Apocalypse Chaos - I am the villain

Chapter 193 Narik’s thinking...
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Chapter 193 Narik's thinking...

Narik stared at Rina, his eyes showing a bit of greed.

In fact, he did not care about her beauty rather he wanted her ability to control Alec.


Narik saw Alec looking at him with caution in his eyes. In those eyes, Narik felt a terrible threat.

'Tch!' Narik silently clicked his tongue: 'After all, I used to be a Saint-level existence. At that time countless kings had to kneel on the ground when they saw me, but now a dog is looking at me with disdain and caution. .'

'As expected... a tiger lost to the plains is not as good as a dog.'

Narik looked around, his eyes filled with contempt as he looked at everyone: 'According to this body's memories... this place is called Earth.'

'Huh! It's a place filled with weak people who only rely on iron to survive.'

'That's why when the apocalypse came, the humans in this world could not fight back, and they could only slowly perish like ants.'

'This world is too weak, so weak that I feel like this body could die at any time due to the weather condition.'

'Sigh... in my previous life, I bathed in a sea of lava to find the Fire Core, I immersed myself in an ice lake to fight the Ice Dragon and i still didn't feel cold.'

Narik sighed, he closed his eyes, suddenly, his shoulder was tapped by another person.

He opened his eyes and saw the young man he helped looking at him with pity: "Narik, are you okay?"

"Ah! I… I'm fine." Narik smiled and said.

'Damn it, don't touch me with your dirty hands.' Narik silently cursed in his heart.

However, those were just his thoughts, as he did not dare to say them out loud.

Currently, the body he resided in was extremely weak, he needed to eat and drink to survive. He also needed to rest and keep his body warm to live.

Too annoying…

In his previous life, even if he didn't eat or drink for many years, there was no problems.

Anyway, eating only reduced his cultivating time, just absorbing natural energy was enough for him to live.

Besides... he sometimes didn't need to sleep for several days to be able to function normally.

But in this world, he needed to eat, drink, rest… and he even needed to pee and…

This made Narik feel extremely annoyed.

"Um… it's good that you're okay. Last night your fever was so high that you had convulsions, luckily everyone was able to provide some warm water, otherwise..." The young man said with a smile.

His words were sincere, he and everyone really tried to save Narik.

However, Narik was actually dead, and the person in Narik's body is a completely different person.

Of course, nobody knew that. They simply thought that Narik had overcome the fever and recovered his health as usual.

"Alright." Suddenly, another girl spoke up: "To avoid a situation like Narik from happening, everyone should stay warm and drink warm water regularly."

"We should also assign people to guard the fire to prevent the fire from going out. In weather conditions like this, if the fire goes out, we can easily freeze to death."

Everyone nodded, however, their eyes looked towards Rina, expecting that she would give them an answer or a promise.

However, Rina just sat still, her head bowed on her knees, it was unknown whether she was asleep or awake.

Everyone just looked at her, no one was going to go near her because Alec was protecting Rina.

The girl sighed and shook her head, then discussed with everyone about assigning people to watch the fire.

As for Narik, because he had just experienced a high fever, everyone let him rest, so he did not have to watch the stove.

Narik nodded, he had no intention of refusing. Afterwards, he lay in a warm sleeping bag near the fire.

Even though he was lying down and closing his eyes, he was actually seeking to absorb the natural energy of this world.

'This body is too weak, its ability to sense natural energy is too low.'

'Wait! This world… has too little natural energy. What the hell is happening?'

'According to this body's memory, this world has been devastated and polluted to an extremely serious extent.'

'Damn it! Perhaps that's why the natural energy is so little that it's almost non-existent.'

'This body is inherently incapable of absorbing natural energy, and this world has little natural energy. When will I be able to get my magician powers?'

Narik felt extremely hopeless. He planned to absorb the natural energy on Earth to improve his weak body and continue his journey to become a magician.

However, it seemed like the gods were teasing him. The natural energy in the world was extremely little, and even the small amount of natural energy that existed was heavily polluted. 𝑓𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛ℴ𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝘮

Besides, the body he was residing in did not have any magical talent, soability to absorb natural energy is also extremely poor.

This things made Narik so frustrated he wanted to commit suicide. However, he did not do this.

