Archean Eon Art

Chapter 718 - Six-Stroke Painting
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Chapter 718: Six-Stroke Painting

In the past, he couldn’t understand the six-stroke painting due to his low cultivation realm. He only instinctively felt that it was most profound.

Now that he had grasped the Chaos Hole law and had reached the Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation realm, Meng Chuan was somewhat puzzled when he looked at it carefully.

“At first glance, this stroke looks like it tore through the Chaos and opened up a universe,” muttered Meng Chuan. But upon closer inspection, it’s as though everything has condensed into one—everything is in one stroke. When I look at it again, this stroke seems to represent all the space I’ve seen.

However, upon careful thought, the Chaos Hole law, the spatial law, and the Heaven Splitting Blade... are all grasped by me.

I see what I know? Meng Chuan was somewhat shocked.

He saw whatever was on his mind.

This six-stroke painting was truly strange.

I’ll carefully view the six-stroke painting from the Chaos Hole law’s perspective. Meng Chuan temporarily abandoned his other thoughts because the Chaos Hole law was the strongest among the laws he had grasped. Perhaps he could pry into the six-stroke painting’s profundities by doing so.

Time slowly passed.

Meng Chuan constantly stared at the six-stroke painting. His true body and many avatars were also studying the six-stroke painting.

He looked at the first stroke and then the second...

Each of the six strokes was different! It was like observing an object. From the front, back, left, right, top, and bottom, one could see different things.

Meng Chuan studied this six-stroke painting’s Chaos Hole law from different levels. Even as a master of the Chaos Hole law, Meng Chuan had never understood the Chaos Hole law on so many different levels.

What a wonderful six-stroke painting. Meng Chuan looked at it for ten years before he picked up the brush.

Meng Chuan shook his head after he slowly drew the first stroke. The difference was too great.

Although he had clearly understood it, he realized that his understanding of the painting was still shallow when he actually tried to replicate it.


After ten years of observation and 23 years of painting, Meng Chuan had finally completed the first six-stroke painting he was satisfied with.

This painting was dark and terrifying.

Six strokes crossed... It was like a real Chaos Hole in front of him.

Meng Chuan looked at the painting in front of him and nodded slightly. It’s done. I’ve finally drawn the entire Chaos Hole law with just six strokes.

All of the Chaos Hole law’s profundities were contained in these six strokes.

Thankfully, I’ve been viewing the world with the eyes of a painter since I began cultivating. I’m used to such cultivation, which is why I can draw one Origins law with just six strokes. Before coming to Holy Mountain of Painting, Meng Chuan didn’t believe that he could do it. Every one of the 32 paintings left behind by Daolord Evodia was extremely complicated.

This was because an Origins law was vast to begin with. The more strokes one used, the more confidence one had in fusing the complete law.

Six strokes? It was only after Meng Chuan saw the six-stroke painting—which gave him the impetus—coupled with his talent in painting, that he finally drew the Chaos Hole law using six strokes.

This is only a six-stroke painting of the Chaos Hole law. Meng Chuan’s gaze passed the cave abode wall and looked at the six strokes on the towering 45,000-kilometer-tall mountain wall. As for the original piece of art, it can infuse any law.

I’ll test the spatial law. Meng Chuan observed again.

With his prior experience, it was much faster this time. After observing for three months and painting for a year, he successfully drew a six-stroke painting of the spatial law.

It’s done.

In the past year of drawing, he had failed many times. This time, Meng Chuan finally succeeded. He looked at the six-stroke painting of the spatial law in front of him as though he could see the complete spatial law.

Two six-stroke paintings. One is of the spatial law, and the other is of the Chaos Hole law. Meng Chuan placed both paintings in front of him. The two paintings had different styles. One was dark and terrifying, while the other was vast and calm. However, both had six strokes.

Six strokes is all it takes?

Meng Chuan compared the two paintings. I can also try to paint the Heaven Splitting law in the same way. However, I’ve only comprehended parts of the Heaven Splitting law. I’ll try to paint the Heaven Splitting Blade first!

Meng Chuan raised his head and continued looking at the six-stroke painting on the towering mountain wall. He tried to understand the Heaven Splitting Blade from the perspective of the six-stroke painting.

This time, time passed even faster.

Practice made perfection. It became easier for Meng Chuan to understand the laws from the perspective of the six-stroke painting. This time, he gained some insights after just one day of observation. He then began to paint the Heaven Splitting Blade.

As Meng Chuan drew, his understanding of the six-stroke painting became clearer. He understood that the six strokes were a way to deconstruct everything. After deconstructing the Chaos Hole law, the spatial law, and the Heaven Splitting Blade, Meng Chuan became more familiar with the six-stroke painting.

This time, he only spent an hour painting the Heaven Splitting Blade—


A six-stroke painting appeared in Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul World. They intertwined with each other and formed a mysterious runic seal. It contained endless might. The runic seal became a part of Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul World and fused with the painting Essence Soul.

This— Meng Chuan stopped painting. There were six-stroke runic seals in the depths of his eyes.

Meng Chuan looked up.


The entire Holy Mountain of Painting, the entire Evodia Mystic Realm, and even the vast void beyond the mystic realm became a vast painting in Meng Chuan’s eyes. This massive painting had six layers stacked on top of each other. Each layer was different.

In this painting, there were countless living beings, Sixth Tribulation Poison Eye, Supreme Yang Star, Supreme Yin Star, countless barren planets, inhabited worlds, and naturally, the Holy Mountain of Painting. Everything existed in the painting. It was a part of the painting.

The creatures in the painting had different appearances in the six layers. Some were sinister and evil, some were peaceful and calm, and others were just skeletons...

The Supreme Yang Star, Supreme Yin Star, inhabited worlds, and other celestial bodies in the painting were different on different levels. Some were flames, some were light, and some were a drop of ink...


A black-haired, long-bearded elder was sleeping soundly on a boulder. Beside the boulder was a small lit stove and a flask of alcohol. The flask leaned against the boulder, and a drop of alcohol dripped down.

The area within ten feet was very calm and ordinary. The flask of alcohol was still warm. However, the area ten feet away from the boulder rapidly changed.

The vast land quickly turned into an ocean. The ocean dried up, revealing mountains. The mountains were reduced to soil, and countless people lived here to reproduce and form civilizations... This place then transformed into a vast uninhabited swamp...

The surroundings constantly changed.

The timeline was advancing at a terrifying speed. Ten thousand years, twenty thousand years, thirty thousand years...

However, time seemed to have come to a standstill within a ten-foot radius around the boulder where the elder lay. He slept soundly for a moment, but the alcohol flask remained warm. Countless years had passed in the outside world.

The moment Meng Chuan condensed the six-stroke runic seal in his Essence Soul World, the long-bearded elder slowly opened his eyes, and the timeline stopped!

The long-bearded elder opened his eyes and saw the shocked Meng Chuan—who had condensed a six-stroke runic seal in front of Holy Mountain of Painting. He looked at Meng Chuan and smiled. “I’m going to have another junior brother.”

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