Am I A God?

Chapter 32: Sneak Attack
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Chapter 32: Sneak Attack

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Zhao Yao walked towards the lift as he carried Elizabeth on his back, all while looking at the property pricing trends on his phone screen.

“Are you kidding me, I just bought the house and there’s already a dip in the property pricing?”

Recently, due to the continuous slight tremors throughout the whole of Jiangmen City, the housing market had been falling and there were even rumors going on endlessly.

Some said it could be a premonition of a big earthquake resulted from the volcano activity in the Pacific Ocean.

Some said it could be due to the country experimenting with secret weapons under the sea.

There’s also one rumor that sounded unreliable even, mentioning that it could be caused by the movement of a sea monster in the waters.

In short, there were all sorts of rumors spreading. Even if the government stepped in, it would still be hard to prevent the drop of the properties’ value.

However, Zhao Yao was rather unlucky, he somehow bought a house when property pricing was at its highest. Then he had to witness the continuous drop of the value. Every time the price decreased, he felt like his heart was dripping blood.

At this moment, Elizabeth’s nose twitched and lifted it’s head hastily.

“Hmm?” Zhao Yao responded as well. The power of Matcha as a solo cat highly increased his insight ability and to make things clear, his insight observation is now of a human plus a cat.

In that instant, from behind, he could sense the sound of a slight collision in the ground beneath. He could feel the whiff of an unfamiliar smell gushing into his nose.

Zhao Yao reacted instantaneously. Somehow, there is someone following him from behind.

But yet when he turned to look, there was no one not even a shadow to be seen.

Nonetheless, already in the mode of invisibility and following behind Zhao Yao from a few meters, Bai Quan stopped in his track. He was caught off guard and felt a little stunned as Zhao Yao who was in front of him, turned his back to look behind.

“Wow? That reaction was rather acute but it’s of no use still.” Bai Quan started laughing. He had already used this invisibility power a few times to steal jewelry, cash, and other expensive items. He even knocked down over ten security guards onto the ground all by himself.

With this special invisible power of his, his body and the clothes on him could be entirely hidden in the state of invisibility.

However, when he is in the mode of invisibility, he needed to hold his breath. Which meant that as long as he took a breath, he would show himself.

Despite this, it was still undeniably a very strong form of power.

Thus, even with Zhao Yao standing before his eyes, he was not mindful at all.

“Hehe, shall scare him and let him move out of this small neighborhood.”

Bai Quan thought for a while then reached out his hand towards Zhao Yao and touched his shoulder.

At this point, Zhao Yao’s observation, sensitivity, and agility have surpassed far more than his previous self. Especially so when Matcha was added to him and on top of it with Elizabeth as a cat.

Just as Bai Quan’s palm was about to touch his shoulder, Zhao Yao’s body had moved swiftly to avoid the contact.

“Hey, just a while ago, I felt someone come. Did you see it?” Zhao Yao asked as he conversed with Elizabeth through his mind.

Elizabeth wrinkled her nose and said, “I definitely smelt a stranger’s smell, but why can’t I see him?”

“There’s only one possibility. The person has acquired a power, using a certain type of skill that prevents us from seeing him. Or he can touch someone from a distance and attack them.” Zhao Yao analyzed and answered calmly.

On the other hand, Bai Quan let out a smile as he looked at a frowning Zhao Yao who had turned around, looking very puzzled.

“Interesting, he could actually felt it. This chap’s sensitivity is rather sharp.” Bai Quan’s gaze flickered and once again came to his back. He approached his neck lightly and let out a breath of air.

Bai Quan’s intention was to teach Zhao Yao a lesson and scare him from here. Then he would think that the little neighborhood and his own house is haunted so he would move and stay away from Xiao Shiyu.

At the other side, Zhao Yao thought to himself, “I cannot let the opposite party act freely anymore, the next time he attacks, I shall try to see if I can catch him.”

Just as Bai Quan let out a breath of air, Zhao Yao felt the movement of wind in that moment. He immediately activated his power which could stop the time.

As the world came to a stop, Zhao Yao turned around swiftly towards the direction where he felt the wind. He reached out and grabbed hold of it.

At last, he caught hold of Bai Quan’s shirt near his chest.

“You’ve guessed correctly.”

“Invisibility? Seems like a great skill” As Zhao Yao felt his hand grabbing onto someone, he realized instantly the power of the opponent.

Although he did not know why the person before him also had the power, he decided that he shall take down the person before doing anything else.

Thus in that moment when the world had halted, Zhao Yao landed a ferocious punch on the opposing party. Then came the second punch, third punch and many more.

Six seconds had already passed as he hit on the same spot for ten times.

As time began to tick again, Bai Quan only felt that he had just let out a breath of air on his neck but the next moment suddenly his gaze was spinning. Zhao Yao’s body was even stuck together with his tightly.

He then felt a strong piercing pain in his stomach, as if he was attacked through thin air or he was knocked down severely by a bull. He felt himself taking a few steps back before falling to the ground.


Originally, Zhao Yao’s power could only be considered as mediocre. Even if the power of Matcha the solo cat is added, it could only be deemed as having good health.

However, in that moment, the explosion of ten punches landing in the same spot continuously was as similar to that of a heavyweight boxer’s single punch. Bai Quan fell directly on the ground after and he felt like his intestines were breaking.

While Bai Quan cried out in pain, he tried to take in as much cold air as he could. However, his power to be invisible subsided and his true self was revealed.

Zhao Yao’s eyes reflected that he was taken by surprise because the person that had just appeared before his eyes was actually Bai Quan. “It is you?” he said.”

Bai Quan was alarmed and looked at Zhao Yao. “Instant movement power! And also the attack you just used on me, was it Intentional Shifting power? You possess super powers?!”

Zhao Yao held back his words and conversed through his mind with Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, control him. But allow him to still have the ability to talk, I have things to question him of.”

Elizabeth did as it was told and shone a beam of red light from in between her eyes. Bai Quan immediately felt his body turning stiff as though a shapeless form of energy is taking control of him.

“This.....What type of power is this again! Instant movement power, Intentional shifting power and also this power that is controlling my body! Are these dark powers? How can you possess so much power! ” Bai Quan thought to himself in shock.

Bai Quan had never thought of it, someone that looked like an average rich second generation person could possess so many types of power at one time. It was almost like he only had in mind to kill one goblin, yet in the blink of an eye, he transformed and became a Titan giant.

Zhao Yao heard Bai Quan exclaiming in surprise, but he twitched his mouth and said, “From now, it will be me asking questions and you will be answering them.”

Right at that moment, a sound of some car moving in the garage rang out. Zhao Yao was in his world of thoughts before he walked towards the direction of the lift.

“There is someone else here.” Zhao Yao also said to Elizabeth at the same time. “I shall just let him follow me home.”

Therefore Bai Quan became controlled and followed along. He was then brought to Zhao Yao’s house on the seventeenth floor.

Bai Quan felt his whole body losing the ability to have control. On the way to Zhao Yao’s house, Bai Quan looked at him and was filled with shock, jealousy and also feeling lost. He never thought that it could be possible for anyone in the world to possess so many types of power.

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