Apex Star

Chapter 4: Understanding and losses
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Chapter 4: Understanding and losses

In the Space-Time Shrine, Nova remained completely oblivious to the events transpiring, but for the time being, this had no impact on the current Nova. π˜§π˜³β„―β„―π“Œβ„―π‘π‘›π˜°π“‹β„―π“.π˜€π˜°π“‚

His sole concern centered on consuming the energy within the "blank space" until nothing remained, a process accompanied by a euphoric sense of evolution.

Yet, what exactly was this evolution? Did it entail physical fortification, honing of the senses, mental elevation, or perhaps the newfound capability to absorb energy?

Nova had no precise answer to this question. All he was certain of was that he would never forget that initial experience of absorbing energy. It was this pursuit of perfection and the drive to better himself that seemed to unite all individuals, even though Nova remained unaware that this aspiration extended throughout the entirety of the universe.

Some sought fame, others desired longevity, but there was a common thread that bound them all: the innate desire to grow stronger. With enough strength, fame and a lengthened life inevitably followed. It was a simple principle.

Of course, Nova himself was still far from reaching such a point. He remained oblivious to the monumental changes that would reshape his planet in the future.

When Nova opened his eyes, he softly uttered, "Apex." It was a concise word, yet it encapsulated an all-encompassing connection he felt deep within his soul.

Regarding the soul, he suddenly realized that the space he presently occupied was his Soul World, a unique realm where his materialized consciousness could enter to absorb energies and strengthen his bloodline. The information gleaned from the light screen disclosed this.

It also dawned on Nova that he possessed two formidable bloodlines. Although he sensed their strength, he remained unaware of their rarity. One was the Space-Time Bloodline, likely one of the rarest in all Realms, while the other might have a connection to the "Apex" he had muttered.

As if by magic, Nova instinctively comprehended how to wield his bloodline powers in combat and envision their long-term benefits for his body and mind. It all came as naturally as breathing, an exhilarating experience for him.

'So my bloodlines grant me an affinity for the elements of Space and Time, which must be quite rare. I mean, the protagonists in those novels I've read always become incredibly powerful after mastering them,' Nova pondered, feeling blessed without truly comprehending how unique he was.

Yet, Nova remained puzzled by the Limitless Ability he had gained after the [Awakening]. It provided no information about its usage or its specific category. Facing this enigma, Nova decided to set it aside for now, confident that answers would come in due time.

He felt a profound connection to what he dubbed the "Apex Bloodline," filling him with hope for a brighter future. For now, he would continue absorbing the energy provided by the [Awakening] to bolster his Realm.

He understood that the Realms ranged from the First Realm to the Ninth Realm, divided into Ranks from 1 to 9. In the vast universe, these categories were also referred to as Orders or Stages, such as Stage 2 Rank 6 or Order 4 Rank 1.

Nova sensed that he was in the First Realm, on the verge of breaking through to Rank 3. Unbeknownst to him, his Limitless Ability and Apex Bloodline played a significant role in this process. It wasn't typical for a human to absorb such a substantial amount of World Energy during the [Awakening]. On average, a human could barely retain their life after gaining an ability and awakening their bloodline.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Nova felt satiated from absorbing an immense quantity of World Energy. He knew this energy would remain in his Soul World until he chose to continue absorbing it.

He then attempted to reclaim his consciousness and awaken. However, the sight that met his eyes was profoundly shocking. A few meters before him, Juan and Maria stood on the ground, meditating.

But it wasn't their presence that shocked him. A few meters in front of him, Old Mark was bleeding from his ears, mouth, and eyes. Nova understood that Old Mark had no chance of surviving [The Awakening]. Glancing around, he observed many others who shared Old Mark's fate.

Based on his knowledge of [Awakening], this process typically claimed over 70% of a world's population. He hoped Earth would fare differently, but he was unaware that the future would reveal Earth's loss of almost 90% of its population.

Feeling sympathy for Old Mark and the others around him, Nova attempted to harness his ability and deepen his comprehension of his bloodlines.


2 Hours Later

Juan was among the first to open his eyes, along with his wife, Maria. Concerned, Juan inquired, "Hmm. My head hurts terribly. Are you alright, Maria?" freew ebnove l.com

Maria replied, "It stings a bit, but I feel incredibly powerful. Yes, powerful."

The couple paid their respects to Old Mark, who had met an unfortunate end. Despite his irritable demeanor, they recognized that he was a fundamentally good person beneath it all.

Moments later, they turned their attention to a revelation that left them astounded. "Is that Nova?" Juan asked, his voice trembling.

Both were stunned by the unfamiliar image of Nova, a far cry from the person they had known.

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