Back For My Daughter

Chapter 1203 Please Cooperate!
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"What are you doing in the ladies' washroom!"

Li Feiyun frowned seeing three reflections in the mirror that was placed above the basin cabinet.

"Cleaning, ma'am."

One of them replied giving a smile which made her feel something was amiss.

But hearing his words made her frown deepen even further.

It was because these three reflections belonged to men.

And even if she had not been working in this building and had just joined after being asked by her elder sister to help, Li Feiyun was sure that there was no way that men would be made to do the housekeeping for the ladies' washroom.

Normally, men housekeepers would be hired for cleaning the men's washroom, while women for the women's.

This was a piece of common knowledge and this kind of thing would not happen in any place. so she couldn't help but feel that there was something wrong.

Even if the two washrooms were right next to each other with only a distance of a few meters between the two, there was no way that anyone would barge in and still remain even after finding the obvious difference.

Li Feiyun gazed at the three men who didn't look as if they were some cleaners with their demeanour.

She had met countless people from every class of society and she was clear as to how would a people who barely earn enough for their living would be like.

But these three were completely different.

From their stature, actions and their gaze, she was sure that they were definitely not the CLEANERS as they told her that they were.

Slowly folding her handkerchief and bringing her hand closer to her jeans pocket, Li Feiyun pushed the cloth in while pressing her phone's power button.


A low beeping sound was heard, but it was not loud enough to be heard by the three men who had their eyes fixed on her movements.

"Who are you really?"

She heaved a sigh of relief in her heart but still held up a tong front in front of them wanting to stall for time.

She had just given an emergency call, and the person on her emergency call list would all get a call from her along with a message that she was in a trouble.

There were three people on that list, Li Zhiyun, and Han Xiaowen while the third was someone whom she had forgotten to remove from that list.

Someone who had walked away from her a while ago and didn't want to remember that person anymore.

'I don't even think that he would even take it seriously.'

She mocked herself in her mind thinking how idiot she was for still saving that person's number in her emergency list.

But then thinking that she didn't have the time to think of that person now, she pushed the thought from her mind.

"Who are you really?"

"Miss, we will just ask for you to cooperate with us, this will only be good for you, you will be sent back in a few days."

The guy with a small bah attached to his waist walked ahead and said as if he didn't intend to harm her, but even before she could retort and try to do anything further, he brought something before her face and sprayed a mist.

"You... what did you do to me?"

Li Feiyun felt everything before her eyes started to turn hazy and she was not even able to hold herself to stand straight.

"I give my word to you, we will be good to you if you remain quiet."

She could hear the words of the man from just now, but in a few more moments, everything before her eyes turned dark.

"Don't let her fall."

The guy who just sprayed the spray waved at the two behind.

Although Li Feiyun had lost consciousness, the pace at which she was falling was very low as if her muscles were having a hard time losing the position in which they were currently.

"This thing is good, just a wisp and she is already done for."

The leader raised his brows before turning to them.

"Quickly pack her up, we don't want to raise suspicion."

As he said that, the first guy removed a big bag while the other lifted Li Feiyun.

"Keke, this chick is so light, tossing and turning her would be just a flick of hands."

The one who was rising the pulling the bag to Li Feiyun's head rolled his eyes while the leader turned to him and said.

"Of course, if you want to die then you can."

"Hehe, boss, I was just fooling, who is courageous enough to pay with life just for a moment of happiness."

The guy forced a smile hearing the threat and glare from his boss, he then added.

"Even holding such a fairy is enough for me."

"Enough with your nonsense, don't let anyone feel suspicious when we go out."

The boss said opening the door and then turning to the two.

"With that woman's background, it would be enough if we are still able to live if we are found out."


The two of them looked at each other and gulped down hard.

"I thought that the boss was just joking, I really can't mess with this chick huh?"

"Second, do you know who she is?"

The first guy asked.

"Someone important enough that we have been paid a few hundred thousand."

The guy named Second had his eyes filled with greed as he remembered the amount of money that they would receive after the work here was done.

"You are really dumb aren't you, she is the aunt of Han Industries' CEO."

The first guy sneered making the eyes of the guy named Second almost pop out.

"Darn it."

"She is a big fish."

He spat while carrying the large enough bag as easily as if he was carrying a few kilos.

"But why kidnap her and not the CEO herself?"

He asked as they started to walk out.

"SHSSHHH, I don't know, we were paid for just that."


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