Another Stupid Isekai

Chapter 916 T.D.O.N.B: S15C, Part I - Crash Landing
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My friends wouldn't whine about it, but a few people were already showing signs that they had to do more than they expected to. Especially Ki'rai.

I spent a lot of time with her, so I knew her very well. I could read the emotions on her face even when she tried to hide them, and she seemed angry. Something you wouldn't expect right? She was angry because she judged herself as the weakest link, as the rest showed no sign of being even slightly taxed.

I had no idea what Hatta or Nil had to do, but the focus on their faces looked made me wonder if they didn't also go further than anticipated. There was some uneasiness I was able to sense.

In such a mood we left inside the telekinetic bubble, zooming away, and accelerating even faster than ever before. At this moment I learned, this time for certain, that it was not only influencing my regular characteristics, such as strength or dexterity but also tapping into my powers. At least some of them.

I took us into space, then following directions from the red arrow, took us towards the ring, which I also could see with my eyes.

Since it was identical to the one we used to come to this place, there was a big possibility to mistake one for the other, so from the get-go, I decided to rely on the arrow.

Just like before I pierced through the dark veil into a different place. Maybe in the same world, or maybe in another one. The view that awaited us was spectacular. There wasn't just one sun, but two, both seemed to be frozen in time thanks to some incredible technology.

There was a space station shielded with mirrors to reflect the light close by, and if I were to bet who or what was responsible for holding those two stars, preventing them from collision, I would bet on that.

Then, averting my eyes, now hurting from all the light, I looked at the planet. I still had those colorful ghosts hunting my vision. Poping here and there makes things look violet or green. None of those colors were present at our destination.

It definitely had to be a barren world, since there was no visible atmosphere. All we could see were the domes, present everywhere like blisters on the astral body of the planet. Among them, one was especially big.

The rest, not small either, were nothing compared to this one. If the planet had an atmosphere, it would probably reach beyond.

- There - Druoag pointed with his wingers.

Useless words, since anybody could tell where we should go, not to mention the arrow, which told me, that despite not showing even the tiniest glimpse of any emotion, he was nervous.

I was nervous too. I would never say it out loud, but I was gravely afraid that at this point people would start to pay with their lives for us to reach further. For a moment I even considered bursting the telekinetic bubble as soon as we would find ourselves under the protection of the dome, then charging ahead by myself.

The idea might sound good, but it was - in fact - stupid. I needed time to consume the fruit, which meant I would either have to participate in the battle itself or make my friends pay the price.

You could say: "Well... Then the choice is obvious". But it actually wasn't. If I was to be given enough time, I could consume the fruit, making the guardians abort their enforced mission, which would at least create confusion among their ranks, but potentially stop the whole thing altogether.

If I were to be fast enough, and if my companions were to endure, the choice could bring the best results. Obviously, all those scenarios didn't include anything going to shit, which was almost a certain thing to happen in such a situation.

With my mind clouded by those thoughts, trying to make myself pick one or the other strategy, I took us further, closer to the planet. In a few minutes, we reached the dome, and the time I had to think had passed.

If you were to think I made up my mind, you were wrong. I knew the correct decision was to go after the tree, letting my friends engage with the guards. Every analysis I made in my head was telling me that was the correct decision, but I wasn't gambling just with anything. I was gambling with the lives of people I carried about.

It made me feel physical pain, but I pierced the dome not making the bubble disappear to go alone, instead, I pushed it further, to accelerate, fight with the pressure of air, and gain speed, but I was actually slowing down.

The reaction from the planet was instantaneous. Lightning hit us directly, making the whole world briefly turn white, just for several others to blast the protection once again, despite my speed. I tried to dodge, but it was very, very hard. Borderline impossible.

Ignoring the architecture of yet another alien city, focusing only on getting us to the plaza, I was pushing to do anything I possibly could to deliver.

More spells went our way, but most of them missed. There was a lot of fire magic with many explosions, which blocked my vision with the massive cloud of flames.

My mental eyes were able to pierce through, though, so I mostly kept the direction. The mind vision was maybe great but had a relatively short range.

As soon as we reached the vicinity of the tree, I made the bubble burst, simultaneously creating a path for myself with the plates of void since then just ran. At first, not that fast, trying to not blast my friends in the process, but then I realized that thanks to 'Harmonization' I didn't have to, so I went ahead at full speed.

Meanwhile, my friends did what they could to avoid all the shit that was thrown their way. Obviously figuratively.

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