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Chapter 951 - Rise to the Star State
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Chapter 951: Rise to the Star State

Su Ping received a tremendous amount of resources in the following month.

He was given a special training room, which was as great as the holy lands of some major organizations.

He had eaten and drunk special medicines that had been acquired in various planets and relics on a daily basis. His body was quickly built up as a result, and his astral power was purified. He had never had such medicines before; their effectiveness was considerable for that very reason, further boosting his strength.

Su Ping was already nearing his bottleneck. His combat ability could hardly be improved unless he obtained a lot of faith power.

The Eight Nine Astral Painting is taking shape.

Inside the training room—Su Ping was chewing what appeared to be a purple fruit. It contained an abundant amount of astral power, while it could also improve his eyesight. A normal person would be able to see an ant dozens of kilometers away after eating such a fruit.

It was a rare treasure, and yet Su Ping was eating it like a snack.

He had too many resources at the moment. It was only then that Su Ping finally learned of the regular training methods used by top organizations.

It was easy to develop geniuses through investing tremendous amounts of resources and rare medicines.

However, the type of genius trained in such a manner would at most rise to the top ten of their star zone.

They would have to rely on their own abilities, talent, constitution and other factors if they wanted to make further progress.

Earlier on, Su Ping had thought that it would take him a year to condense the Eight Nine Astral Painting; however, it was already taking shape after one month. He felt that he would be able to fully condense it in merely two weeks or so. By then—with the two Astral Paintings in his body—he would have even more astral power and become much stronger.

However, I won’t be able to accumulate power of faith until I leave this place. The amount I get here is too little…?Su Ping thought.

He needed the power of faith in order to significantly improve his combat ability.

His name had been disseminated and noted by many organizations after he became the champion. He could easily detect the power of faith flowing toward him from every part of the universe; it was leaking into his small world.

However, such an amount of faith was insignificant; it would be better to train a few loyal pets if he were to remain there.


Dull thunder echoed, originating from a place relatively close to Su Ping’s training room.

He was slightly surprised, as he sensed the sign of a Heavenly Tribulation.

He left the training room, and then saw dark clouds gathering above a palace several thousand kilometers away, sporting the recently felt tribulation.

“Is someone making a breakthrough?”

A man flew out of the palace while Su Ping observed. He was none other than Diaz.

While shrouded in gray light, he silently looked up at the sky underneath the clouds.

Su Ping detected his aura and immediately realized that he had risen to the Star State.

Such a result was unsurprising; they no longer needed to suppress their cultivation since the competition was over.

Su Ping’s eyes glittered. He then thought about breaking through too.

It’s time for me to advance too; staying in the Fate State is pointless now. I could still hold until I condense the second Astral Painting and look for the power of faith, but I can still do all those things after I break through to the Star State. I’ll only be a stronger Fate State cultivator if I stay at this level.”

A lot of people suddenly showed up in the nearby space. All of them were observing Diaz’ breakthrough.


Moments later, the Heavenly Tribulation arrived with a lightning strike.

Diaz remained casual under the thunderclouds. He waved his hand and shattered the lightning, as if he were only dealing with some dust.

He was so strong that the Heavenly Tribulation for the Star State was but a joke to him. It was just a formality at that point.

Soon, more and more powerful lightning bolts struck down.

However, Diaz resisted those attacks with ease.

“Fifteen, sixteen…”

“It’s still not over. Just as I expected, such a genius will attract more than thirty lightning strikes!”

“Thirty? You’re underestimating him. There’s going to be more than fifty!”

Many people were whispering. Some recognized Diaz and their feelings went awry. The more talented and the more energy one had, the more terrifying the Heavenly Tribulation would be.

Ordinary people could usually attract eight or seven lightning bolts; the tougher ones were able to attract a dozen.

As for geniuses, most of them would attract more than twenty.

Each level of the Heavenly Tribulation for the Star State contained nine or multiple lightning strikes.

The first level contained nine strikes; the second level contained eighteen, and the third contained 27.

Many speculated that Diaz would attract level-six lightning strikes, after seeing him easily crush lightning strikes on the second level, which would have certainly obliterated normal Star State cultivators.

Diaz had to try increasingly harder to deal with the strikes as more of them descended.

He activated his Reincarnation Divine Constitution to dissolve and swallow the lightning when the level-4 lightning strikes arrived.

The level-5 lightning strikes arrived, and Diaz exerted more power of his constitution to deal with the lightning again.

Soon after, more than fifty lightning strikes were about to land, all of which had sixth level might. Their destructive force was much greater.

Diaz merged with his pet and resisted the attack again.

Su Ping observed patiently; he was able to tell that Diaz would at least manage to endure the level-7 lightning strikes.

Soon, sixty-eight lightning bolts were striking altogether. They were already level-7, glowing so brilliantly that the environment was entirely bright. The lethal aura of the Heavenly Tribulation filled the air.

Diaz suddenly brought out a shield engraved with an ugly, crying face. The contorted visage would then wiggle and open up its mouth to swallow all the arriving lighting bolts.

Su Ping remembered that Diaz was given a chance to claim a treasure in the Heavenly Star Pavilion too; he wondered if the shield had been his choice.

Diaz had passed the trial soon after.

The young man was able to endure it all, even though the last part of the tribulation was rather dangerous. He had attracted seventy-three lightning strikes in the end, which were already at the eighth level of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Once the test was over, Diaz closed his eyes and felt the raging power inside his body. He was now a Star State warrior. He was suddenly able to store even more astral power, just as if a certain switch would have been turned on inside his body.

If the power reserve in his body could previously be compared to a lake, it had then turned into an ocean.

