As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 79 - 79 The Divine General’s Copper Cannon! Priceless! The Internet Goes Wild! (2)
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79 The Divine General’s Copper Cannon! Priceless! The Internet Goes Wild! (2)

His son had once asked her out on a date.

But he was brutally rejected.

As such, he decided to take revenge against her.

“There’s no need for an appraisal! I’ve taken a look, and it’s indeed authentic!”

As Luo Feng observed the duo’s dispute, the system prompted, informing Luo Feng that the price of the coin was around 4.8 million yuan.

This collaborated Qin Rubing’s judgment of it being authentic.

Luo Feng was not trying to take anyone’s side in particular, but he did find it rather comical that a man as old as Ji Shunjin was trying to make things difficult for a young beauty such as Qin Rubing.

“Hmm, actually, now that I’ve taken a closer look, I also think it’s real!”

Now that it had come to this, Ji Shunjin immediately agreed. Targeting Qin Rubing was one thing, but he could not afford to offend the God of Fortune himself, Luo Feng.

“Hear that? Luo Feng also agrees it’s authentic!” Realizing Ji Shunjin had only shut up after hearing Luo Feng’s words, Qin Rubing felt a little grateful towards Luo Feng. Following this, she then picked up a couple more silver coins and stated, “This… This seems to be a Yuan Datou from the third year of the Republic of China? And also…”

“A Yuan Datou from the third year of the Republic of China? Little girl, why are you so interested in such a common coin?” Ji Shunjin chuckled and teased, “There were plenty of Yuan Datous minted during the third year, and as such, the value of such coins are generally quite low!”

“Hehe! Uncle Ji, what would you know? This isn’t an ordinary Yuan Datou!”

Qin Rubing found an opportunity and immediately retorted unkindly.

“Oh? Do tell me what’s so special about it, then?” Ji Shunjin was actually only half-knowledgeable. He had managed to become the boss of Natural Home by cultivating connections within his family, but his real expertise in antiques was lacking compared to actual experts, though he was still dozens of times more knowledgeable than an average person.

“See these two characters here? ‘Chuan Di’!” Qin Rubing pointed to the two characters below the silver coin with a faint smile.


The statement woke Ji Shunjin from whatever delusion he was in.

Wang Yousheng was the first to react. He took a deep breath and exclaimed in a loud voice, “Could this be the Chuan Di additional character version of the Yuan Datou from back then?”

“What a great find!”

“Why didn’t I see those two words just now?”

“I know right?!”

“Miss Qin is indeed Miss Qin. Your observation skills are as sharp as they say!”

Upon hearing the words “additional character”, an excited murmur ran through the crowd present.

They knew a thing or two about silver.

The fact that the Yuan Datou had two additional characters made its value significantly different from its common variants.

“What is an additional character version? How is it any different from the standard versions?”

“No matter how valuable it is, it’s still a 3rd year product. Its market price should still be around a thousand yuan, right?”

“The heck are you guys talking about? The additional character version of this coin is extremely valuable. There a very limited supply of such coins, and to my knowledge, there’s only a thousand of them with the Chuan Di engravings! It’s not an exaggeration to claim that it’s a priceless treasure, and I daresay that it’s worth more than the Zhang XXX commemorative coin from earlier!”

“F*ck! Then how much is it worth?”

“Let’s see what the host says. I remember that it’s very rare!”

As usual, there were experts lurking within Luo Feng’s chat.

They could tell at a glance that the additional character variant of the Yuan Datou was worth a lot of money.

However, they could not give an exact figure on its worth.

At this time, Captain Sun finally arrived.

It was not an easy journey to make his way here.

The main reason for his speedy arrival previously was due to him being stationed in close proximity to the location.

This time, however, he had driven all the way to the mountaintop from the city.

“Hello, Captain Sun, you’re here!”

Luo Feng pried his gaze away from the silver coin and turned to greet Captain Sun and his entourage.

“Little Luo, are all of these the grenades you found? I’ll immediately send someone to check if there’s any gunpowder left in them, and determine if there’s any risk of an explosion!”

“We are willing to pay you what all these grenades are worth, and we’ll even take care of their disposal for you!”

Captain Sun glanced at the dozens of grenades that neatly arranged on the ground and thought to himself.

These kids are truly a ballsy bunch.

Despite all these grenades lying around over here, they still dare to gather around a massive box just 7 to 8 meters away from the explosives?

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Captain Sun! By the way, I’ve thought about it. I won’t be taking the 1 million yuan reward, and instead, I want you to use the million yuan to purchase 10 Volkswagen Santanas for the bureau instead, in my name of course.”

“If you find that the reward money isn’t enough, just let me know, and I’ll pay the difference!”

After all, Captain Sun had already helped Luo Feng out twice, and Luo Feng was not a stingy man.

Besides, it would be helpful for Luo Feng to have a direct connection to someone in the police bureau.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly was a Santana? Well, it is the base that forms a police car.

Just spray a layer of paint on it and install an alarm, and voila, a police car has been made!

“Hahaha, then I’ll thank you on behalf of the entire station, Mr. Luo!”

Captain Sun would not refuse a donation.

Especially when it would help out the force.


“Back to the previous question, we actually don’t know how much this additional character Yuan Datou is worth!”

“After all, this item has never been auctioned in the market!”

“But it’s worth as much as the Zhang XXX commemorative coin earlier, at the very least!”

Qin Rubing gave an honest answer to the viewers who posed the question in the livestream. She then followed it up with, “But don’t worry, I’ve called over an expert in the field of silver coins. He might be able to provide a price range when he comes over!

“I’ve also called in an expert! He’s on his way!”

Ji Shunjin did not back down either.


Luo Feng gave it some thought and decided to remain silent. Although the system had already given him a price, he had chosen to withhold it.

After all, it was better to keep the viewers in suspense.

Especially since he had just unearthed a 4.5 million yuan coin just moments ago. As such, he wanted to give them some downtime before another bombardment.


He wanted to take things slow, to let the stream age like fine wine.

With nothing else to do, Luo Feng then shut the lid on the box, hoisted up his Swallowtail Hoe, and began digging once more.

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