He had already died once, since he was lucky enough to continue living, he would cherish this life.

Narik tried to absorb the natural energy, however, all his efforts were in vain. The amount of natural energy he had absorbed in over an hour was just like a drop of dirty water.

Narik sighed in his heart, he decided to rest and absorb the memories in his mind.

Suddenly, he found something that interested him in his memories.

'It's… an energy crystal. Are there energy crystals in this place?'

That's right, in Narik's memory, he saw Delmor and Alec kill zombies, then take out a small black stone from the zombie's brain.

'Even though the quality is extremely low, it is truly an energy crystal. Although the quality is so low that it seems like it's only for beggars, at least it's better than nothing.'

'Hm... so people in this world call them undead zombies, it's strange, zombies are so weak but people are afraid of them.'

'Except for the ability to spread diseases and turn other people into undead through wounds, they are as weak as ants.'

'Ah! I forgot this world doesn't have Healers or priests who use magic to heal people.'

'What?! Does that young man have the ability to craft items? Could it be… he is a Smith Enchanter?'

Narik secretly wondered if he should find that young man to cooperate with.

Although he was not sure if Delmor was a Smith Enchanter or not, in this body's memories, he saw that Delmor had once created a few items from a few ingredients in a rather magical way.

Therefore, Narik guessed that Delmor was probably a Smith Enchanter.

Even if Delmor was not a Smith Enchanter, he still needed the young man's ability.

In fact, in his world, he was both a magician and a Pharmacist Enchanter.

In a world where there was always war, A Pharmacist Enchanter and Smith Enchanter were the two most necessary and most respected professions.

Weapons and medicine were indispensable in a magical world.

Even though he was a Pharmacist Enchanter, he could not guarantee whether the medicine he needed existed in this world or not.

However, one thing he was sure of is that he cannot rely on his own strength to fight in this world.

He needed magic weapons, or some kind of special weapon to fight. That's why Delmor was the best person for him to cooperate with.

But… there was a big problem: what right did Narik have to cooperate with Delmor?

That's right, to cooperate with Delmor he had to provide something of value.

But now, Narik had nothing but a body so weak that he could die at any moment, so how could he cooperate with Delmor?

'Damn it! In the end, everything leads to a dead end. At the very least, I need an energy crystal.'

At this time, Narik suddenly glanced towards Alec and Rina: 'If I guess correctly, there are energy crystals in that dog's body. Moreover the energy crystals would be of high quality.'

'If I had that dog's energy crystal then… just one energy crystal would be enough for me to change the function of this weak body.'


Suddenly, Alec looked at him and growled, his eyes alert and filled with cold murderous intent.

'Damn it! Damn dog, just wait and see, one day I will cut your head off and take out the energy crystal in your head. I'll roast you over the fire and enjoy all your meat.'

Narik angrily thought to himself, as he had never been looked downon like this.

But now even a dog can look down on him and threaten him.

Narik sighed. He tried to sleep. After all, his body was too weak. If he didn't get enough rest, he would definitely... die.

He was lying in a sleeping bag, and although the fire was near him, it wasn't enough to keep him warm.

Narik still felt a bit cold, so cold that it made him open his eyes because he was afraid that if he fell asleep, he wouldn't be able to wake up.

'No OK! This body is too weak, its unable to withstand this terrible cold.'

Narik tried to move closer to the fire. The young man guarding the fire saw him get out of his sleeping bag and asked, "What are you doing?" Can't sleep?

Narik nodded: "Um... it's too cold, I'm going to go closer to the fire."

The young man smiled and nodded: "Um... be careful if the fire gets into the sleeping bag."

"I know." Narik smiled and said. Suddenly, he stopped what he was doing and looked outside the door, his eyes filled with disbelief.

'That's… I'm not mistaken, even though the scent is very faint, it's definitely the scent of that thing.'

"What's up?" The young man saw Narik suddenly look outside the door and asked in confusion.

"Ah! Nothing, I… I was going…"

"Hahaha… going to pee, right? We are all men, there is no need to be shy." The young man smiled and said: "Be careful of catching a cold, it's very cold outside."

Narik nodded, then put on a sweater and ran outside.

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