Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Magic Runes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Some of the teachers had strange expressions on their faces, and a few of them even shared the video with the principal. As for the other leaders, they were more careful with spreading such information around.

At this time, quite a few students had already come out of the dungeon. Some were alive and energized, while some looked dejected. There was still a clear distinction between those who were happy, and those who were not, plus a few others that barely even managed to stay alive. No matter what, they had come out alive.

The teachers of each class found the dejected students in their own class and calmed their minds one by one. They had to learn to suppress the fear of death. This thought process could snowball into something worse. The teachers can only do so much now, but in the future, they would have to get used to almost dying!

Lin Xuan and the other two sat in the corner to rest. In the beginning, there were people who came over excitedly to exchange experiences with the three of them. After a while, they all finally left them be. Lin Xuan was also happy to be alone. Now he had the time to open his treasure chest!

First, he opened the Wilderness Grave treasure chest. This treasure chest was given by the school, so the items inside were so so.

[Item: Emblem]

[Effect: This card proves that the student has passed the Wilderness Grave dungeon.]

[Description: This can be used to obtain the school’s Wanton Deeds Certificate.]

[Item: Shield Strike]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: Medium level yellow rank]

[Description: Hitting the enemy’s head will cause them to feel dizzy. The specific time of the dizziness will be calculated according to the difference in strength between the two parties.]


As expected, the reward given by the school was practical.

Lin Xuan immediately learned the Shield Strike skill. The skill was not something that could be completed just by learning it. He still needed to practice and use it more in the future.

Next was the low level yellow rank dungeon grade A clearance treasure chest. This treasure chest was given by the dungeon. The items inside were randomized, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

[Item: Magic Rune Card]

[Type: Magic]

[Level: High level yellow rank]

[Description: By inscribing a rune on the surface of your body, it will permanently increase your agility and toughness by a small margin.]

[Additional Note: Each person can only inscribe one type of rune.]

[Card: Lucky Coin]

[Type: Fate]

[Level: Unknown]

[Description: Flip the coin and test your luck today!]

Lin Xuan looked at the two items and fell into deep thought.

Although it was only a yellow rank Magic Pattern Card, it still had its value. Especially for those who were weak and needed a small buff to be stronger.

A person could only choose one rune to carve, but it did not say that they could only carve one rune. Therefore, there were those that had many carvings on their body. They constantly carved the same patterns to continuously stack their own abilities. In other words, rune abilities could be traded for additional power. No one would complain about having fewer rune abilities!

Hence, rune warriors were called kryptonite warriors!

As for the Lucky Coin, it was a cheap scam. After choosing one side, one would toss the coin. If one guessed correctly and landed on the desired side, it would be good luck. If one did not guess correctly, it would in return give out bad luck.

If he was lucky, he would immediately receive a buff, a temporary heal, a temporary shield, and so on. If he was unlucky, then he would have to be wary of thunder that could fall at any time on this day!

Since it was useless, Lin Xuan decided to sell it later.

Lin Xuan did not care about what the treasure chest gave him. What he cared about was another item. His defense talent Template Tard had changed.

The second description of the Undying effect changed from being unactivated to activated!

[Undying: A talent skill. The active effect consumes stamina after activation and recovers vitality. The passive effect allows you to not need oxygen for five minutes (39/10,000 activated).]

This number was… the number of Skeleton Warriors that had been killed by the passive effect of No Damage!

In order to unlock the second skill, Undying, he would need to use the passive effect of?No Damage to kill 10,000 wild monsters?!

It was a little difficult, but it was achievable. Especially now that he had advanced to the low level yellow rank stage, his agility and toughness had increased to a certain extent. The number of wild monsters that he could withstand had increased, and completing the quest would be easier now. However, everyone was only allowed to enter the school dungeon once a day. That was because everyone had a fatigue point system.

It seemed that he had to think of something to do outside the school.

“Alright, all the students in our class are here. Let’s go back to the classroom.”

The form teacher clapped his hands and left with the entire class.

The other classes were the same. Once everyone was here, they would leave. If not, they would have to wait. No one would be able to stay longer than two hours, that was because they would get so exhausted that they would be forced to exit.

On the top floor of the administrative building of Dongning School, in an antique-looking office, a middle-aged man with peppered hair was looking at a document issued by the higher-ups. He seemed to be thinking about a problem. Then, a beeping sound broke his concentration.

“Huh? Oh, it’s the battle video of the freshmen today. Why did they send it to me? Do they think I have time to spare for this?!”

As he spoke, he opened the video. Besides the documents from the higher-ups, he had nothing else to do. Since he had nothing to do, he might as well see the strength of the new generation.

“Oh, it’s the little girl from the Li family.”

It showed that she had an S grade Archery talent. Moreover, Li Zifei’s foundation was solid. One arrow for one Skeleton Warrior was alright. For people at their level, even if a small-scale undead disaster happened, these types of people would have full confidence in minimizing damages.

Another was an S grade Healing talent. Even with his talent, it was a shame that he did not see the bigger picture when it came to supporting his teammates. His awareness was low and he did not know when to heal himself.

After analyzing the video, the principal suddenly felt that something was not right. This was the first time the new students entered the dungeon space, somehow it seemed like they were experts at killing the monsters there!

In the beginning, Lin Xuan was running all over the place, luring over 100 Skeleton Warriors. Why was this newbie luring that many to his teammates?

However, this new student guardian did not die. Instead, he stubbornly withstood the attacks of the Skeleton Warriors, forcefully creating a space for Li Zifei and Lin Xiaoran behind him to deal damage.

The principal narrowed his eyes and carefully watched the Skeleton Warriors’ attacks land on Lin Xuan’s body. Lin Xuan had the reflexes to dodge some, but he was not proficient in it. He knew Armor Manipulation, but he did not use the space give nto fully utilize his attacks. The only reason he could withstand it was because of his high defense bonus!

Moreover, if one looked carefully, there would occasionally be some Skeleton Warriors that were not killed by Li Zifei, but were scattered all over the ground. This was a counterattack!

A counterattack skill that came with talent!

Later on, when he heard that Lin Xuan said that he had an S+ grade talent, the principal chuckled. It was definitely not just an S+ based on his performance.


The principal had plans for this kid, and his mood turned much chirpier after knowing about his potential. He picked up his teacup and walked to the window, overlooking the school!

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