Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Chapter 27 — Raisen Grand Canyon and the Miserable Rabbit
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Chapter 27: Raisen Grand Canyon and the Miserable Rabbit

Their view was filled by the light from the magic circle, the air definitely felt different even though nothing could be seen. It’s clearly different compared to the air from the depth of the hell, sensing the fresh air from somewhere, Hajime’s cheeks are loosened.

The sight that came into view after the light settled was…

A cave.

“Say what?”

Without any further thought, Hajime who believed that the other side of the magic circle was the surface unintentionally inserted a tsukkomi at the scene which weren’t any better. Honestly he was extremely disappointed.

Facing Yue who was tugging his shirt with a questioning face Yue told him her opinion in a comforting way.

“… A secret passage… …to be hidden is usual”

“A, ah, is that so? It certainly is. There is no way that the direct way to den of the rebels wouldn’t be hidden right”

To not realize something so simple, Hajime felt considerably ashamed. He pulls himself together while scratching his head. Without aid from the Green Light Stone, Hajime and Yue advanced through the pitch black cave without any problems.

On the way, though there were many doors with seals and traps, the Orcus Ring would react cancelling the activation altogether. The two of them were cautious at first, but soon lost interest as nothing had happened so far and continued to advance, till they finally found light. It’s the light from the surface. The light which Hajime for the past few month, and Yue for the past three hundred years sought for.

Hajime and Yue came to a stop when they saw it, looking at each other exchanging glance the both of them grinning, and simultaneously started to run toward the light that they yearned for.

As they approach the light which was gradually getting bigger, they could feel and breathe the air from the surface. It was different from the stagnant air from hell. The air was cool and fresh. Hajime had never felt as much as now how delicious the air was.

Thus, Hajime and Yue both jumped into the light… … and reached the long awaited surface.

To the humans who live above grounds, this pace was a hell, an execution ground. Below the cliff, magic could hardly be used, even so, a lot of powerful and brutal monster live there. An Average of 1-2 kilometre depth, and 900 meter width, extending 8 kilometre from [Guryuen Great Desert] on the west and [Harzena Sea of Trees] at the east, the great scar dividing the north-south of the continent, was how people call it.

“Raisen Grand Canyon”

Hajime and Yue were currently outside of the cave at the bottom of the Raisen Grand Canyon. Although they were at the bottom of the earth, the sun from above poured down bright and warm light. The fragrant of the surface mixed with the wind were tickling their nose.

Compared to any kind of place it could have been, this place was surely the surface. In a daze while looking at the sun above their head, Hajime and Yue’s facial expression gradually turned into smile. Even Yue, who was expressionless by default, could be seen smiling broadly by anyone who looked.

“…We are back aren’t we…?”


The two finally hit by an overwhelming happy feeling of reality, looked away from the sun, glanced at each other and with all their strength started hugging each other.

“Yeaaaahhhh~~!! We are back, damnit~!”


While hugging Yue who had a smaller stature, Hajime spun around. In that short while, an unsuitable laughing voice could be heard from the place that people called hell. On the way, even stumbling on the uneven ground felt excessively funny, both of them are chuckling and laughing.

At last, after the two laughter settled down, they were completely… … surrounded by monsters.

“Haa~ these guys are really dense aren’t they?… … If I remember correctly, we can’t use magic here right?”

Hajime tilt his head while pulling out Donner & Schlag. Hajime who had made an effort while studying knew that if this place really is Raisen Grand Canyon, then magic could not be used.

“… I know. However I will still do it, but using mere sheer strength.”

The reason that magic could not be used inside Raisen Grand Canyon was because the magic power that are loaded into the magic that are invoked are disintegrating and dispersed. Of course Yue’s magic was not an exception. But Yue who was once a Vampire Princess, in addition of the considerable magic power she have, she also possess an external magic tank which is the Magic Crystal Series.

In other word, Yue is saying something like she should just annihilate them before the big power got dispersed.

“By sheer power… How high is the efficiency?”

“…Around 10 percent.”

It seems like, in order to use elementary magic, high class magic power are needed. The range too would be shortened a lot.

“A~ then I will do it, Yue just focus on defending yourself.”

“Uu… …but”

“It’s okay, the right person in the right place. This place is a bad place for magic user right? Just leave it to me.”

“N… …okay.”

Yue reluctantly withdraws. Even though they had reached the long awaited surface ground, it’s hard to accept that she was excluded from the first battle. Her pride seems to have been a little damaged. Her lip was sulking from the displeasure.

Looking at Yue’s sulking appearance, Hajime abruptly fired Donner while making a wry smile. Without looking at the other party’s side, pointing the gun muzzle to the spontaneously gulping monsters, and spontaneously pulling the trigger.

