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Chapter 1214 - The Primitive Chaos Clan
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Chapter 1214: The Primitive Chaos Clan

The corpse was covered in dark patterns that looked like ancient tattoos. It was wearing a ragged battle skirt, which was made of some ancient beast’s fur, which contained special laws and essence. The decorative fangs on the skirt were full natural energy brands.

Su Ping felt both closeness and pressure from the corpse.

The fire surged, and the corpse clung to Su Ping as if alive, hugging him like a newborn.

Streaks of dark energy as thick as serpents emerged on the corpse’s limbs, which wrapped around Su Ping. He felt that his cells were melting like ice in water.

The cells then became restless, biting each other and mutating.

Su Ping’s body began to twist and expand in the process; he looked hideous and appalling.

However, a profound and ancient power was erupting from the depths of his genes, making him feel that everything was more vivid, as he was more in touch with the world around him.

The sensation was like the existence of an invisible that used to be there, between him and the world, and now the membrane was gone…

Su Ping’s skull and brains were also mutating. His mind became empty; something seemed to be invading. The world before his eyes was gone. His eyeballs lost their function; he could see nothing but darkness. Light reappeared at some point, igniting the entire dark world like fire.

Su Ping saw the most amazing scene; there were countless, minute figures flying and gathering, leaving traces in the void, which formed curves…

Once the curves were formed and interwoven, it suddenly occurred to Su Ping that they were outlining the original form of a law!

Is this what the universe looks like in the deepest parts??Su Ping was shocked. The construction of the law was visible to the naked eye; even the most stupid person would be able to imitate it!

Su Ping then felt a strange force attracting and controlling his body. He was somehow connected to the tiny figures in the void, and was able to control the energy in a way.

A mere thought of his directed the tiny figures in the void, making them fly in a strange, sword shaped trajectory. Such a trajectory was deliberate.

However, Su Ping discovered that the trajectory formed a law once it was completed!

“Damage, swallowing…”

He narrowed his eyes with shock. If his guess was correct, it had to be a law of his own invention!

He had invented a law!

That was a prerequisite for breaking through to the Ascendant State!

He had actually grasped the power and created a law of his own!

Nevertheless, the power of said law was rather mediocre; it could not compare to the fundamental laws of every world such as fire and light, not to mention the four ultimate laws.

It’s just a normal law. Still, to think I was able to make one this easily… It’s unbelievable. Where am I? What kind of ability is this?

Su Ping couldn’t help but look around, but the only thing he could see was boundless darkness.

As if sensing his thoughts, the darkness around him faded away, and infinite light was compressed, making fire in Su Ping’s eyes. Once again, he found himself being burnt by eternal fire inside the furnace, but the corpse holding him was gone.

The only remains of the corpse were its limbs, laid on Su Ping like black ropes, which gradually melted into Su Ping’s body as the fire burned.

The excruciating pain caused by the burning was soothed. Su Ping was able to see his outer appearance with his mind’s eye and was rather stunned; he was covered in dark patterns, which looked exactly like those that were etched on the corpse.

His body felt increasingly different as the remains melted into him. He was being filled by a magnificent power that flowed in the dark patterns like blood, bringing him more strength.

There was a sudden oppressive force coming from the furnace, which seemed about to squeeze and tear him apart.

He gritted his teeth. The pain only intensified nonstop; he was about to be tortured to death.

Su Ping couldn’t help but scream. The flesh all over his body was roiling; the dark patterns on his skin sank into his body, and the golden flesh inside was exposed. Some body parts were misty and silver, which emitted the auras of different constitutions.

The blood at the bottom of the furnace was boiling; an immense force pressed Su Ping down, making his body submerge in the blood.

The items soaking there quickly gathered around him.

Su Ping could no longer feel the changes in the outside world as he was being torn apart and burned. All that he could feel was pain.

The experience was so excruciating that Su Ping even wanted to pass out. However, it was impossible for him to do that; he would wake up in pain whenever his consciousness was disconnected. His only alternative would be to terminate his own life.

Still, that choice would mean failure.

Su Ping tried to stop himself from thinking about that. Multiple types of auras were replacing each other inside his body. Gods, souls, ancient deities, human beings…

All the auras replaced each other, finally melting into a murky aura brought forth by the fire. The new aura was assorted and chaotic; its elements were eating and resisting each other.

The blood began to dwindle because of the eternal fire’s effect. The materials floating inside were refined into pure power that flowed into Su Ping’s body, making his new aura stable and powerful.

Time was a nonexisting concept in that place. Su Ping’s body eventually turned into a meatball surrounded by different auras when all the blood and materials inside the furnace were consumed and only the furnace remained.

Each aura was extremely powerful, and was trying to swallow the others.

Half the space inside the furnace was completely dark, emitting a terrifying aura that scared off other auras.

The meatball shrank after a long time passed, and the range where the auras fought was also reduced. The balance was lost at some point and several auras collided, unleashing a horrifying force.

The force was spread into the dark area. The dark tried to fight back, but was gradually entangled.

The auras on the surface of the meatball became as obscure as a storm.


A cry burst out from within the obscure auras; the illusion of a delicate and tiny Golden Crow flew out. However, it was soon caught and smothered by the obscure auras.

The storm covering the meatball came to an end after the crow illusion was gone, and the meatball itself became dim and even more hideous. However, upon closer look, it could be seen that the round thing’s every hue was made of countless mysterious patterns.

Bang, bang!

