Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2532 – Congratulations!
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Chapter 2532 – Congratulations!

Obtain their acknowledgement!

Yang Ye was very well aware that many would definitely not be convinced by such a young sect master. Even if they didn’t say anything out in the open, they would definitely be dissatisfied in private.

He had to make them acknowledge him!

If they didn’t, would anyone take him seriously?

Since he’d agreed to take the position, he had to do it well!

The disciple before Yang Ye was a Five World Realm expert, an elite disciple.

He'd dared to step forward and voice his dissatisfaction because he was an elite disciple.

The elite disciple spoke indifferently upon hearing Yang Ye, “I hope you can help me with it!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Make your move!”

The elite disciple glanced at the surroundings, “Should we go somewhere else?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “It isn’t necessary. Just do it!”

The elite disciple gazed at Yang Ye, ‘You’re at the Three World Realm while I’m at the Five World Realm. For fairness’ sake, I’ll let you attack three times first!”

Some laughter resounded when he spoke those words.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Then I won’t hold back!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent.

Because two swords had suddenly appeared on both sides of the elite disciple’s neck!

Two flying swords!

Everyone here was shocked, including that elite disciple. Because he hadn’t been able to react, or it should be said he didn’t even know when those swords had appeared by his neck!

The surroundings fell silent to the point it felt like it had frozen solid!

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the flying swords returned to the Sword Gourd. He gazed at the elite disciple and said, “Why don’t you attack first?”

The elite disciple gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and tapped his finger forward.

A sword howl resounded, and then a ray of light flashed.

However, it only took a moment for the elite disciple’s face to freeze because a flying sword had stopped before his forehead!

As for his attack, it was just at the center between him and Yang Ye.

This time, many sword cultivators here had solemn expressions on their faces!

The elite disciple before Yang Ye bowed slightly, “I accept defeat!”

He was at the Five World Realm while the sect master before him was just at the Three World Realm. However, he wasn’t able to fight back at all!

Now, he knew that this sect master he just provoked wasn’t an illegitimate child of the previous sect master like the rumors had said!

Even if he was, he had the right to be the sect master!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and all of them bowed to him.

Yang Ye nodded and returned to his seat. He gazed at Elder Xue, and the latter grinned with satisfaction.

Both she and the Grand Elder were most afraid that Yang Ye couldn’t make everyone acknowledge him, but it seemed like at least the disciples did. As for the experts of the older generation, it didn’t matter because she and the Grand Elder were there to deal with them! Moreover, she was certain that in just two or three years for now, no one in the Ancient Sword Sect would dare to not acknowledge him!

“The Ye Clan’s Ye Zhibei has arrived!” Meanwhile, a voice came from outside the hall, and then another voice followed, “The Xing Clan’s Xing Biqing has arrived!”

Yang Ye was delighted and stood up. But Elder Xue glanced at him, and he smiled, “They are my friends, so we can just be casual!”

As he spoke, he walked down. Meanwhile, Ye Zhibei and Xing Biqing had appeared before him.

They had exquisite boxes in their hands.

Yang Ye smiled, “Just coming is enough. There’s no need for gifts. Seriously, it makes me feel so embarrassed!”

As he spoke, he took both the boxes and placed them in the Primordial Pagoda.

Both of them were flabbergasted by this.

Ye Zhibei and Xing Biqing shook their heads slightly. They felt that his skin was still so thick even after becoming a sect master, and they wondered—Can’t he show some restraint?

Xing Biqing smiled, “Congratulations!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I was forced into this, so there’s nothing happy about it. Anyway, weren’t both of you in the War Dimension? What are you doing here?”

Xing Biqing explained, “We left temporarily when we heard you’ve become a sect master. We had to come and congratulate you, right?”

Yang Ye smiled, “If you become the patriarchs of your clans, I’ll definitely congratulate you too, and I’ll give you a great gift!”

Xing Biqing smiled, “Don’t worry about it.”

She glanced at the surroundings and asked, “Are the Leng Clan and Lu Clan not here?”

Yang Ye replied, “Perhaps they are still on the way!”

They nodded slightly and didn’t say anything.

After that, Yang Ye was congratulated by many clans. Practically all of them were from the West Region and were subordinate to the Ancient Sword Sect, so they naturally wouldn’t miss this ceremony. But even until the end of it, the Leng Clan and Lu Clan did not attend.

Actually, just Xing Biqing and Ye Zhibei representing their respective clans wasn’t really suitable. After all, they weren’t the leaders of their clans yet.

Yang Ye understood it all well. Besides the Ye Clan, Xing Biqing had probably come out of consideration for their friendship. However, he accepted it no matter what!

Ye Zhibei and Xing Biqing didn’t stay for long, and they left after talking with Yang Ye for some time.

