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Chapter 1212 - The Heavens
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Chapter 1212: The Heavens

Diqiong felt that she would be infuriated to death if she were to spend more time with Su Ping.

She moved quickly and soon rose to the crown of a tree; there was a gargantuan hole on the tree, big enough to accommodate a city.

She landed on a branch in front of the hole, then glared at Su Ping. “Just stay here. I’ll report the matter to the Chief Elder, but I’m not sure if he’s in the mood to see you.”

“Thank you very much!” Su Ping quickly thanked her.

Diqiong snorted and flew into the hole. She quickly returned and gave Su Ping a gloomy look. “The Chief Elder won’t meet you. Just go back.”

“Why not?” Dazed, Su Ping asked in a hurry.

She snorted and said, “You have no manners. The Chief Elder doesn’t meet with anyone as rude as you.”

“Well…” Su Ping felt wronged. Exactly at this moment—an ancient voice resounded. “Diqiong, enough fooling around. Let him in.”

Diqiong turned around and stuck out her tongue. “I’m just teaching him a lesson.”


Su Ping was lost for words. His heavy heart became light again. There really wouldn’t

be anything he could do if the elder didn’t want to meet him. He couldn’t mess around in that place; any Celestial crow could incinerate him again and again.

“Why are you looking at me? Go inside!” Diqiong shouted.

Su Ping shook his head and refrained from teasing her again. He took the Little Skeleton and the others into the hole.

Two enormous Golden Crows were resting on the branch outside the hole; Su Ping could only see half their bodies. However, the auras of both crows made him feel that none of his laws and worlds would work on them; he was like a grain of dust next to a wall.

He’s definitely beyond the Celestial State.

Su Ping estimated. His pores contracted beyond his control as he became wary. He controlled his muscles, simply flying into the hole while shivering.

The tree hole was extremely vast; above him was a green opening through which he could see the sky.

The most gigantic Golden Crow was inside the tree hole; its head alone covered hundreds of square miles. He was like a puny ant in front of such a creature.

Su Ping stopped and said respectfully, “Chief Elder.”

The Chief Elder of the Golden Crows stared at Su Ping without opening his beak. However, an ancient voice was directly transmitted to Su Ping’s head. “I knew you would return. I didn’t expect you to change so significantly and so quickly. You’ve also gathered the sequences of several top mythical creatures. Besides…

“You’ve established seven small worlds with the most ancient cultivation technique. Those who achieved that were at the very top tier, even among mythical creatures.”

Su Ping was surprised by the information. “So you’re saying that all the ancient mythical creatures knew this technique?”

“Of course. It used to be the most traditional cultivation method; however, it was lost after the war…” The Chief Elder sounded quite grieved.

Su Ping felt intrigued. So to speak, the Heaven Path Institute in the Archean Divinity probably had obtained legacies of mythical creatures; it was probably one of its deepest secrets.

“Chief Elder, if I may ask, how many small worlds can be cultivated at the same time?” asked Su Ping.

His mentor in the Heaven Path Institute had once told him that even Ancestral Gods had cultivated no more than seven worlds. He had actually achieved such a number, so he wondered if that was the true limit.

“You’re asking for the upper limit?” The Chief Elder looked at Su Ping. “If I remember correctly, the upper limit should be nine. However, it’s extremely difficult to establish nine worlds. Also, the people who established nine worlds weren’t equally strong. In any case, whoever attained nine worlds in history went beyond the Heavens.”

The Heavens?

Once again, Su Ping heard the mention of Heavens. He was two worlds away from reaching the nine-world mark; there was still a long way ahead of him.

There are many Ancestral Gods in the Archean Divinity; every high-ranked clan is supported by an Ancestral God. Establishing seven small worlds is no big deal; if I can establish nine…

Su Ping’s eyes glittered. He looked at the Chief Elder and asked, “Chief Elder, by the ‘Heavens’, do you mean real lives, or just a concept?”

The latter looked down at Su Ping, as if surprised by the question. But then he remembered something and smiled. “The Heavens are members of the Heaven Clan! They’re the species that have existed ever since the birth of the universe. Nobody knows where they came from, but they claim to have created all other lives.

