Author's Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting

Chapter 280 Calamity [3]
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Time ran out quickly, and the wave of millions of demon beasts charged toward Zero and Req. However they were prepared for this, Req grips the Requiem sword firmly and takes her posture.

Despite the fact that ownership of the sword now belonged to Zero, one still couldn't deny that it looked graceful in her hands.

Zero on the other hand creates another sword of ice in his hands after deducing that one might not be enough after all.

The wave of demon beasts hit, blood flew into the sky, and thenceforth started a painful and desperate battle for survival.

Zero was quick on his feet, as fast as he could manage at that point. He took on multiple demon beasts at once. Swinging both his swords in the air wildly he started shredding the beasts in no time.

He jumped and slashed. The heads, arms, and pieces of flesh of the beasts were tossed in the sky as he separated them from the host's skin. The ground was stained in the dark demon blood, and his clothes and hands were painted the same color.

Although it wasn't that easy to stand on his ground. By this time the beasts had taken notice of his presence the ones that were close to him were starting to mark him as their target.

There was not a second where he could spare the movement and rest his arms a bit. He had to move continuously, he was turning around in every direction and facing the demons. The situation was thus that if he stopped even for a split second the next thing he could see will be his death.

It was hard, but he managed somehow. After all, he had no other choice but to face them here and now.

The situation for Req wasn't much easier, in fact, it was much worse. Be that as it may, she was stronger than Zero even when her powers had been cut more than half. She knew this, hence she was off against more demons.

She was faster and more precise. Rather than standing in one place like Zero she was moving and slashing demons and destroying their cores. In the midst of the hustle, Zero had forgotten to tell her how to kill the beasts properly but she was watching him, and watching was all she needed to know.

It looked like she was killing them effortlessly—which was true to some extent—but she was having some trouble against their numbers.

The same was true for Zero as well, the numbers of the demon beasts were starting to weigh down on him. While attacking and ripping the beasts with his magic-made swords he was covering his back and protecting himself by creating a wall of ice and stone.

It was a moving wall that blocked the area wherever he was about to take damage, but this obviously, was not automatic. Zero had to present a part of his mind to control the defensive wall while making sure to not let his focus waver when he was attacking.

There was a lot of pressure on his brain, more than one would think. After all, he was using [Foresight] too. In fact, since the time he left the academy, he had never stopped using it, and now he was beginning to feel the backlash.

He fought and fought and fought, despite the fact that his brain was slowly starting to melt under all the pressure. The concentration of demons around him was increasing and soon it reached a point where he could not handle it with the sword alone.

He released his elemental magic yet against and an enormous tornado of flames burst up around him. It swallowed all the demons that were near and burned their skinnings; opening the part of their bodies where the cores lay.

Seeing this Zero instantly discharged a burst of icicles and each was targeted toward a demon core. More than half met their mark and defused the demon beasts.

The flames vanished after finishing a cluster of beasts, but it didn't take much time for the new ones to take their place and before knowing it Zero was again engaged in sword combat against the new beasts.

"Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!" he let out a loud scream as he swung his swords and sprinkled the blood of the demons in the air.

With each strike, he screamed, out of his throat. It was probably the hardest he'd screamed ever. More than a hundred demons were surrounding him and he was swinging his blades continuously, along with the defensive wall. But after that, he didn't stop screaming.

He screamed and swung his swords, and as he was doing that when he was screaming his throat out. His eyes gleamed in a flare of light green, and the next second his vision reddened.

Blood spilled out from the side of his eyes and stained his vision. This was the result of using [Foresight] without break, this skill was beginning to harm him. Yet he ignored all of it and stood on his grounds against the demons.

He slashed them, ripped their skins apart, crushed their bones, and crumbled their cores. His hands were moving in a furry, at this point he didn't even know what he was doing. The pressure on his brain was just that much.

Already he was fending off more than a hundred demons at once but soon more came around and began to surround him. Seeing this he released the fire tornado again, after all, if he were to be surrounded then it would mean trouble.

This time the flames were even higher, even hotter, even fiercer. He burned the demons that were, for the moment, around him. This much time some time, not much but a few seconds.

But in that short amount of time, he heard something, in the midst of all this chaos there was a faint sound of crackling. He didn't need to think to know where this sound came from. Turning behind he saw that some of the demon beasts were near his parents, and were smacking the protective wall he'd created.

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