Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 1078 - Seal Array
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Chapter 1078: Seal Array

Elder Zumar believed that if the Gilded Kingdom’s fleet was attacked, all the battleships would probably turn into ashes in this incredibly ferocious attack.

Elvis and the others, who had already given up the idea of going against the Tower of Dusk, were shocked to see the terrifying power displayed by the Sky Castle. Now, they were exhilarated. They were now even more convinced that as long as they were led by the Tower of Dusk, even the Gilded Kingdom would not pose a threat to them.

Of course, a more important thing was that the power displayed by the Sky Castle also allowed Elvis and the others to see some hope. In the face of the terrifying attack of the Sky Castle, the dragon corpse would definitely not be able to escape the fate of suffering a severe injury unless it was a true god. They were still sober, and did not expect the appearance of the Sky Castle to be able to signal the death of the dragon corpse immediately. However, as long as the dragon corpse could be seriously injured, it would not be impossible to kill it.

Faced with the endless offensive spells from the Sky Castle, the dragon corpse finally felt threatened, and dodged for the first time. However, even though the huge dragon corpse did not seem too clumsy at this moment, it was too late for it to dodge. The offensive spells that were like a flood instantly blasted into the dragon corpse, and a loud roar immediately filled the entire space.

With the hoarse roar, the dragon corpse finally opened its mouth and spewed out black blood. However, the black blood did not remain in midair for long, as it was turned into nothing by the strong offensive spells in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Elvis and others almost cheered in excitement. The battle had lasted for a long time, but the dragon corpse had suffered a real injury for the first time. Besides, the dragon corpse was actually blasted to the point of vomiting blood. Clearly, it had suffered a severe injury. If that were to happen again a few more times, the dragon corpse might really die.

However, although the magic facilities of the Sky Castle were still in operation, they did not continue to attack the dragon corpse, which left the crowd feeling regretful. Of course, they could imagine that an attack of such a scale could not be supported without hundreds of Legendary magical crystals. Even if the Tower of Dusk was rich, they would not be able to keep up with that consumption.

However, unlike what everyone thought, Lin Li did not let the Sky Castle continue to attack for that reason. It was not that they were stingy with those few magical crystals. He knew better than anyone else what kind of strength the dragon corpse had. It had no soul, and relied entirely on its instincts. Hence, it would be almost impossible to kill the dragon corpse even with the power of the Sky Castle unless it was broken into pieces.

Besides, it was the corpse of the Dragon of Destruction, a unique dragon corpse in Anril which Lin Li did not want to see get blown to pieces. Hence, regardless of the perspective, resealing the dragon corpse was one of the best options for Lin Li. Besides, Lin Li also wanted to find out what kind of secrets the ancestors of the Gilded Kingdom were hiding when they sealed the dragon corpse there.

Thus, after the dragon corpse was severely damaged by the Sky Castle, Lin Li immediately ordered the people controlling the Sky Castle to stop attacking, and switch to being on standby to prepare for any possible attacks. Afterwards, Lin Li expanded his Domain World before putting it away again immediately. It simply formed a protective layer around his body. He said to Elder Zumar and the others, “Now, continue to stall it.”

Logically speaking, the person who would be most reluctant to risk his life to fight the dragon corpse in this situation should be Elder Zumar. However, the latter only froze for a moment, and seemed to quickly remember something. He didn’t turn Lin Li down at all, and simply turned around to launch an attack on the heavily wounded dragon corpse.

Seeing Elder Zumar’s performance, the corners of Lin Li’s mouth curled into a smile as he had already expected it. Next, his body flashed, and he vanished from the battlefield.

Lin Li left the battlefield while Elder Zumar began fighting the dragon corpse. Although Elder Zumar and the others had no idea what was going on, they nonetheless chose to believe Lin Li. Anyway, they had the debris of the stars that Lin Li had handed them, and the dragon corpse had been severely injured by the Sky Castle. Hence, they would at least be able to defend themselves in this situation.

In the depths of Cage Island’s ocean bed, there suddenly emerged warped fluctuations, and Lin Li’s body sunk deep into the bottom of the ocean immediately afterwards, holding a small green person in his hand. It was the goblin, Angelano, who had been researching alchemy in the Sky Castle.

Although they were on the bottom of the sea, it was as if Lin Li was in a different world as the ink-like seawater had no effect on him at all. In fact, they could even see some miscellaneous objects passing through his body in the water. However, that was different from the Void of the Stars technique that would entrust one’s body to nothingness. Lin Li simply used the power of his own Domain World to keep himself in his own Domain World.

Angelano, who was being carried by Lin Li, was still wriggling his body in a bid to break free from Lin Li’s hand. At the same time, he was cursing at Lin Li for failing to keep to his promise. However, at this moment, Angelano finally also resigned to his fate, as if he was a cat that was being lifted by its neck. With his limbs hanging limply, he craned his neck, and said, “Okay, put me down. This is the last time, I repeat, this is the last time.”

Since the last time he explored the Sky Castle and went through several near-death experiences with Lin Li, Angelano had already been frightened to the point of being emotionally traumatized. After returning, he had been staying in the Sky Castle. One reason was that he wanted to study the alchemical technology of the Sky Castle, and another was that he felt that there was probably no safer place in this world than the Sky Castle.

In a certain sense, Angelano was right, especially since there was nothing in Anril that could pose a threat to the Sky Castle now. Unless Lin Li offended all the Sanctuary powerhouses, one or two of them would never be able to fight the Sky Castle.

