All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1095 - 1095 She’s An Outsider
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1095 She’s An Outsider

Wu Jinghao turned to Mother Lin and pleaded, “Auntie, please help me. If you don’t help me, Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad will blame you. My family is your backing.”

Mother Lin pinched the corner of her clothes.

The Lin family had never been good to her. They only gave her 3 million yuan a month, while the Qin Corporation’s monthly revenue was 20 billion yuan. The Lin family didn’t care about her, and Old Master Lin wanted her to divorce Lin Chengye every day.

If even the Wu family abandoned her, her life would be very difficult.

Mother Lin had made up her mind. She was about to speak when Old Master Lin interrupted her, “Wu Wanrong, the Lin family will not help an outsider and let our own family suffer.”

Mother Lin bit her lip.

Didn’t his words mean that she, Wu Wanrong, was also an outsider?

“I’m not an outsider,” she argued.

“Very soon,” Old Master Lin snorted coldly.

Mother. Lin understood what Old Master Lin was trying to say and reacted strongly. “No, you can’t divorce me. I gave birth to Haoyu and Haocheng and have done a great service for the Lin family. You can’t abandon me just because I’m useless now.”

Old Master Lin didn’t answer.

He waved at Qin Sheng. “Sheng Sheng, let’s go.”

“Alright,” she said. Qin Sheng nodded and helped Lin Haocheng out.

Old Master Lin and Father Lin walked in front, while Mother Lin blocked Lin Haocheng’s way. She gritted her teeth and angrily said, “Lin Haocheng, you’re all grown up now, I can’t control you, right? I’m telling you, don’t call me Mom anymore.”

Lin Haocheng’s face was a bit pale, and he didn’t speak.

He didn’t react to Mother Lin’s words.

In the past, he would still try to please Mother Lin. But today, he was completely disappointed.

Qin Sheng looked at her coldly. “It’s our honor.”

With that, Qin Sheng hugged Lin Haocheng’s arm and walked around Mother Lin to leave.

As Lin Haoyu walked past Mother Lin, his steps came to a stop. “Mother, you’ve indeed gone too far in this matter.”

His voice was filled with unconcealed disappointment.

“Haoyu, you!”

Mother Lin turned to look at Lin Haoyu, not daring to believe that Lin Haoyu would speak to her in such a manner.

Soon, only Mother Lin and Wu Jinghao were left in the private room.

Mother Lin stood in place, feeling wronged. Why couldn’t anyone understand her?

Couldn’t they be more understanding of her difficulties?

Lin Haocheng and Qin Sheng were always going against her, and Old Master Lin wanted her to divorce Lin Chengye, so she let them be.

But what about Lin Haoyu and Lin Chengye?

Why didn’t he stand up for her?


When they returned to the Lin family, the entire family was very quiet. Lin Haocheng sat on the sofa, not saying a word. Qin Sheng was worried and stayed by his side.

Qin Sheng’s concern for Lin Haocheng was not only because Lin Haocheng had been wronged, but also because Lin Haocheng, like her, had a mother who disliked him in every way.

They were in the same boat.

Father Lin was the first to speak. There was a sense of guilt in his voice. “Haocheng, I’m sorry. I didn’t manage your mother well and let you suffer.”

Old Master Lin laughed coldly. “Do these things happen rarely? It’s just that the previous incidents were not as serious. Lin Chengye, women like Wu Wanrong cannot be tolerated in the Lin family. I’ll give you two choices.”

“One is to get a divorce. The second is for you to leave the Lin family together.”

This was the first time Old Master Lin had been so unyielding.

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