Without realizing the much too sudden attack, the surrounding monster’s head burst and scattered which resulted in dead without any resistance. There were only a gun’s reverberation sound left in the vicinity, the monsters were frozen in place without understanding what exactly happened. Surely if 10% of magic can be used, even “Lightning Clad” could be used here. Then the rail gun could be launched without any trouble.

To the dumbfounded monsters, Hajime showed a bold smile.

“Now then, the monsters from hell compared with you guys, which one is stronger… …let me try it out.”

Quickly taking Gun Kata stance, killing intent was filling Hajime’s eyes. When the surrounding monsters saw those eyes they unconsciously took one step back. Even if they didn’t notice it, their surely instinct felt it. That they had made, a ‘monster’ which they shouldn’t oppose their enemy.

An ordinary person would have their consciousness gone just from getting into the fierce pressure range, at last one monster which couldn’t hold the tension anymore let out a roar and jump out.



But, at the same time resounded a gunshot along with a straight flash line, rather than evading somewhere, that monster weren’t even give any time to respond and got blown off.

The things that happened after that weren’t even a fight anymore but a slaughter. The monsters weren’t allowed to run away even one step farther, it’s as if that it was natural that their head get blown off and their insides are exposed. There the monsters corpses were filling the view for as far as one can see in just five minutes.

Putting Donner and Schlag away in their respective holster beside his thigh, Hajime looked at the mountain of corpse in the surrounding while tilting his head a bit.

From behind, Yue approached with small steps.

“…What wrong?”

“No, it’s just a little disappointing… …The monsters at Raisen Grand Canyon are famous for their brutality I almost thought that this was a whole different place instead.”

“…Hajime is a ‘monster'”

“Cruel aren’t you. Well, it just means that the monsters in hell are just too strong.”

Hajime said that while shrugging his shoulder, and averted his eyes from the monster’s dead body as he had lost interest in it.

“Now then, for this cliff I think we can climb it… …what should we do? If we think of Raisen Grand Canyon, there should be one of the Seven Great Dungeon around here. After all this trouble, how about we head toward the sea of trees and do some search while we are at it?”

“…Why the sea of trees?”

“No, well, after getting out of the canyon, you don’t want to abruptly cross the dessert right? If it’s the sea of trees, there should also a village nearby.”

“…Certainly it is.”

Yue nodded to Hajime proposal. Looking at how weak the monsters were it seems like the Canyon itself can’t be counted as a dungeon. In that case, there should be an entrance to the dungeon somewhere. If they used Hajime’s “Air Walk” or Yue’s Wind Magic, they could easily climb the cliff, but in whichever the case, there was the need to investigate the Raisen Grand Canyon, even more so there was no reason to oppose.

Hajime poured magic into the “Treasure Warehouse” on his middle finger, and took out a Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive from it. Straddling dashingly, Yue got on the vehicle horizontally and clung to Hajime’s waist. Different from using Gasoline like on Earth, the vehicle use direct magic operation to directly move the parts that are connected to the wheel, so the engine was quiet like an electric automobile. Hajime thought that the Engine roaring sound would have felt more romantic, but he did not know other structure than using the simple structure, he could not reproduce the sound. By the way, the speed adjustment was dependent on the amount of the magic power poured in. Well, under normal circumstances, the magic power efficiency inside Raisen Grand Canyon was the worst, so it could not be used for a long time.

Raisen Grand Canyon was basically a cliff that extends straight from east to west. There was hardly any bypath therefore just by advancing along the way would lead them to sea of trees without getting lost. Hajime and Yue didn’t have to worry about losing their way, carefully searching for the entrance of the dungeon, while casually traveling with the Magic Powered Two Wheeled Vehicle. Below the vehicle frame was installed a mechanism to level the bad road in the bottom of the cliff with transmutation as they advance, it truly was comfortable.

Though, in that mean time, Hajime hands had been restlessly continue moving, without even releasing the hand, Hajime kicked off the crowd of monsters who was trying to attack them.

A little while after driving the Magic Powered Two Wheeled Vehicle, a monster roar could be heard not that far from where they were. It was considerably powerful. At least it was one level higher compared to the monsters they had encountered inside the cliff. It seems like they would have to fight it within another 30 seconds.

Driving the Magic Powered Two Wheeled Vehicle around the protruding rocks, a large monster appeared. It was a Tyrano-like monster, though it had two heads. It’s a double-headed Tyrannosaurus-like monster.

But the one getting attention wasn’t the double-headed Tyrant, but the girl with rabbit ears jumping around repeatedly with half crying face.

Hajime stopped the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive and look at the suspicious looking about to get eaten rabbit eared girl.

“… What is that?”