However, what Angelano hadn’t expected was that Lin Li directly summoned the Sky Castle to the battlefield this time, and he almost got a heart attack when the horrifying aura suddenly surged into the Sky Castle. To make matters worse, Lin Li suddenly appeared in front of him before he could even calm down, and picked him up to leave without any explanation or discussion.

Of course, there was no need for Lin Li to explain. Angelano was not a fool, either. Seeing that the Sky Castle had been summoned, and that Lin Li was extremely anxious, he knew that there was definitely trouble. Unlike Connoris and the others, he did not sign any contract with Lin Li. Hence, he cursed and struggled throughout the entire journey.

When he was carried to the depths of the sea, Angelano finally resigned himself to his fate, knowing that he could not make Lin Li change his mind anyway. Moreover, he also felt that there was a lively battle on the entire battlefield above, while the bottom of the sea seemed to be relatively calm. Clearly, Lin Li did not bring him there to fight.

Lin Li only put Angelano down when he saw that he had stopped struggling. He then used the Domain World to carry him, and dived in the direction he had sensed with his mental strength. The reason he deliberately brought Angelano over was mainly because of the complexity of this seal. After all, it was the seal that sealed the corpse of the Dragon of Destruction. Even if the Immortal King was not the one who’d laid the seal, it was certainly not something minor. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to seal an existence at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm that had the power of the gods for thousands of years.

Therefore, even though Lin Li was quite confident in his own abilities, he still didn’t dare to be careless at all during such a critical juncture. Although he could not picture the details of the seal accurately through mental strength detection, Lin Li knew that the seal had to contain some Alchemy Arrays since the people of the Gilded Kingdom had reinforced the seal using Alchemy Arrays.

However, an Alchemy Array alone would never be able to possess the power to seal such a strong dragon corpse regardless of its level. It could be said that although the Alchemy Array played an important role in the seal, it definitely wouldn’t be the core of the seal. At most, it could only be used for replenishing mana.

In other words, Lin Li needed to repair the core of the seal, and not only the Alchemy Array. If the dragon corpse had not run out, repairing it would not have been much of a problem for Lin Li. However, the dragon corpse had already run out now, and judging from the faint power of the seal, Lin Li was almost certain that the entire core of the seal had been severely damaged, and might completely stop functioning. It would be extremely troublesome to repair.

Hence, Lin Li carried Angelano over. If the situation was really that serious, he would at least have a helper. Although Angelano mainly mastered the technology of the Alchemy Colossus, he was definitely not weak in terms of Alchemy Arrays. Besides, he had been following Lin Li for a long time, and even if he wasn’t a Guru of alchemy, he had definitely reached the peak of the Master-level.

The environment at the bottom of the sea was extremely harsh, but it did not cause much of an obstruction to Lin Li. Besides, the Sky Castle had caused the dragon corpse to suffer a severe blow, thus causing its power to weaken greatly. Hence, Lin Li took Angelano, and quickly found a massive sealed space at the bottom of Cage Island.

At this juncture, there was already a massive hole in the crystal wall outside the sealed space, which was obviously caused by the dragon corpse that had rushed out. At this point, the entire crystal wall had also become very illusory and weak like a bubble. Through the hidden crystal wall, they could see a large and complicated array in the center of the space within the crystal wall. However, the light of the array was also constantly flickering, just like a candle in the wind that would be extinguished at any time.

Seeing this scene, Lin Li knew he could not delay any longer, as the Seal Array would be disabled if it completely stopped functioning. If that happened, repairing would be the same as resetting the seal. With Lin Li’s current ability, if he was given a year and a half to rebuild a similar seal, it would not be impossible to create a similar one. However, the dragon corpse would have probably gone somewhere by then.

At the thought of this, Lin Li hurriedly stepped into the crystal wall, and placed Angelano beside the massive Seal Array to begin repairing the incredibly complicated Seal Array.

However, when Lin Li took a clear look at the composition of the entire Seal Array, he inhaled sharply in shock. Although he had long guessed that the Seal Array would not be simple, the one in front of him now was still far beyond his expectations.

The outermost part of the Seal Array was a level-12 Master-level Alchemy Array, which might not seem much to Lin Li, a Master of Alchemy. However, the 12 Alchemy Arrays seemed to have been put together perfectly by a machine. It was just like the Mageweath array of the field of inscription. From this point, it was clear that the person who set up the Seal Array was probably close to the Guru-level—if he wasn’t already at it.

However, there were obvious signs of damage on the 12 Alchemy Arrays at this time as each of them flickered, while the mana of the mana circuits flowed extremely slowly. In fact, there were even blockages in some areas. That caused the 12 Alchemy Arrays to operate vaguely while their connection was gradually broken.

Seeing this situation, Lin Li was secretly thankful that he had brought Angelano along. Otherwise, it would probably take him a long time to repair the 12 Alchemy Arrays alone. Although it wouldn’t be difficult for Lin Li to repair the 12 Alchemy Arrays alone, the Seal Array did not contain only those 12 Alchemy Arrays, and he still had to repair the core of the array.

“I’ll leave these 12 Alchemy Arrays to you. You must repair them in the shortest time possible. Otherwise, I reckon you can guess what the consequences will be.” At this point, Lin Li could not be bothered to say anything more to Angelano, and instead handed the task straight to him. He believed that Angelano, who was afraid of death, would definitely not dare to be sly and pull some sneaky tricks.

Indeed, Angelano dared not slack off at this moment, even though he looked extremely displeased. He scurried towards the Alchemy Arrays immediately. The eagle-eyed goblin could naturally tell what was extraordinary about the Alchemy Arrays, and knew that he had to race against time to repair them even with his current ability.

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