All-in-One System: All I Need is Erotic Coins

Chapter 176 Difficult Fight
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The draugr sat on the throne without moving a muscle for ages. When Damian and Frederic opened the door, it finally opened its eyes and stared deep into their souls.

The sight sent shivers down their spines. Damian could tell that this enemy was formidable, just by looking at it and feeling its aura.

"This is not like the other mummy," Damian said. "We need to be careful."

Frederic was already behind him, rolling his eyes. "You should be careful, because I'm not the one fighting."

"I'm a bit tired. Can't you take control and fight?"

"No, nope. You do your thing, and I'll do mine."

"What's your thing?"

"Sit here and cheer. Go, Damian, kill it!"

No matter what Damian tried, Frederic would not help him directly in combat. He turned to face the draugr, which got up from the throne and picked up an old, rusty sword and shield.

Unlike the last one, this draugr wore plate armor and a helmet with two horns. It was also taller, but its body was still the same: a corpse.

Damian grasped his two-handed sword made of black slime, waiting. The draugr's eyes were blue, shining brightly like magic. It did not look lifeless. On the contrary, Damian could tell that it was no ordinary creature.

"Come to me," Damian said, entering a fighting stance.

The fight was inevitable. He could not do anything to avoid it. Would Damian run away from the catacombs and hide like a scared mouse? Absolutely not!

He had a goal, and to achieve it, clearing the catacombs was a must. Every time Damian needed strength and motivation, all he had to do was think about flying, mounted on the white, thundering wolf. All the other adventurers would look at him with awe, and the girls would yell, "Please, take me with you!"

That was more than enough to give him courage. Damian stood firm, waiting for the draugr to run toward him or something similar, but nothing happened.

"Is it alright?" Frederic asked.

"No idea."

The two stood there, gazing at each other for a few seconds, and then the draugr finally acted, catching Damian off guard!

Damian barely had time to register the draugr swinging its sword before a horizontal beam of blue energy sliced through the air in his direction. The beam was so fast that it seemed to cut through everything in its path, leaving nothing but smoldering ash in its wake. The stone table, the stone chairs, and even the air itself were not immune to its power. Damian knew that if he didn't move, he would be next.

He dove out of the way just in time, but the beam grazed his shoulder, sending a searing pain through his body. He rolled across the floor, trying to put some distance between himself and the draugr. But the draugr was relentless. It charged at him again, swinging its sword in a wide arc. Damian barely had time to raise his own sword in defense before the two blades clashed.

The impact sent a shockwave through Damian's body, and he staggered back. The draugr took advantage of his momentary weakness and swung again. This time, the blade bit deep into Damian's flesh, slicing through his slime armor like butter. Damian cried out in pain and dropped his sword.

The draugr swung its sword again. Damian tried to use his telekinesis to send the creature flying, but it was as if a magical barrier protected it.

Damian was not out of options, however. He aimed his palm at the dropped sword, making it fly back to his hand just in time to block the draugr's attack.

"Something is off with this creature!" Frederic called from afar. "Too much power!"

While Damian was busy fighting, Frederic watched closely. With his draconic eyes, he saw a string of blue energy attached to the back of the draugr's head.

The string led to the back of the room.

"Hold on, Damian," Frederic said. "I might save your ass today."


Damian and the draugr exchanged blows, and after each strike, Damian could feel the impact all over his body. The draugr's attacks were more powerful than the winged demon's!

That shouldn't be the case. It was impossible. Damian did everything he could to stop the attacks, and even thought about using his giant bloodline.

But then something changed. Damian blocked yet another attack, but it did not feel as powerful as the previous ones.

"Hahaha, look at this tiny one," Frederic said.

It was the same small creature they had used to open the door.

"What? Was it controlling the draugr?"

The fight became so easy that Damian finished it with one sword slash, cutting the draugr in half.

"It gave it power somehow," Frederic said, putting the creature back on the ground. "This little one is not going to hurt us anymore. Also, I found the way out! Come."

Damian was again hurt, but neither he nor Frederic worried about it.

'I will heal soon,' Damian thought.

What the two worried about was the way out, and apparently Frederic had found it. Another door on the back of the room.

It was not locked like the previous one, and when Damian opened it, he felt the wind surge and the cold night breeze.

"We are outside," Damian said, staring at the starry sky.

"Pay attention," Frederic reminded him.

The astonishing view from the mountaintop made Damian lose his attention for a split second, and that should not happen. If everything went according to their plans, the white thunder wolf should be nearby.

"We are sure this beast is around this area, right?" Damian asked.

Frederic shook his head. "Yes, one hundred percent."

"Why are you so certain about it?"

Frederic said nothing, only pointing his finger toward the opposite direction. Damian followed it, and there it was: a massive white wolf with thunders roaring around its body.

It was bigger in person, with sharp teeth and claws! The paw of the creature was bigger than a human being!

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