“However… F*ck them.”

The Chief Elder suddenly cursed at the end. Su Ping was able to precisely translate what he said in their telepathic communication. This left him in shock.

The Chief Elder was rather straightforward. At first he thought that the guy would answer him in riddles; after all, most bigshots Su Ping had met liked to talk mysteriously. Even if the guy would have chosen not to confess a thing, there wouldn’t have been anything Su Ping could do, except complain in his heart.

“Most people don’t dare to talk about the Heavens, because they sense when anyone talks about them. However, there’s no need to fear when you’re with me.” Seeing Su Ping’s expression, the Chief Elder chuckled. “The Heavens aren’t invincible. According to legend, there was an unparalleled genius who slew the Heavens. He was respected as an ancestor!

“Humans knew him as Heaven Master!”

“The ancestor?”

Su Ping was intrigued. Was that ancestor as strong as the Ancestral Gods in the realm of gods?

If so, wouldn’t the Heavens be as strong as God Emperors?

“Why did he slay the Heavens?” asked Su Ping curiously.

The massive crow glanced at Su Ping and said, “If the Heavens want to kill you, wouldn’t you wish to kill them? The Heavens consider themselves superior to all other creatures. Even we are just minions to them. They think they can kill us whenever they wish!

“We’ve been hiding here exactly because of the Heavens!”

The Chief Elder revealed the shocking secret. “However, we will go to the World of High Heavens again with the other clans when our ancestor awakens, to kill the Heavens!”

Su Ping felt dazed, not expecting that Golden Crows were hiding because of the Heavens! Even powerful mythical creatures feared them.?…The World of High Heavens?

Su Ping suddenly remembered the Remains of High Heavens, the cultivation site he had accidentally discovered.

It was very similar to the World of High Heavens the Chief Elder mentioned.

Su Ping immediately displayed the list, then saw that the Remains of High Heavens was at the very top. Its ticket was worth a hundred million!

The ticket for the Archean Divinity was only nine thousand!

The gap between them was surprisingly wide!

There was a short description behind the name of the cultivation site.

‘It used to be the supreme home to the Heavens, but it’s already in ruins…’

Su Ping looked at the words. The World of High Heavens the Chief Elder intended to attack was already dilapidated. According to the description, it was indeed home to the Heavens.?How come it’s already destroyed?

Su Ping looked at the Chief Elder. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Chief Elder, is it possible that the Heavens you intend to attack have already been destroyed?”


The Chief Elder smiled and said, “I wish it were so! Unfortunately, the Heavens cannot be destroyed that easily. I can feel them wandering the skies beyond the void in the center of chaos… We’ll immediately attract their attention if we reveal ourselves.”


Su Ping hesitated for a moment, but didn’t say anything in the end.

He couldn’t explain, and he also trusted the Chief Elder’s judgment.

I can go and take a look for myself when I gather enough energy to pay the ticket. The Golden Crows were forced by the Heavens to hide in this place. Were they the ones who caused the turmoil in the Archean Divinity? I don’t think anyone else could have shattered the Archean Divinity…

Su Ping’s eyes glittered. If that were the case, the Heavens did seem like the big bosses that all species would have to confront together.

However, the note on the system’s list already stated that the big bosses’ nest was already in ruins.

Su Ping shook his head. His level was still too low for him to get in touch with relevant information. He was even farther away from accumulating a hundred million energy points. Aside from establishing nine worlds, he also had to upgrade his store, all to make money faster.

The Chief Elder went back to the topic, “It’s pointless to talk about that. Diqiong says you’re here to improve your bloodline, is that correct?”

“Yes, if possible. However, I don’t know much about the mythical bloodline yet. Besides, I still can’t understand the essence of the constitution I awakened here, so I have yet to unleash my strength fully; that’s why I’m here to ask for guidance,” said Su Ping respectfully.

The elder crow smiled. “Of course you would run into problems when trying to understand the essence. You cannot fully wield the power of your constitution because you don’t have the mythical bloodline. As for advancing to the mythical bloodline, it requires a lot of precious treasures, and a significant amount of willpower.”

