All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 449
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Chapter 449: Killed with one slap? (Part 2)

“Complete the rectification as soon as possible, and after the news from Yan Zhi, we will reach the extreme wasteland through the teleportation array!” Zheng Ke ordered the six strong men in the early stage of the Sea Wheel Realm.

“Yes!” The six nodded, and then accelerated the speed of assembly and rectification.

But at this moment, Zheng Ke suddenly received a jade slip through the teleportation array.

“Huh?” Zheng Ke was taken aback, and grabbed the jade slip.

“It’s about Great Elder Yan Zhi? Well, Great Elder Yan Zhi must have arrived safely. I guess the sect master is urging me to leave as soon as possible!” Zheng Ke saw that it was the jade slip sent by the sect master of the Flame Sect, so he casually crushed it and start reading the information inside.

However, Zheng Ke was immediately dumbfounded by the news sent from the Jade Slip. Google search 𝗳𝙧𝘦𝒆𝑤𝙚𝘣𝙣𝘰𝘃ℯ𝑙. 𝐜𝐨𝑚

Yan Zhi, the new Great Elder of the Flame Sect…


The more than one hundred masters he led were all dead!

Not only Yan Zhi died, but Yan Shuang, the other hidden teleportation array who left, and hundreds of masters under him were all dead too!

All the fate cards left in the hands of the Flame Sect Master were all shattered!


With a gust of wind blowing, Zheng Ke suddenly felt a chill appearing behind his back!


What happened?

What happened?

Yan Zhi and Yan Shuang were both official elders of the Flame Sect. Both of them were strong men who had been at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm for many years, and their strength was definitely not weak!

Yan Zhi, who was originally the Second Elder, and he was not inferior to the previous First Elder Yan Gang!

In addition, the two were leading a group of masters formed entirely by experts from the Sea Wheel Realm!

More than a hundred Sea Wheel Realm masters!

Even if they encountered a strong person in the Heavenly Pill Realm, even if they were no match, if they run away scattered, they could still escape!

Unless these more than a hundred masters of the Sea Wheel Realm rushed to the Heavenly Pill level existence together, and then were slapped to death together!

It was possible that all of them died tragically, and none of them survived!


“Yan Shuang, Yan Zhi and more than 200 Sea Wheel Realm masters, how could they be so stupid?” Zheng Ke absolutely didn’t believe it!

“The sect master told me to give up the teleportation array? Instead, take a bird, cross the border from the Thousand Mountain Region, arrive at the land of Hundred Race on the west side of the Extremely Desolate Region, and then the sect where He Yiming is located in the center of the Extremely Desolate Region?” Zheng Ke was taken aback.

In the jade slip, the judgment of the Flame Sect master was that Yan Zhi and Yan Shuang were probably unlucky, and they encountered hordes of Heavenly Pill monsters!

After all, the two teleportation formations were both in the area of ​​the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the north of the Extreme Desolation Region, one was to the west of it and the other was to the east of it! If they encountered groups of Heavenly Pill monsters, then group would naturally be wiped out!

“Well, it makes sense, it’s probably like this!” Zheng Ke also fully agreed with the judgment of the Flame Sect Master.

Zheng Ke already believed in this explanation in his heart? Because what’s the other possible explanation?

Being ambushed by He Yiming?


How could He Yiming, who was only in the Foundation Establishment Realm, ambush and kill a group of strong men composed of experts from the Sea Wheel Realm?

Unless there are several Heavenly Pill monsters who will obediently listen to the words of He Yiming in the Foundation Establishment Realm, and stand by the teleportation array!

Hahaha, how is such a whimsical thing possible?

“Order everyone to prepare the birds. Let’s go to the land of Hundred Race in the west! Hehe, the hundred race have been in decline for many years! According to the information obtained from the previous investigation, there are only a group of vegetable and fruit people left in the land of hundred race. They should just kneel down to greet us. They can’t dare to stop us.

“The whole clan just happened to be wiped out!” Zheng Ke whispered coldly with a disdainful smile.

“When you, as an envoy, arrive at the land of hundreds race first, order those trash vegetable and fruit people to prepare food, supplies, and everything we need! If not, we will slaughter their entire race!” Zheng Ke thought Thinking about it, he arranged for a foundation-establishment disciple to act as an envoy to convey instructions first.

“Yes!” The Foundation Establishment disciple nodded, and left quickly.

Zheng Ke, on the other hand, remained calm and didn’t care about his decision at all.

What changes will happen in the Land of Hundred Races in the West?

Will the vegetable and fruit people start a riot?

Zheng Ke, who was in the half-step Heavenly Pill Realm, would care about this?

What a joke!

Under the Heavenly Pill, everyone was an ant!

Although he was only a half-step Heavenly Pill, Zheng Ke already regarded all existences under the Heavenly Pill Realm as ants!

So soon, a day later.

“New vegetables and fruit people? Hehe, I don’t care what you guys are! Listen, in three days, we will arrive with the 80,000 troops under Flame Sect’s command!”

“You have to be ready to receive our 80,000 troops! Everything you need! Including food, rice, spirit plants, various spiritual herbs and elixir! In addition, prepare another 10,000 clansmen and offer them as slaves! When the time comes, if we are in a bad mood, we will slaughter them to relieve our mood!

“If you don’t obey, the whole race will be slaughtered!”

The Foundation Establishment disciple sent by Zheng Ke announced arrogantly, extremely arrogantly.

“…” The two deputy chiefs of the new Fruit and Vegetable People, Banana and Melon Skin, listened quietly.

“We know! We will prepare!” Banana and Melon Skin replied together.

“Hehe, you guys are acquainted!” The Foundation Establishment disciple sent by Zheng Ke nodded in satisfaction, turned around and went back to report.

After the Foundation Establishment disciples sent by Zheng Ke left, many vegetable and fruit people were blown away!

“Damn it, the guys from the Flame Sect actually despise us so much!”

“These human races are completely different from the human races in the sect where Mr. Illusion belongs, they are all demons!”

“You two deputy patriarchs, what should we do? ”

Many elders of the new vegetable fruit people all looked at Banana and Melon Skin in unison.


“Are you afraid of death?”

Banana and Melon Skin suddenly said.

“Don’t be afraid!!! We have the invincible Patriarch! We vegetable and fruit people will never be afraid of death!!!”

The words of Banana and Melon Skin made all the new vegetable and fruit people shout in unison!

The fighting spirit erupted, and the mighty persistence and fighting spirit even turned into…

Armed phantoms, slowly appearing behind every vegetable and fruit people.

These phantoms actually contained a faint trace of the power of intent!

“Go and inform the Yan Huang Sect compatriots who live here first, they will definitely fight alongside us! And we…”

“Eighty thousand? Gather all our new Fruit and Vegetable fighters! Form an elite battle formation of eight hundred thousand! And we will see this bloody battle to the end!!!” Banana and Melon Skin roared together!

“Blood battle to the end!”

“Blood battle to the end!”

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