Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 282 - Learning, New Episode
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Chapter 282: Learning, New Episode

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing that Bell had successfully won the gold medal in the 100-meter sprint, Wang Chao felt relieved.

He was no longer worried about the long jump performance.

After all, Bell had already broken through the most difficult hurdle.

Bell swept his way through the long jump as well and won the championship with a result of 9.43 meters.

At the same time, it broke the world record.

The head of the Olympic Committee ran to the podium with a smile.

Seeing that the champion was Bell again, he was stunned for a moment before hanging the medal around Bell’s neck. At the same time, he did not forget to remind him softly.

“Young man, don’t bite the medal to pieces again. There are no more spare medals.”

Hearing the other party’s teasing, Bell smiled awkwardly, indicating that he would not do such a stupid thing again.

Two gold medals and two world records. Bell was sure that after today, his reputation would soar.

Although it did not bring him any actual benefits, from the looks of it, the invisible increase in popularity was not small.

During his next broadcast, he would gain another large number of fans.

It should be enough for him to draw a few times.


As for the identity of the national team member, Zhang Weiguo had already promised him that he would help him settle it.

That night, Bell could not be bothered to participate in the troublesome ceremony and took a plane back to Shanghai.

There was a time difference of more than ten hours between Rio and China.

It would take over 20 hours to fly.

Bell took the plane in the evening. When he arrived in Shanghai, it was already late afternoon the next day.

When he returned home, Li Ziqi and the others had already prepared a sumptuous meal.

The few of them chatted and had fun.

During this period, Li Ziqi and Scarlett Johansson were even more overboard. They fought over Bell like he was a doll.

Bell drank some wine while he was happy.

When he was slightly drunk, he felt waves of softness coming from his sides.

After a few days, Old Liu finally sent a message to Bell.

“Kid, congratulations. You’re a celebrity now.

When are you coming to my place? I want an autograph too.”

Hearing Teacher Liu’s teasing, Bell smiled awkwardly.

Although he was not too excited about winning the championship, Bell felt quite comfortable being able to stay in the warm house.

He had forgotten about learning the Xingyi Fist from Elder Liu.

“Don’t say that, Elder Liu. I was just preparing to visit you.”

“You can come here this afternoon.

I have something to do tomorrow. I’ll teach you the Lightning Fire Stance and Half-Step Crushing Fist in the afternoon. As for how far you can cultivate them, it will depend on yourself. ”

“Ah, you are passing it to me just like that?”

Bell was in disbelief.

In his imagination, shouldn’t these martial arts experts be very serious about teaching martial arts and holding a ceremony?

No matter what, he had to give a gift.

On the other end of the phone, Elder Liu rolled his eyes helplessly.

“Stop watching those movies. It’s useless.

It’s just passing you a move. What is the use of all those unnecessary formalities?”

Hearing Old Liu’s words, Bell understood.

Actually, these people were not as conservative as they looked in movies.

For example, passing the martial arts tradition to only sons and not daughters was only adopted in very few families.

Most martial arts schools would communicate with each other.

For example, Master Dong Haichuan and Master Sun Lutang.

When Dong Haichuan traveled all over China, he would spar with local martial arts experts almost every time.

Over time, he combined his martial art with the advantages of various martial arts and established Baguazhang.

As for Sun Lutang, he was originally from Shaolin.

Then, he learned Xingyi Fist from Guo Yunshen.

He also grasped the Baguazhang, Bajiquan, Taichi, and many other martial arts.

In the end, he mastered it and created the Sun style Tai Chi.

These were all possible due to the exchange of martial arts.

Even an old man could understand such a simple logic.

If a martial art school remained unchanged, it would gradually disappear in history.

Some people were innovative, and some were conservative. Only then could they develop an art for a long time.

After lunch, Bell quickly arrived at Elder Liu’s residence.

After some guidance, he chatted with Elder Liu and asked about his doubts.

Finally, he bade farewell.

Bell had no intention of becoming a martial arts expert. Whether it was participating in the Olympics or learning this Half-step Crushing Fist, it could only be considered a small interlude.

His goal was to fight in the wilderness.

Becoming the true king of the wilderness was Bell’s ultimate goal.

The rest were only methods to achieve it.

After saying goodbye to Old Liu, Bell rested at home for a few days.

At first, Bell enjoyed this feeling.

But as time passed, Bell could not stay idle.

Now, his live broadcast career was on the right track.

It was necessary to strike while the iron was hot.

The internet was so advanced now.

Almost every moment, there were people who wanted to make money from the internet dividends.

Therefore, new streamers appeared every moment.

Once you rest for too long, you will become an outdated streamer.

You would be forgotten by others.

It was sad but true.


Even though Bell was already quite famous, his popularity would still decrease greatly if he stayed idle for too long.

After all, excessive confidence and arrogance had a price.

Although Bell was already a top streamer, before the Discovery Channel broadcasted his program, his foundation would not be stable.

After settling the company and personal matters, Bell finally received a call from the Wilderness Survival’s production team.

The new episode of Wilderness Survival was about to begin.

They also wanted to ask Bell’s opinion.

Of course, the production team did not forget to congratulate Bell. After all, this was a national Olympic athlete.

His status had increased greatly.

Bell had explored many places before, such as the primeval forest, the Mojave desert, the Vis island, the Australian watershed, the Arctic Circle, and the Amazon rainforest.

Because of this, the production team was preparing to increase the difficulty for Bell.

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