himself?

Hatefully, in her previous life, she had been bullied by her old family and dared not even ask the truth.

The next day, Gu qiaoyue didn't go to the county.

Zhang Peipei and he cunfang thought they could avoid Zhang Yang, but at noon, Zhang Yang went directly to Gu qiaoyue's house.

When you meet someone in Rongshu village, ask where Gu qiaoyue's home is.

So, half the village knew that a young man was looking for Gu qiaoyue.

Gu qiaoyue was tutoring Gu Qiaowan in her homework. When she heard Zhang Yang's voice, she frowned fiercely.

When I came out, I saw Zhang Yang standing at the door with a big bag of gifts. There were many spectators outside.

"What are you doing here?" Gu qiaoyue said coldly, her eyes full of disgust.

"Aunt said you were ill. I came to see you. How is it? Is it serious?" Zhang Yang said softly and looked at Gu qiaoyue affectionately.

Gu qiaoyue frowned fiercely and glanced at those gossip people outside. There was a trace of impatience in her eyes.

"You can see it now. You can go. You are not welcome in my family!"

Gu qiaoyue said coldly and closed the door.

Gu Qiaowan came out to look at Gu qiaoyue and asked, "sister, is that Zhang Yang?"


Gu qiaoyue nodded faintly, "go into the house and continue to talk."

Gu Qiaowan keeps up.

Zhang Yang ran into a wall outside Ben. It was time to go. As a result, the guy was silent for a while and roared outside.

"Gu qiaoyue, I like you! I want to be with you!"

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