Awakening The Gluttony Talent: I Become Stronger By Eating

Chapter 33
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Chapter 33: Forced to Teach Them a Lesson

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“You guys sure have guts.”

Lu Yu gave an icy glare at Song Ding and the others.

Song Ding thought nothing of it. He laughed and said, “In this era, strength is everything. Whoever has a stronger fist will be able to collect protection fees. If you have the guts to not pay protection fees, don’t blame us for breaking your legs later!”

On hearing this, Lu Yu gave a scornful laugh, “Oh, is that so? What if your fists aren’t as hard as mine?”

Song Ding burst out in laughter.

“That depends on whether you have the ability.”

With these words, Song Ding waved his hand, and summoned a dozen of his followers to attack Lu Yu all at once, intending to teach him a good lesson.

Seeing this, Lu Yu no longer indulged them.

Initially, he couldn’t be bothered with them. He hadn’t expected these people to go overboard. Under such circumstances, Lu Yu had no scruples about teaching them a good lesson.

It just so happened that during this period of time, Lu Yu’s strength had also greatly increased.

Lu Yu didn’t deploy any skills, but relied simply on his terrifying physical strength to receive them.

It was a simple punch and kick, not flashy or fanciful.

However, in the face of absolute power, these people were simply no match for Lu Yu.


Before long, all kinds of miserable screams rang out. Song Ding’s followers had all been knocked down by Lu Yu. It was a pathetic sight

Song Ding was stunned. He did not expect this middle-aged man standing before him, who was not wearing any martial arts badge, to be so skilled.

To be able to easily deal with several beginner level Martial Arts Warriors, this middle-aged man must have the skills evolution level of at least an advanced Martial Arts Warrior!

Song Ding knew that he was no match for him. He immediately turned tail and prepared to escape. He wanted to get reinforcements first.

Lu Yu caught up with him with just a few steps and placed a hand on Song Ding’s shoulder.

Under the tremendous force, Song Ding was immediately pinned to the spot, unable to leave.

Seeing that he couldn’t leave, Song Ding decided to give it everything he had. He turned around and threw a punch at Lu Yu’s face.

Lu Yu’s other hand easily caught Song Ding’s fist, preventing him from advancing any further.

The next thing he knew,


Song Ding let out a blood-curdling scream. His entire body was contorted in pain and he appeared to be in extreme anguish.

Lu Yu clenched Song Ding’s fist and then kicked him in the stomach.

Song Ding flew dozens of meters away and landed heavily on the ground, spitting out blood.

Lu Yu came to a stop in front of Song Ding again and looked down at him.

Frightened out of his wits, Song Ding scrambled backwards frantically. When Lu Yu moved closer to him, Song Ding became even more panicky.

Lu Yu smiled and said, “If I understood you correctly, whoever has a harder fist can collect protection fees, right? Now hurry up and pay me protection fees. Every time you see me, you must pay protection fees. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up every time I see you.”

When the workers at the side saw this, they were all dumbfounded. They did not expect their employer to be so powerful. He could defeat more than ten people so easily. It seemed that he was a powerful martial arts practitioner who did not display his real abilities outwardly.

Seeing that Lu Yu had turned the tables on them and was asking them for protection fees, the workers started laughing and ridiculing them.

“Well done! Who told them to be so arrogant!”

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“And they said that whoever has the strongest fist can collect protection fees. What a joke!”

“The employer is so powerful. Why do I feel that he has the strength of a Martial Master?”

“Martial Master? Are you serious? I’m working for an Honorable Martial Master?”

At this moment, Song Ding’s facial expression was even more awful than before. He clutched his painfully throbbing chest and glanced behind Lu Yu. His followers were all injured to some extent, and were no longer capable of fighting.

Even if they had the combat ability, they were no match for this middle-aged man standing before him.

Gritting his teeth, Song Ding admitted defeat for the time being. He threw out a bank card and said, “There are 100,000 federal coins inside. Is that enough?”

With that, Song Ding quickly got up and fled.

The group of followers hurriedly followed.

Lu Yu looked at the bank card in his hand but didn’t pursue them. He simply couldn’t be bothered with this bunch of goons.

The reason Lu Yu taught Song Ding a lesson was because it had affected the renovation progress of his dojo. Otherwise, he would have simply ignored these beginner Martial Arts Warriors.

After all, it would be embarrassing for a Great Martial Master if people outside found out he had attacked a few junior Martial Arts Warriors.

As for the bank card in his hand, Lu Yu was even less interested.

The renovation costs of the dojo were covered by the City Lord’s Office. It was already sufficient.

In addition, Lu Yu also received 100 million from the Military Lord. However, it was totally unnecessary as far as renovation costs were concerned, so Lu Yu pocketed it for himself.

With a personal net worth of over 100 million, Lu Yu didn’t care much about this mere 100 thousand.

Lu Yu casually tossed the bank card to the injured worker and said, “You guys help to take him to the hospital. You can use this 100 thousand for your medical fees and compensation. If it’s not enough, I’ll make up the difference later.”

“Yes, thank you, sir!”

Those few workers gushed gratefully.

Following that, the few of them helped to bring the injured worker to the hospital.

The remaining workers carried on with the renovation work.

Meanwhile, Song Ding fled back home in a sorry state.

In the main hall of the house, his father, Song Lin, was chatting and laughing with the dojo master of the East End Dojo, Tan Jun. They seemed to be on good terms.

Song Ding was so arrogant precisely because he was from the Song family.

The Song family was one of the four great families in the entire Federation. They were terrifyingly powerful and their social status was very distinguished.

Of course, Song Lin was only the head of one of the branches of the Song family. His status was not comparable to the main family of the Song family and his strength was much weaker. Nonetheless, he still had some influence in this area.

With the Song family backing them, Song Lin’s family was doing very well here.

Song Lin was chatting with his friend, Tan Jun. When he saw his son, Song Ding, running over with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, he frowned slightly.

“Son, what happened to you?” Song Lin asked.

Song Ding burst into tears. He threw himself into Song Lin’s arms and wailed,

“Dad, you have to stand up for me. That person has gone too far. He actually dared to attack me and beat me up into such a state. He’s really too much!”

Song Lin’s expression turned ominous when he heard that. He asked again, “Who is that person? He’s really bold. He actually dared to attack our Song family. He must have balls of steel!”

One of the followers nearby stepped forward and said, “Uncle Song, there’s an empty space over there. Their men were renovating the old dojo training ground. We were beaten up by a middle-aged man who was the leader. Not only did he injure Brother Ding, he also beat all of us up badly. His skills are not bad. At the very least, he was a high-level Martial Arts Warrior or maybe even a Martial Master.”

Sitting by the side, when the dojo master of the East End Dojo, Tan Jun, heard the words ‘old dojo’ and ‘renovation works’, his expression changed drastically. Wasn’t this the empty space allocated to the new Great Martial Master, Honorable Lu Yu? Could it be Lu Yu?

Tan Jun quickly inquired about the person’s appearance and found that their description matched Lu Yu. Tan Jun was convinced that this person was Lu Yu.

At this moment, Song Lin stood up and was about to help his son get back at him when Tan Jun hurriedly stopped him and said, “Brother Song, you should consider this matter carefully. I know that person. It’s the Lu Yu I just mentioned to you earlier. He’s the new Great Martial Master, the new dojo master of the Central Dojo. He is also the new captain of the 4th Squadron!”

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