Yang Ye didn’t ask them to stay either. He knew they were very busy.

It didn’t take long for most to leave.

Right when the event was about to end, a black robed man appeared outside the hall.

The Grand Elder and Elder Xue frowned upon noticing him.

The black robed man walked over to the entrance and looked up at Yang Ye, “My Soul Sect is here to congratulate you on becoming the Ancient Sword Sect’s Master. This is your gift!”

He flicked six iron boxes into the hall, and there were heads in each of them!

Elder Xue’s eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing those heads, and ghastly killing intent filled her eyes!

Three of the heads in the boxes belonged to the elders of the Ancient Sword Sect, and Yang Ye recognized one of them. It was the outer court elder, Elder Kong Ming.

As for the other three heads, they belonged to the experts of the clans subordinate to the Ancient Sword Sect!

Yang Ye glanced at the black robed man and said, “Looks like your Soul Sect really doesn’t like me being the Ancient Sword Sect’s Master, huh?”

The black robed man smiled, “Of course not. See? We even brought you a gift to congratulate you, right?”

Yang Ye grinned, “It’s fine. If you want to play, then we can play.”

The black robed man nodded, “I hope you can!”

His figure gradually turned ethereal!

They were no fools, so of course they sent a clone!

Once the black robed man left, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “Elder Xue, Grand Elder, can you locate them?”

The Grand Elder hesitated for a moment and replied, “I’ve notified the other powers, and they’ll give us a reply soon. So…”

Yang Ye waved his hand, “They’ve already attacked, so what are we waiting for? We should be giving them a tooth for a tooth now. Give the order to search for their whereabouts, use all the resources available to our sect.”

The Grand Elder thought for a moment and nodded, “Understood!”

Yang Ye left the hall and went to his abode. There were experts protecting it in secret.

Elder Xue followed behind Yang Ye.

In the abode, she spoke solemnly, “Besides the Ye Clan, the attitude of the other clans was very vague. They didn’t object to it, but they didn’t congratulate you either!”

Yang Ye replied, “What about the Soul Sect?”

She replied solemnly, “We received no reply!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while and said, “Elder Xue, what realm of cultivation was the previous sect master at?”

Elder Xue replied, “In Eternal Kingdom, there are no more than 10 who are at that level of cultivation.”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Will they treat the Ancient Sword Sect as they did the Di Clan all those years ago?”

Elder Xue frowned, “While our previous sect master has passed away, our resources and reserves still exist. It can be said that even if the other clans join forces, they won’t be able to destroy us with ease!”

“The Soul Sect has appeared!” Yang Ye spoke abruptly, “It’s definitely not a coincidence that they made an appearance now!”

Elder Xue sighed softly, “So much to worry about!”

Yang Ye suddenly chuckled, “There’s no need to worry. No matter what their objective is, all we need is to be strong. As for the Soul Sect, we can sharpen our swords with them!”

Elder Xue spoke solemnly, “I’m afraid that the Soul Sect has formed an agreement of some sort with other powers. It’s very likely. Otherwise, they would absolutely not dare to openly show themselves in the West Region and do so just when the sect master’s time was up.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “You absolutely can’t leave the sect now. Because they have their sights set on you now. So long as you leave the sect, we cannot guarantee your safety!”

Yang Ye smiled, “So I should cower like a coward?”

Elder Xue frowned slightly, and Yang Ye chuckled, “Elder Xue, I’ve been to the desolate race!”

She asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “I haven’t known them for long, but I know they are very courageous. It isn’t just the core members of the desolate race, it’s the same for the ordinary people there. Moreover, they don’t hold a thread of fear to the Eternal Kingdom, and they are very united, extremely even.”

Elder Xue fell silent.

Yang Ye walked over to her, “Since I agreed to become the sect master, then I’ll do it well. My style is one where if someone wants to become my enemy, then either that person dies, or I die. We can die, and we can lose, but we cannot be cowards!”

He looked at the sky outside the abode and continued, “Elder Xue, I need your help for two things. Firstly, help me select a few elite disciples or even inner court disciples. But they must be at the Five World Realm. It doesn’t matter if their cultivation isn’t there so long as their strength is. I will lead them to personally hunt down the experts of the Soul Sect. Secondly, organize the strongest experts of the sect and protect the sect while awaiting my orders.”

Elder Xue spoke solemnly, “No, that’s too dangerous. You…”

Yang Ye suddenly interrupted Elder Xue, “A qualified and strong sword cultivator should fight through countless dangers. The elite disciples and all the other disciples of our Ancient Sword Sect have been living peaceful lives in the sect for too long.”

He gazed at Elder Xue and continued, “That elite disciple at Five World Realm wasn’t even able to stop a single attack of mine just now. That’s something all of you should reflect on!”

Elder Xue was stunned speechless.

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