The sound of a heartbeat suddenly came from inside the meatball.

Bang, bang!

The meatball was shaking; its mysterious patterns were activated, slightly twisting about.

Su Ping could no longer feel any pain. He was like a completely deflated balloon; falling, but there was nothing to fall into as he couldn’t feel his body.

There was hazy light before him. The spots of light were gathering again; each of the spots turned out to be a symbol when magnified.

The symbols looked like characters and arrays.

Su Ping had never seen them before, but he found them strangely familiar, as if he could understand them.

These are… Dao Glyphs!

The language found in the deepest part of the universe, born along with the universe!

Su Ping was rather shocked. He could feel the significance of those cyphers, like a legacy hidden deep inside his bloodline. He was naturally able to comprehend them.

He somehow realized how precious Dao Glyphs were. Even the most ancient beings looked for them!

Whoever acquired Dao Glyphs could see the ultimate secrets of the universe and control everything!

The Dao Glyphs were floating right in front of him. Su Ping unconsciously touched them, and the symbols instantly flew as if awakened.

However, they didn’t flee; they simply rushed towards Su Ping’s body.

The next moment—the Dao Glyphs melted into Su Ping’s consciousness, bringing him a sensation that his consciousness had somehow transcended again. He was in the most mysterious and amazing state.

While the experience lasted, Su Ping discovered that his mind was much sharper than before. Many laws and conundrums he couldn’t unravel in the past were no longer problems.

The laws he had only just learned or grasped had been perfected right then!

The perfection of laws was just the foundation.

Above laws were Dao Patterns!

Dao Patterns were based on Dao Glyphs!

One Dao Pattern was inscribed with dozens of Dao Glyphs. Similarly, dozens of Dao Glyphs could only construct one powerful Dao Pattern!

“There are actually three thousand Dao Glyphs…” Su Ping mumbled. His understanding of the universe had grown exponentially, even exceeding what was expected in the Celestial State. Only those on higher levels could understand a thing or two about Dao Glyphs.

Su Ping examined himself and saw that there were already 108 Dao Glyphs assimilated on his person!

“That number is still too far from the three thousand…

“I’ll probably become the strongest person in all universes if I truly master the three thousand Dao Glyphs…” Su Ping vaguely realized what the ultimate experts were pursuing. The strength harnessed by God Emperors probably depended on the Dao Glyphs they knew.

There were 108 Dao Glyphs in Su Ping’s body at the moment. They contained infinite strength!

These 108 Dao Glyphs can construct hundreds of Dao Patterns. A Dao Pattern is much more powerful than any law; it actually contains law traits. In short, when a law clashes against a Dao Pattern—say, one for stabilization and one for acceleration—the Dao Pattern will surely win.

Su Ping tried using his already attained Dao Glyphs, only to find that it was impossible.

This left him in shock. He tried again, but the result was the same.

Su Ping observed carefully, suddenly discovering that knowing Dao Glyphs didn’t equate with knowing how to use them.

It was like knowing the pronunciation of a word, but not its meaning.

Does this mean I can’t control Dao Glyphs until I completely understand them?

However, it’s extremely difficult to understand the infinite elements of a Dao Glyph. That’s something only for Celestials and above; only their minds are strong enough for them to comprehend and infer. Other people’s brains would explode even if they only tried to understand.

Su Ping hesitated, his excitement dwindling. After thinking long and hard, he tried to pick a Dao Pattern and infer the meaning of the Dao Glyphs within.

If the Dao Glyph is a math question, the Dao Pattern is the formula to solve the question.

Su Ping saw the laws he knew as simple multiplication tables, and he now had to solve a calculus problem with them.

It was undoubtedly impossible for him to accomplish the task, no matter how hard he tried.

Still, he certainly couldn’t give up. The road to the ultimate height of the universe was right in front of him. Too many people dreamed about such a goal; how could he give up that easily?

Su Ping could only play it by ear.

He could always spend more time pondering and inferring the problem with the things he knew.

A force dragged his consciousness back to focus once he made that decision. He saw the fire again, finding himself back in the furnace.

An indescribable, exuberant feeling of power was emerging from Su Ping’s body.

He saw countless minuscule lines inside the fierce fire. They were none other than the vulnerabilities of the fire itself!

This fire is also made of some sort of law, or Dao Pattern!?Su Ping’s eyes glittered. He didn’t expect to find flaws in the fire. Would that mean that he could now see through Celestial-level attacks?

The flames around him were extinguished; he was no longer feeling any heat or pain. The Chief Elder of the Golden Crows flew towards him.

There was a change in the elder’s expression when he saw the young man. He narrowed his eyes and gasped. “Chaos Clan? Wait, the Primitive Chaos Clan?”

Feeling dazed, Su Ping scanned his own body, only for his shock to increase. His body had changed significantly; he was almost ten meters tall and the dark patterns on his skin were all gone. There was only one mark left on his forehead and glittering lines covered his skin. There were different kinds of power in the lines.

Furthermore, Su Ping sensed that the 108 Dao Glyphs were still hiding somewhere inside his body.

He tried to move them, only to fail just like before.

Su Ping couldn’t help but ask, “Chief Elder, did I…”

It was obvious that his body had changed significantly, and his bloodline had advanced.

“You did it…” The Chief Elder looked at Su Ping with a troubled expression. “For your bloodlines to combine and bring forth the Primitive Chaos Clan’s bloodline was beyond my expectations.”

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