All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 37
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Chapter 37: Come To the Office

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Huang Xiaoyan was worried that Qin Sheng would be affected, so she added, “Sheng Sheng, I believe in you. With your looks, it’s more than enough to find a young master from a wealthy family. Do you really need to find an old man?”

Huang Xiaoyan’s cheeks puffed up as she spoke. Her face already had a layer of baby fat on it. This made her even cuter. Qin Sheng had the intention to tease her.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and supported her chin with one hand. “Are you saying that I’m being kept by a young master of a wealthy family?”

“No, no, no. I’m saying that you’re definitely not being kept. I’m just making an analogy.” Huang Xiaoyan waved her hands repeatedly. She couldn’t let Qin Sheng misunderstand her.

Lin Feng knocked Huang Xiaoyan’s head from behind and said disdainfully, “Huang Xiaoyan, you’re so stupid.”

Just now, Lin Feng still had some misgivings. He did not dare to touch Sister Sheng’s bad luck. She could crush him with one hand. The last time his wrist was broken and then reattached, he still remembered it clearly now.

Huang Xiaoyan opened her mouth, and he quickly came up to show his loyalty. He tried to impress Qin Sheng. “Sister Sheng, I also believe it. I saw the two guys insulting you just now, so I went up and beat them up.”

Lin Feng was unreasonable, but he was not someone who would randomly beat people up. Wasn’t it because the two people’s words were too harsh that he could not take it?

The class had not started yet, so the other students in Qin Sheng’s noisy class were paying attention. In addition, the class was very quiet, so they could hear Huang Xiaoyan and the others’ words very clearly.

They all expressed their sincerity.

“Sister Sheng, we all believe in you.”

“Sister Sheng, Sister Sheng, you’re mighty and domineering. You definitely won’t be kept by an old man.”

“Sister Sheng...”

The people in class four simply did not believe that Qin Sheng would be kept. After spending a week with her, they had already become Qin Sheng’s die-hard fans.

Lin Feng glared at them fiercely. He had expressed his loyalty, so why were they blindly joining in the fun?

The people in Class 4 subconsciously shrank their heads when they were glared at by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng proudly raised his chest.

‘You’re just arguing with me!’

However, not long after, many students surrounded Qin Sheng, asking about her well-being.

Lin Feng stared at them, but no one paid attention to him.

He pulled a student over and asked, calling him by his nickname. “Noob, are you guys itching for a fight?”

His eyes and voice were filled with a sharp and clear threat.

The student whose nickname was Noob was also honest. He told the truth, “Brother Feng, isn’t Sister Sheng better than you? Now that Sister Sheng is in trouble, we naturally have to go up and comfort her.”

Lin Feng grabbed a pen and wanted to break it. He was so angry!

However, he realized that he did not have much strength and threw the pen on the table again. He glared at Noob angrily.

Noob shrunk his head and quickly squeezed into the circle that surrounded Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng looked at the circle of students who were concerned about her, and she could not help but feel warmth in her heart. It was really good to have classmates and friends.

In her previous life, Qin Sheng had entered Class 1, but she had not met any students from Class 4. Because of Qin Churou, her reputation in the school was very bad, and no one was willing to be friends with her, let alone for her to enjoy the feeling of being trusted and cared for by her classmates.

It was only when the bell rang that everyone returned to their seats.

The form teacher, Teacher Lin, entered the class. She glanced at Qin Sheng and said, “Come to my office for a while.”

After saying that, she walked out of the classroom.

The gazes of the students from Class 4 all landed on Qin Sheng. They were very worried. This was an existence that was even more powerful than the discipline teacher. Lin Feng looked at Qin Sheng’s departing back and only gave her a sympathetic look.

‘Sister Sheng, take care. I can’t help you.’

There were very few teachers that Lin Feng was afraid of. Teacher Lin was the only one. As soon as he saw Teacher Lin, he was terrified.

Teacher Lin entered the office, closed the door, and poured a glass of water for Qin Sheng. “Sit.”

Right now, Teacher Lin was the only teacher in the office. The teacher-in-charge of the other three classes had gone to inspect the class.

Qin Sheng sat on the chair.. Her body was very straight, very well behaved.

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