He stared at Su Ping and added, “We can help, if you’ve really thought it through.”

Su Ping was rather surprised. He asked curiously, “Why are you so kind to me, Chief Elder?”

“For one thing, the Heaven Master of your clan did us a favor in the past,” said the Chief Elder slowly, “Besides, I saw the potential of a Heaven Master in you. Since you didn’t ask your fellow humans for help, humans themselves must be in a perilous situation too. As long as you remember our favor, it’ll be worth it.”

“I won’t forget your favor for the rest of my life!” Su Ping declared. He was also intrigued. “Chief Elder, aren’t Golden Crows mythical creatures? Human beings haven’t existed for long, right? Why do you know them?”

The Chief Elder seemed to be surprised by Su Ping’s question. The crow stared at Su Ping for a moment, then said, “You’ll understand when you meet the Heaven Master of humanity.”

Su Ping stopped asking, noticing the evasive reply.

“You may go out. We will prepare the treasures needed for your bloodline improvement. We’ll let you know when we’re ready,” said the Chief Elder.

Su Ping quickly thanked him again, bowing deeply. He then left the tree hole.

The Chief Elder was deep in though as he watched him leave.?Just like before, I cannot see his future nor his past. What kind of being can possibly block my senses like our ancestor? But our ancestor is half awake already; he would surely react if another ancestor invades, or if the Heaven Master of humanity was taking action…”

The Chief Elder was quite solemn.

The real reason why he was willing to invest in Su Ping—in addition to the two reasons mentioned—was that he sensed the presence of a powerful being backing Su Ping. However, he was unable to ascertain the being’s real level. It seemed to have escaped the attention of his ancestor. What kind of being could that be?

Once he left the tree hole, Su Ping saw Diqiong on a branch and immediately flew towards her.

“I thought you would be killed by the Chief Elder,” said Diqiong straight away.

Su Ping said, “I thought so too.”

Diqiong snorted. “What did the Chief Elder say? Did he tell you to get the hell out of here, or is he letting you stay?”

“Technically speaking, he asked me to get the hell out and stay.”

“Okay then. Just come to my place; you can live there for now, so that you won’t offend anyone else. Others aren’t as nice as me; they will surely eat you.” She then snorted and moved away.

Su Ping summoned the Little Skeleton and his other pets, then followed.

They had been with him when he met the Chief Elder, but their behavior wasn’t entirely satisfactory. They were all trembling; none of them recovered until they came out.

“You weren’t this scared when we met the God Emperor in the Archean Divinity. The Chief Elder even suppressed his aura. Why were you so scared?” Su Ping kicked the Dark Dragon Hound in the butt and jumped onto its back as he ordered all his pets to follow Diqiong.

The Dark Dragon Hound looked back at Su Ping pitifully, then caught up to Diqiong.

Is it possible that the Chief Elder is even stronger than a God Emperor? Does he compare to the Ancestral Gods in the Archean Divinity? If so, what level is his ancestor at??The idea occurred to Su Ping, leaving him wary and speechless. If that was the case, he was still too far from becoming a real expert.

However, Su Ping felt that the Chief Elder was probably just a God Emperor, and only was stronger than those in the Archean Divinity because he was a mythical creature.

The chaotic mythical bloodline…?Su Ping’s eyes glittered. He suddenly remembered his Solar Bulwark; he could transform into a Golden Crow. Going by logic, he should be carrying the chaotic mythical bloodline already.

Thinking about that, Su Ping simply asked Diqiong.

“You’re right. You’re indeed half a Golden Crow, but only half. You didn’t go through the rite of passage in the Ancestral Land, so you don’t really have a mythical bloodline. Besides, you have to transform when you use your awakened constitution. Your assorted bloodlines may get in the way. In my opinion, you should ask the Chief Elder to allow you to complete the rite of passage in the Ancestral Land,” said Diqiong casually.

“I would become a real Golden Crow if I complete the rite of passage? Then the other bloodlines…”

“They’ll be swallowed, of course. Our bloodline is ultimately powerful; it won’t tolerate the other bloodlines!” declared Diqiong proudly.

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