Astral Pet Store

Chapter 950 - The Eight Nine Astral Painting
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Chapter 950: The Eight Nine Astral Painting

“No need to worry, you should be able to cultivate fast enough to become a Star Lord and emerge on the Divine Lord Rank, given your talent,” said Shen Huang with a smile, “You can indeed become a Star Lord right now, but it would be better if you consolidate your Star State cultivation first; don’t waste your great foundation.”


Su Ping nodded.

He wasn’t planning on becoming a Star Lord yet. He wanted to postpone that advancement until he reached the limits of every level, all to maximize his combat ability.

A hundred years…

Su Ping trusted his master’s wisdom. He curled his lips. Once a hundred years passed, his store would have probably earned enough energy to perform consecutive level-ups.

After all, not many years had passed since he opened the store.

The place was teeming with customers every day, although normal training was the only available service when he was out and about, there were still plenty of customers every day!

A hundred years is too long. I should leave early; after all, training in cultivation sites is much more effective than there,?Su Ping thought.

The best resources and environment were provided there. Still, Su Ping preferred to earn energy and polish himself in real battles while visiting the cultivation sites.


He had promised Joanna to take her to the Archean Divinity; she had been waiting for far too long.

“What did you pick in the Heavenly Star Pavilion?” asked Shen Huang.

Su Ping replied honestly, “The Prime Sky Mirror, the Blood Cloud Sword, and an unknown egg.”

“An unknown egg?”

Shen Huang was slightly stunned. He wasn’t surprised to see that Su Ping had chosen the Prime Sky Mirror and the Blood Cloud Sword, which were both very useful to him. But why the unknown egg?

He did recall that there was indeed such an egg in the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

The egg was an amazing item; not even Star Lords can destroy it. It was hard to imagine what kind of horrifying creature it would yield.

Unfortunately, none of the top trainers in the Federation could possibly hatch the egg.

They attempted several things so that the egg would hatch. All to no avail.

They couldn’t even find out the origin of the egg, based from the ancient classics.

Nobody wanted the egg anymore in the end.

After all, it was truly a waste to use the privilege for a egg that couldn’t be hatched.

“I saw that the egg was extraordinary, so I grabbed it,” said Su Ping awkwardly.

Lost for words, Shen Huang said after a moment of silence, “Did you know that it’s practically impossible to hatch the egg?”

“It can’t be hatched?” Su Ping pretended to be shocked.

Shen Huang glanced at him and said, “That’s right. All the trainers and scientists in the Federation have tried it, but none have succeeded. The egg can’t be hatched; it’s just a stone…”

He could not help but heave a sigh; he blamed himself for not warning Su Ping earlier about certain things if he were to stay there..

He wasn’t blaming Su Ping, as it would be pointless to blame him. He shook his head, choosing not to say anything else.

Su Ping seemed dumbfounded and anxious. He looked at the other carefully.

Shen Huang, seeing how nervous Su Ping was, gave a light shake of his head and said, “Fine. Just forget you had that privilege. You’re bound to find more treasures in the future, so don’t regret this choice and focus on your cultivation. I’ll have Xiao Yan teach you; he’ll guide you whenever you need help.”

“Xiao Yan?”

A summoning vortex appeared in front of Shen Huang while the young man puzzled over the name, and then an old man wearing a golden robe stepped out. He looked gentle and graceful.

Su Ping immediately understood that the old man was his master’s pet, and was likely a Celestial State creature, or at least a Heavenly Lord.

“You may call him Uncle Yan,” said Shen Huang, “My disciples are mostly taught by him. He’s memorized at least a hundred thousand cultivation techniques from the human race; there are no questions he can’t answer.”

Su Ping was slightly surprised, not expecting that the pet to be as outstanding.

He suddenly remembered the Little Skeleton and his other pets. Maybe they could later become his future helpers, not just in battle; they could help him in daily life situations too.

“Uncle Yan, it’s an honor to meet you.” Su Ping greeted the old man respectfully.

The old man smiled and said, “No need to be so courteous. I was starting to feel bored; it’s been a long time since His Highness recruited a disciple. You’re the champion this year, right? I’ll help you with your cultivation; you will surely become the strongest in the Star State and the Star Lord State. You’ll reach the top of the Divine Lord Rank in a hundred years!”

Su Ping smiled and thanked him again after seeing how confident and daunting the man was.

Shen Huang then allowed Su Ping and Xiao Yan to leave.

Elder Yan took Su Ping to his residence first; he showed him around after learning that the latter wasn’t familiar with the Celestial Court yet.

The Celestial Court was so splendid that even the sun seemed insignificant. They visited a lot of places during the day.

In the end, all kinds of delicacies were delivered to Su Ping’s palace when he returned. All of them were amazing treasures able to strengthen him and condense his astral power.

Su Ping recognized two of them; they were expensive herbs in the outside world, while they were provided for free there. Also, according to Uncle Yan, they were served on a daily basis.

Su Ping had a bundle of mixed feelings.?Is this how the top forces train juniors?

Even a pig could easily become a Star Lord after eating like that every day, and would later become a genius among peers.

Su Ping didn’t hesitate to wolf down all the food. He immediately sensed an intense astral power accumulating in his body, so he skipped rest and went straight back to cultivating. He redirected the astral power to the second Astral Painting.

This one was named the Eight Nine Astral Painting.

Once fully grasped would allow him to disguise himself better, and become even more unpredictable when in battle.

Su Ping unleashed even more starry light as astral power surged in.

If things go on like this, I’m going to fully condense my second Astral Painting and work on the third one next. I wonder how strong I’ll become when my nine Astral Paintings are gathered. I’ll be as strong as a Celestial, according to the technique’s introduction…?Su Ping thought and his eagerness grew.

Time flew.

In a fleeting blink of an eye—Su Ping had already cultivated for a month in the Celestial Court.

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