Apex Star

Chapter 35: Feelings Part 4 (R-18)
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Chapter 35: Feelings Part 4 (R-18)

Just like Nova said to her, Imperia used her breasts to press against Nova's cock and sucked on it.

"Ah, so soft, it's good. " Nova started moaning a little bit. "Now use your breasts to go up and down my dick."

Like on steroids, Imperia did the exact thing Nova said to her. She used her breasts to go up and down, almost guiding Nova's dick to her mouth.

She was just happy seeing him like this.

"Okay, now it's your time to feel good..." Barely registering Nova's words Imperia felt a shock go through her body when she felt Nova's tongue enter her pussy and his finger slowly making his way inside her butthole.

"Ahhh, not that hole! It's dirty!" Imperia panicked a little and wanted to stop Nova, but without success as he continued to do as he pleased.

"Mhm, mhm!" Imperia continued to feel his index finger inside her butthole and she started moaning even more when he used two fingers to penetrate her dirty hole."Ahhh, stop for god's sake!"

Feeling it was too much and Imperia cummed once again.

'Ah, hah, what a sensation...' She felt as if her soul left her body for a moment. 'I wonder how will this big thing feel inside of me?' Sensing that she got off track Imperia shook her head and focused once again.

After a few minutes of stimulating each other, and cumming once again at the same time Nova proposed a closing deal.

"How about doing it a few times? It will feel almost like sex." When he finished explaining to Imperia what he had in mind, she was almost beet red on the face.

Not knowing where to hide her blush, she accepted the deal with the devil.

They were both fully naked and standing in front of each other. They started by kissing passionately until Nova took Imperia by surprise and introduced his index and middle finger inside her pussy, his other hand groping her perky butt.

Not wanting to be outdone, Imperia started by stroking his dick with a hand and slowly grabbing his balls with the other.

Making out for a while, Nova looked Imperia in the eyes.

"It's time..." Without another unnecessary explanation, Imperia slowly got in a doggy-style position and raised her butt a little for Nova.

Seeing her in this position, Nova didn't want more than to start and pound her pussy like an animal.

Barely controlling himself, Nova spits on his dick before slowly starting to push it in her butthole.

Feeling something thick wanting to enter her butthole, Imperia's pussy was dripping.

'It's not going to enter...'

'Shit, she is so tight it's making me crazy.'

Comforting her for a while, Nova managed to make her relax her ass so he could barely slip the tip of his penis inside a little bit.

"Ahh, it hurts, ouch! " Imperia was screaming for the pain she felt during the penetration.

'If this hurts like that, how's it supposed to enter my pussy?!' freewe bnovel.com

Taking his time, Nova slowly pushed his cock inside Imperia's ass. Finally, after a few minutes, he was almost completely in with his full cock length.

Turning around for a while, Imperia watched as Nova's cock slowly disappeared inside her ass. Nova got closer to kiss Imperia and calm her down for the last time.

"I'm going to begin. Be ready. " Said Nova, barely earning a nod from Imperia.

Saying that he slowly thrust his hip, his cock slowly going in and out of her ass.

"Ah, oh my GOD! It hurts a little, but it's starting to feel good real quick!!" exclaimed Imperia.

Seeing her moaning like that Nova was extremely excited and he started thrusting a little bit faster and deeper.

Sounds of flesh being pounded resounded each time Nova's cock entered Imperia's butthole.

Imperia's moaning was getting louder and louder as Nova was almost fully inside her butthole with his penis. Imperia opened his mouth like a fish on land craving for water.

Nova started thrusting his hips so hard that Imperia barely registered what happened.

"N...No! Slow down!" said Imperia close to climaxing from getting pounded in her ass by Nova's massive cock.

After a few minutes of getting fiercely pounded Imperia once again orgasmed and Nova creampied her butthole.

"Haa, oh my god it was so intense..." Seeing Imperia face down to the floor, and her ass slightly raised with cum slowly dripping from her butthole, Nova was once again erect and ready to go.

Feeling him inside her, Imperia almost lost her mind to the heavenly sensation of being pounded from behind. "Ah, yes, yes, YES!" she moaned like a horny bitch.

"Ah, cumming!" Finishing another round in her asshole, Nova continued to pound her.

In the next hour, the moaning of Imperia was heard countless times having orgasmed at least 5 more times. Nova also cummed inside her asshole for another 10 times.

One shouldn't underestimate Stage 7 and Stage 8's stamina at all, because they could keep at it for another day at least.

Almost finishing for another time Nova didn't want to waste his last shot so he got his dick out of Imperia's asshole and turned her on her back.

Slowly laying her down he put his hand on her neck and descended with his dick in her mouth, once again deep-throating her.

Feeling the anxiety and gagging feeling hitting her again, Imperia's pussy was soaked wet. Nova's dick only seemed to get bigger and deeper in her throat.

Staying in a higher position Nova had to squat down to reach Imperia's mouth, feeling the otherworldly sensation of her mouth, tongue, and throat synergizing, Nova cummed for one last time.

"I'm cumming!" Feeling a hot sticky liquid onde again entering her mouth and throat, Imperia too reached her last orgasm and slowly swallowed all of Nova's cum.

"Haa, haa..." They both lay down beside each other and panted.

"We still have an hour before we should be going back. Let's clean ourselves up." Said Nova to Imperia who barely registered his words.

"Mhmm." It was the only thing Imperia said to Nova before hugging his arm and almost falling asleep.


Almost an hour later...

Nova and Imperia could be seen leaving the park holding hands, chatting, and laughing together.

They cleaned themselves in only a few minutes and even got enough time for a short nap in each other's company.

They took almost 20 minutes to go back to what remained of the banquet and after talking for a while each got back to their own house.

After separating from Imperia, Nova couldn't believe what happened between them and was still shocked by how rough they got at it, especially in the end.

Nova's train of thought was interrupted when he got back to his guest house because a few figures were waiting in front of it.

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