Astral Apostle

Chapter 73 - New Breathing Technique (2)
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Chapter 73: New Breathing Technique (2)


The production is passable… Zhou Jing nodded.

The 12 hunters participated in the hunt, but the hunters always practiced the rule of only taking what they needed. If they did not need the Claw Rending Bear Potion, they would not exchange it. The remaining potions that no one wanted would become the workshop’s inventory.

“By the way, I haven’t congratulated you on becoming an official hunter.” The workshop manager smiled.


Zhou Jing nodded and asked, “How long will it take for this batch of equipment to be produced?”

“The two long sabers you want are relatively simple. They can be made in 20 days, but the leather armor is more troublesome. The fur of the Claw Rending Bear has to be treated with special treatment, so it might take a little longer, probably two to three months. Come and get it then.”

“That’s quite a long time.”

Zhou Jing scratched the corner of his eyebrows. He was used to the rapid production in the interstellar era and was not used to such a long time.

Barong patted his shoulder. “It just so happens that you’ve finished off a high-risk mutant beast and are now an official hunter, so I don’t think you need to hunt anymore in the short time. You’ll need a new round of practice and getting used to your body. When you return to the village, I’ll teach you another breathing technique. With your learning speed, you should be able to master it in about three months.”

He was already used to Jason·Wood’s abnormal learning speed. However, he realized that it was actually quite exciting once he accepted such a setting.

“Sounds good.” Zhou Jing nodded.

Since he had already embarked on the path of Mutant Blood Enhancement, he felt that he needed to replenish his skills and think of a way to increase the success rate of the second enhancement.

At this moment, Barong suddenly smiled and said, “By the way, I spoke to Weiss yesterday. He told me he plans to visit Frostwood Village and teach you the breathing technique he has mastered. You’ll be able to learn two breathing techniques at the same time.”

Zhou Jing was stopped short for a moment before he realized the implications.

“Didn’t you say that too many breathing techniques are useless?”

“I did say that… but you’re different.”

Barong laughed.

Because of Zhou Jing’s strange learning speed, Barong was no longer prepared to hold on to his common sense. He felt that letting Zhou Jing learn more breathing techniques might not be bad.

He only knew two breathing techniques himself, so he privately invited Weiss to teach him new breathing techniques.

“Weiss’ breathing technique is different from mine. His breathing technique can increase speed and agility, which is just right for your enhancement direction.”

“… Thanks.”

Seeing that Barong was so considerate of him and had even secretly found him a new teacher, Zhou Jing was a little moved.

What a dedicated mentor.

In his mind, he silently began to calculate. Because of the rewards from [Achieving Transcendence] and [First Kill of Mutant Beast: High Risk], he had more than 2,400 Astral Points, which gave him much more leeway.

If he trained one breathing technique to Level 4 Mastery, he would need to spend 700 points, which meant 1,400 points for two. His Astral Points bank would definitely be enough. Moreover, there was also the daily income from every placement he did.

It would take about three months to reach this level, which was about three to four days in the main world.

The first step of the blood enhancement had been taken. Now, he only needed to achieve his second blood enhancement to complete the remaining two Life Objectives. The route was clear, and this bit of development time could be invested.


After receiving the reward and setting a time to collect the goods with the workshop, Zhou Jing and Barong did not continue to stay in White Plains Town. They went to the tavern to find Weiss and left the town for Frostwood Village.

Weiss did not mind spending some time living in the village to teach Zhou Jing the breathing technique.

On the one hand, he was not a stationed hunter. He could usually move around freely in the surroundings and stay anywhere.

He also felt that Zhou Jing had a promising future and wanted to befriend him. He was not stingy with the breathing technique he had mastered.

At the same time, Weiss also wanted to see if Barong was lying when he said that Zhou Jing could master a set of breathing techniques in a few months… If not, he would be able to win 200 silver coins from Barong.

In any case, Weiss felt that he would definitely win. Since someone was doing charity for him, it would be a waste not to come.

The few of them trudged back to Frostwood Village.

Smoke curled up from the village. Free from the noise of the town, it was quite peaceful.

When they arrived at the entrance of the village, they saw a little kid squatting by the side of the road unhappily, poking at feces with a branch. It was Reiner.

Reiner turned around and saw Zhou Jing and the others. He immediately said angrily, “You’re finally back. This is too much. You even lied to a child!”

Zhou Jing’s face twitched when he heard this.

It was already a few days ago, but he’s still brooding over it. Was this guy always so vengeful?

But Reiner saw Weiss in the crowd and was suddenly pleasantly surprised.

“Uncle Weiss!”

“Hahaha, it’s Little Reiner. Come over and let Uncle hug you.”

Weiss chuckled and bent down to pick up the pouncing Reiner. He threw him into the air a few times.

He had a good relationship with Barong and had come to Frostwood Village a few times in the past. Naturally, he knew some of the villagers.

This was especially true for Reiner. Every time, he would pester him with questions. Weiss, a chatterbox, would not reject anyone. He would always happily talk all sorts of nonsense to the child.

Perhaps Reiner’s yearning for the outside world was because of Weiss.

With Weiss around, Reiner ignored Zhou Jing and giggled happily.

Seeing this, Zhou Jing secretly sighed at Barong’s wisdom.

They should have invited Weiss over earlier so that he would not be pestered by Reiner…

After teasing Reiner for a while, everyone went to look for the village chief.

The village chief also welcomed Weiss’s arrival. Griff and the other hunters also came over to meet Weiss when they heard of his arrival.

After all, everyone knew each other. After chatting for a while, they helped Weiss solve his problem of a lack of residence.

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