“… Rabbit Tribe?”

“Why is it in this place? Are the Rabbit Tribe this place inhabitant?”

“…Never heard of that”

“Then, isn’t it that? She was dropped here as a criminal? Isn’t this place also used as execution place?”

“…Bad rabbit?

Hajime and Yue inclining their head, while talking care freely about the rabbit eared girl. It seems like there was no will to help her. Particularly, from the fact that Raisen Grand Canyon was used as one of execution method, they weren’t even considering the fact that the rabbit eared girl might be a criminal. Rather than thinking of a complete stranger, they thought that it would be bothersome and didn’t have any real interest in doing it.

But as expected, the aftereffect of the change of mentality in the brutal way. And the circumstances were different compared with Yue. There was no sympathy felt toward the rabbit eared girl, even more there was no merit it didn’t even reach Hajime’s heart. If he always reacts to help request, there would be no end to it. The Hajime right now had already deserted the world itself.

However, it seems that the rabbit eared girl had detected the carefree Hajime and Yue. After getting blown off by the double headed Tyrant and fallen to the shade of a rock, hurriedly stood back up on her hands and feet’s to run away, in that pose she stare at Hajime.

And once again the double headed Tyrant swung it’s claw at the rock where she was hiding and blew it off, grumbling while rolling on the ground, she escaped from the fierce killing attack along with that momentum. … Toward Hajime place.

Though there was some distance between them, the desperate shout from the rabbit eared girl echoed through the canyon and reached Hajime place.

“Heelph me~e! Hii~~?I’m dying! I’m dyiiing! Help mee~, pleasee~!”

She ran desperately while the floods of tears were flowing on the soggy face. Right behind her was the approaching double headed Tyrant that wants to bite the rabbit eared girl. At this rate, the rabbit eared girl would be eaten even before she could reach Hajime place.

As one would expect, directly getting asked for help to this degree, even Hajime… …

“Uwa, that’s a Monster Train. Don’t involve me in that.”

“…It’s bothersome.”

As expected they didn’t have the motivation to help. Even at the desperate screaming, they didn’t even get disturbed. Instead, they felt it was extremely bothersome. To the Hajime who averted his eyes from the desperate glare of the rabbit eared girl, maybe she sensed that Hajime didn’t want to help her, from the girl’s eyes, even more tears overflowed, just from where did those tears come from kind of crying.

“Waiiit~, don’t leabe me behi~ind! Pleasee~!!”

The rabbit eared girl raised her voice even more. 𝒇𝘳𝗲𝚎w𝑒𝚋𝚗𝐨v𝒆l. 𝒄𝒐𝚖

Even so, Hajime still didn’t feel any motivation to help her at all, at this rate, the rabbit eared girl without fail would get eaten. Right, that if the double headed Tyrant didn’t goes around the rabbit eared girl and direct his killing intent at them.

The double headed Tyrant went around in between Hajime and the rabbit eared girl, and released a roar with killing intent.


Hajime reacted sensitively to it.


Just now, his existence was denied. The object of preying was seen. The enemy is standing on the way! To the double headed Tyrant’s killing intent, Hajime body reacted, to the enemy who had the intent to kill! Like that.

The double headed Tyrant caught up with the rabbit eared girl, one of the head opened its jaw. The rabbit eared girl, sensing that sign and looked behind and looking at the countless sharp fangs closing before her eyes, “Ah, it’s ending here eh… …” despair words like that could be seen in her eyes.

However at the next moment,


A sound of dry explosion that she never heard before resounded across the canyon a flash line could be seen passing through the two rabbit ears standing due to fear. And now, one of the approaching double headed Tyrant’s head were pierced and pulverized from the back of the head right before her eyes.

The other head that lost its strength crashed into the grounds, following the law of inertia, sliding on the ground. The double headed Tyrant that lost its balance toppled over the place while creating rumbling voices.

From the impact, the rabbit eared girl once again get blown away. The place she landed was clearly right before Hajime.

“Kyaaaaaa~! He, help please~e!”

While falling toward Hajime who was before her eyes, the rabbit eared girl’s hand were reaching out to him. Her outfit was all tattered, and a place that shouldn’t be seen for a woman was clearly visible. And with the awful crying face, it was a scene where a man would without a doubt catch her.

“Are you stupid?, Impudent”

However, it was Hajime Quality. In an instant he poured magic to the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive to retreat and magnificently evaded the rabbit eared girl.


The rabbit eared girl shocked shriek could be heard while she was falling right before Hajime eyes, twitching while lying face down with both arms and legs extended out. She didn’t pass out, but it seems like she couldn’t move while enduring the pains.