Deep breath…

Diaz opened his eyes, fascinated due to the feeling of his surging power.

He felt that he could crush his old self from moments before.

Diaz then saw a familiar person in the distance, realizing that it was none other than Su Ping.

Diaz wore a complicated expression after noticing who it was. He could not hate the man who had defeated him again and again, especially when Su Ping’s performance in the last battle had amazed everyone, including those of Celestial level.

Condensing a small world while still in the Fate State had not been something he could achieve.


Diaz flashed and disappeared. He then reappeared in front of Su Ping.

“I broke through.” Diaz snorted.

Su Ping smiled. “I noticed.”

“What do you say? Are you up for a spar?” Diaz was itching for a fight since the latter was still in the Fate State.

Su Ping chuckled since he was aware of the other guy’s intentions. “Six Lives Buddha’s two future selves were both at the peak of the Star State.”

“So what?”

“He lost.”

Su Ping kept on smiling.


Diaz stood there in silence. He suddenly realized that—even though he was a lot stronger than before, now that he had advanced—it was still impossible for him to defeat Su Ping who had condensed a small world.

Su Ping’s small world was much more powerful than his field of laws; he would be crushed with ease.

He pursed his lips when he pondered over it. All the joy in his heart because of his breakthrough faded away.

What a freak.

Diaz rolled his eyes, then turned around and left.

He secretly gritted his teeth, feeling the desire of condensing a small world. He was unable to do it while he was a Fate State warrior. Could he manage to do so in the Star State?

Su Ping went back to his training room.

He resumed his cultivation after he ate and rested.

He focused only on cultivating and condensing the Eight Nine Astral Painting.


Inside the training room—Su Ping dashed as quickly as a phantom. If anyone were present, it would have been a shock to see that Su Ping had vanished at one point. The only feedback would be to hear the rustling air.

Su Ping was too fast to the naked eye. He too was absolutely undetectable when he moved. Even if he was indeed seen, his aura was practically nonexistent. Not even his heartbeat or pulse were audible.

Su Ping suddenly came to a halt. Then, he melted like water and stuck his mass to the ground.

He reassembled his body moments later. He looked at his hands and extended his fingers like claws. He then made them look like normal, human hands again.

Am I… still a human being?

Su Ping was dumbfounded.

He believed from the bottom of his heart that he was one.

However, his ability was too special.

He was currently able to morph into any form at the moment, as he had full control over the cells of his body. The Eight Nine Astral Painting had bound all his cells to his mind. He felt that his soul was his body, and that his body was his soul. He could turn into any shape he could imagine.

Lives are just combinations of cells, or to be more precise, a bunch of particles.

Su Ping examined himself carefully. He was then able to feel his components with pinpoint accuracy, and reorganize his organs. The cells in each component had their unique features, and could boost the corresponding organs.

He could build an organ, such as a stomach or a heart, with the cells of his arm.

However, they would never be as perfect as the original stomach and heart.

Nevertheless, they were usable, and healthy!

The books from relics mention ancient mythical creatures that can be reborn with one drop of blood. They must have better versions of such a technique…?Su Ping thought.

The cells involved in the two Astral Paintings would then be able to store astral power in them. The Astral Paintings contained special force fields that were invisible but real. Su Ping could store astral power there and make use of that reserve at any time.

However, he soon noticed that the Astral Paintings had a maximum capacity as he stored more and more astral power.

I have twice as much astral power as I did before.

Su Ping examined himself. He could probably punch a planet apart if he were to concentrate all the astral power on his fist!

Star State experts could freely wander throughout space and live in the vacuum.

As for Star Lords, they could easily destroy a planet and dominate a solar system.

“It’s time to make a breakthrough. I’ll check the Divine Lord Rank after I advance, so I can gauge the gap between me and the one in last place.” Su Ping flew out without hesitation.

He then relaxed and removed all the blockages in his body.

Astral power soon began to gush out from all his body parts like veritable springs.

Su Ping activated the Chaos Star Chart simultaneously, and siphoned astral power from nature, which then flooded into his body.


Su Ping felt that all the bones in his body were cracking, as if countless hands were massaging him. That was the external astral power squeezing his body parts and perfecting them.

A gale then blew above Su Ping’s head. Clouds seemed to be gathering in space.


“Someone is about to go through a Heavenly Tribulation?”

“Who’s breaking through this time?”

The people near the palaces detected this and quickly took action. They realized that a Heavenly Tribulation was at hand, once they saw the gathering clouds above Su Ping’s palace.

After all, clouds and rain didn’t manifest naturally in the Celestial Court.

The place was forever sunny!

All the witnesses were surprised and curious after they saw Su Ping. Diaz had almost attracted a level-7 Heavenly Tribulation just recently. They wondered about the unbelievable magnitude Su Ping would cause during his Heavenly Tribulation, given his status as the best of the universe!

Many people stood outside their palaces to watch.

Outside Su Ping’s palace—Elder Yan was lying on a comfort chair. He then narrowed his eyes when he saw the gathering clouds, then slowly sat up.?I thought that kid was going to challenge his limits a bit more, but he obviously ran out of patience. Not bad. Aiming for higher limits is pointless; wasting too much time in the Fate State is not a good thing. Thankfully he listened to my advice in the end.

He had warned Su Ping about this a few days earlier, but the latter didn’t respond back then.

He has even more energy than before. This amount… is rather unbelievable, isn’t it??Suddenly, Elder Yan’s eyes glittered with surprise.

He felt that Su Ping was like a whale flying in the sky, with an unimaginable amount of astral power stored inside his body.

He had much more astral power than would be expected of a Star State warrior. Not many Star Lords would have as much astral power as he did!

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