Back For My Daughter

Chapter 1098 Will He Harm Her?
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Not much further away Bo, Jhao and others had their eyes fixated upon Ye Qian as he held Yuan Meng's palms in his hand.

They were unable to see anything that Ye Qian was doing in order to heal Yuan Meng's burns, but from the change in Yuan Meng's expression, they were able to see the relief and lessening of the pain that she might be feeling.

It would not be wrong to say that they were not shocked seeing Yuan Meng's eyes suddenly open as soon as Ye Qian held her hands within his.

But then, thinking that this was nothing but a coincidence or maybe the fact that Ye Qian might have some knowledge of accupoints which he might have used in order to wake Yuan Meng.

Of course, that was also the reason why he was asked by Wang Jin to help his father.

They knew that Ye Qian had some knowledge of medicine and he could at most stop the burning sensation and increase the healing of Yuan Meng's palm greatly.

They were clearly aware that the burn that Yuan Meng had got was not any less than that of a second-degree burn and it would be a miracle if some of her nerves were not to be harmed in the state as well.

And normally it would need at least more than a month to heal the burn that Yuan Meng had revived.

One had to remember that when Yuan Meng pulled Ye Qian, the epidermal layer of her skin had already burned into a paper that had left her palms and what was left was the inner layer of the skin.

So for it to get completely healed, according to them it would take at least two weeks for Yuan Meng to even be able to use her hands properly and that had to be also under great strength.

If not then there was a chance that she would only injure herself even further if she were to really try doing something by herself.

But what they were seeing with their eyes was not something that they were able to believe.

The reason was that they could already see their Eldest Young Miss's hands had started to heal at a speed which was visible to the naked eye.

In fact, if they were not right here right now, they would have even thought that a time-lapse video was being played right in front of their eyes.

It was as if time was just moving at a greater speed.

Yuan Meng's palms were completely red and it was even possible for someone to see her muscles and tendons start to harden and look like a thin layer of skin was being slowly formed on top of it.

In fact, as they saw, they felt that the skin was forming at a very slow speed, but when they compared it to the fact that this was not how things were supposed to be normal, they could not help but gasp.

They were still in a daze when they heard Ye Qian's words saying that he was going to beat Yuan Meng up.

Of course, them being solely here for saving Yuan Meng they were clearly irked.

But then they also heard a peal of charming and pleasant laughter rung in their ears making them to go into a state of trance for a moment.

But as they saw what happened to Yuan Meng's palms in more few moments, their eyes almost popped out with their jaws almost hitting the ground.

That was because, as the skin started to heal it began to dry up like a snake that was about to shed its skin.

As Yuan Meng laughed, while their eyes were still fixated on what Ye Qian was going to do.

They saw something which looked more like a scalpel suddenly appear in between Ye Qian's fingers.

"Why did he get a knife for?"

All of them had the same question in their mind.

From what they had seen and known so far, they didn't even have a thought that Ye Qian was going to harm Yuan Meng.

But just as they were thinking this, Ye Qian did something that made almost all of them to shout to their throats best strength.

Meanwhile, after laughing, Yuan Meng was gently gazing at Ye Qian's face which looked quite displeased.

She only felt more amused as she saw Ye Qian showing such an expression which she felt was rather cute just like their daughter's pout.

"You know, you look similar to when our Qiqi is grumpy."

Yuan Meng let out another giggle, causing Ye Qian's grumpy face to suddenly lose.

"Alright, don't move, I will need to remove your upper skin, if you move then it will injure you."

Ye Qian said as the Spiritual Energy in his body started to concentrate within his palm and manifest into a form of a small scalpel.


Although Yuan Meng nodded, she knew that Ye Qian was saying this all for nothing.

Given his speed and prowess, she knew that even if she wanted to get injured, there was no way that Ye Qian would let it happen like that.

But still, since Ye Qian had asked her, Yuan Meng didn't want to let Ye Qian as she straightened herself and didn't move even an inch.

As Ye Qian saw her, he nodded and then inhaled sharply while his fingers which were holding the scalpel-like blade moved like a flash of lightning.

Within the time which one would not even be able to blink their eyes, Ye Qian's fingers appeared in the same place from where he had started with.

"Alright, let's do the other hand as well."

Ye Qian breathed out the air that he was still holding and then nodded at Yuan Meng.

Yuan Meng simply gave a smile and didn't say anything and nor did she nod.

Her belief in him had reached to a point where even if Ye Qian was to hold a knife close to her neck even then she would not feel even the slightest bit of fear.


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