Yue looked at the shameful sight of the rabbit eared girl over Hajime shoulder, and held a lightly cruel impression. In the meantime, the other one of the double-headed Tyrant’s head, bite and eating it’s dead head and regained its balance, now had become more like a normal Tyrant at side glance.

The normal Tyrant with fury and anger in its eyes let out a roar. The rabbit eared girl jump up to wake up at the sound, unexpectedly stout, or rather stubborn. Desperately trying to stand up the rabbit eared girl, once again with teary eyes, and with an unexpectedly fast movement hid behind Hajime.

It seems like she was motivated to rely on Hajime to the bitter end. Well, she will die by herself, and she could comprehend that Hajime had done something to knocked down one of the heads, of course it’s an expected action.

“Oi, kora. A gag like existence Rabbit ear! Why the hell did you make us as your shield without permission, don’t drag us into it. Be manly and do a suicidal attack!”

To the rabbit eared girl who is grasping the hem of Hajime’s coat, I absolutely wouldn’t release it! From the bottom of his heart Hajime glare at her with annoyed eyes. Yue who was sitting on the back seat was pushing the rabbit eared girl with her leg, like telling her to “Release it”.

“N, no way! Now, you would abandon me if I release it right!?”

“Isn’t that natural? Why should I help an unfamiliar annoying rabbit?”

“Immediate reply!? Which part is natural! Even you should have a good heart right! Don’t you feel guilty inside your heart from abandoning a helpless beautiful girl?!”

“I had put it behind in the depth of the hell. Furthermore, don’t call yourself a beautiful girl!”

“Th, then if you help me… …I, I will listen to one request from you, anything is fine”

The rabbit eared girl leaned closer with blush and upturned eyes. Cunning, truly cunning action. If the face weren’t sullied by the tears and the dripping nose, it would surely be charming. Actually, if you look at the dirty girl closer, she who called herself beautiful, her appearance seems to be fairly good, a pretty girl with white hair and blue eyes. If it was an average guy, they would get swoon over even if she was sullied.

But the one in front of her eyes weren’t an ordinary man.

“I don’t need that. Other than that, don’t bring your filthy face closer, it’s dirty.”

It’s a brutal anywhere you go.

“Fi, filthy!? The first thing said and it’s filthy! It’s too much! I firmly oppose i- ‘Gwugaaa!’ Hii~! Help~!”

The moment she raised her voice to oppose Hajime’s words, the Tyrant let out a ‘You guys, don’t you dare to ignore me!’ like roar, and start bending it’s body to rush over.

The rabbit eared girl raised a miserable shriek while forcibly getting in between Yue and Hajime. Seemed to be annoyed, Yue kicked the rabbit eared girl who was trying to get on the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive trying to drop her off, the rabbit eared girl desperately clung “I definitely won’t release iiit!” while getting shoe mark imprinted on her cheek.

As if feeling ridiculed while looking at that scene, the Tyrant glared at Hajime and the others with more anger in the eyes, and finally, started to charge.

Immediately following, Hajime raised his hand and lock on the gun’s muzzle to the Tyrant forehead. In the moment of less than 0.1 second, the process of aiming and firing were completed. With one gunshot, a straight flash line pierced the area between the Tyrant’s eyes.

In an instant, after convulsing a bit, the Tyrant slowly fell sideway while making a tremor.

To that vibration, the rabbit eared girl reflexively let out “Hue?” sound like an idiot, and timidly showed her face between Hajime’s armpit to see the end of that Tyrant’s fate.

“It’s dead… That Daihedoa, with one blow…”

The rabbit eared girl opened her eyes wide with a surprised look on her face. Seems like that double headed Tyrant is called “Daihedoa”.

The rabbit eared girl dumbfounded and staring stiffly at the remains of the Daihedoa, while getting kicked by Yue and clinging to Hajime. Since a while ago, the long rabbit ears were brushing Hajime’s eyes, with seriously gloomy mood, ‘Enough’ Hajime elbowed her on the head to drop her down.


Letting out a groaning sound, and while shouting “My head~ my heaaad~”, the rabbit eared girl used both her hand to hold her head while writhing on the ground. After looking with a cold glance, Hajime poured magic into the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive and advanced forward like nothing had happened.

Sensing that sign, the rabbit eared girl who was rolling on the floor grumbling suddenly jump up to wake up with frightful vigour, “I won’t let you get away~!” and once again clung to Hajime’s waist. As expected, she was considerably resilient.

“Thank you so much for the help! I am from the Rabbit clan one of the Hauria, My name is Shia! For now please save my companion!”

And, considerably shameless.

Hajime glance to the side looking at the clinging rabbit eared girl. Thus, right after getting out of the hell, with another troublesome matter, he let out another sigh.

* * *

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