Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2074 - Final Step
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Chapter 2074: Final Step

Dragon Pearl!

Following the appearance of this pearl, all of the black figures instantly vanished from the canyon. This represented the conclusion of the battle of the tribes.

A symbol started to light up on the hands of Ling Han, the Empress, and the others. The radiance from these symbols intertwined with the radiance from the Dragon Pearl.

They were the victors of this battle. Thus, only they could obtain this Dragon Pearl. Du Shaojun and the others were completely unable to even touch this Dragon Pearl.

At the same time, another column of light descended from the sky, landing in the center of the canyon. It was like a path.

Ji Wuming was the first to walk over and enter the column of light.


He instantly vanished.

This was the path to leave.

Physically speaking, this canyon only had an entrance and no exit.

Du Shaojun and the three other survivors thanked Ling Han again before stepping into the column of light and vanishing.

Ji Wuming didn’t retrieve the Dragon Pearl, so this task could only be left to Ling Han.

He picked up the Dragon Pearl and observed it, yet he couldn’t find anything special about it.

It was extremely ordinary, and it was much like a normal rock—apart from the fact that it could glow.

He initially wanted to examine it for a while longer, yet the column of light was slowly shrinking. It was clear that the path to leave was about to close. Thus, he had no option but to hurriedly walk over, and leave with the three women.


His body shuddered slightly, and he immediately appeared near the peak of the mountain.

Old Monk Na Xu was waiting here with a wide smile on his face. What kind of monk was he? He could barely wipe the smile off his face.

He had seen the emblem representing the Bronze Tribe light up in the canyon, and only then had it occurred to him that their tribe had actually won this battle of the tribes. He had then hurriedly run to the peak of the mountain.

He truly hadn’t expected this! Their tribe was only represented by five people, yet they had actually defied the heavens and won!

“We haven’t disappointed you,” Ling Han said as he waved the Dragon Pearl in his hand. However, he didn’t hand it over.

Old Monk Na Xu instantly understood his intentions. With a flick of his fingers, a spatial ring shot toward Ling Han.

Ling Han caught the spatial ring and looked over its contents with his divine sense. A satisfied smile spread across his face.

There were 50 portions of Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes in total, and each could amplify the benefits of when they were instilled with power by the Hundred Dragons. However, these benefits could only be amplified by a maximum of tenfold. This wouldn’t change even if they consumed more Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes.

Ling Han tossed the Dragon Pearl toward Old Monk Na Xu.


Na Xu squinted his eyes and smiled, and he was just about to say something, yet he suddenly disappeared with a flash. Ling Han could sense that some kind of resonance had occurred between the old monk and the Dragon Pearl.

This was probably due to his bloodline.

Ji Wuming, Du Shaojun, and the others were also present. Of the over 200 people who had entered the Divine Dragon Mountain, only a mere nine remained.

Ling Han tossed 10 portions of Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes to Ji Wuming. Du Shaojun and the others could only look on in envy. However, none of them dared to have any indecent thoughts.

What a joke! They had barely managed to survive!

“Let’s go, there’s still the final stage. We still need to accept the power of the Hundred Dragons.”

They continued to ascend the mountain, and it wasn’t long before they arrived at the peak. Upon arriving, what they saw was a gigantic platform, on which rested a stone seat. This was a large seat, and it could easily fit four or five people.

“After one day, whoever’s sitting on this throne can obtain 99 percent of the benefits from the Hundred Dragons. Meanwhile, those on the platform can only share the remaining one percent of benefits,” Du Shaojun said.

Ji Wuming didn’t stop, and he directly ascended the platform, causing it to instantly light up.

The countdown had begun!

“Ling Han, another battle!” Ji Wuming shouted, his eyes burning with fighting spirit. Right now, among those at the same cultivation as him, Ling Han was the only person who could act as his opponent. However, one had to realize that he hadn’t unleashed his divided soul yet. Thus, Ling Han could only barely rival him.

He needed a true opponent. The path of a paragon wasn’t forged by a single person. Instead, it needed one to defeat and rise above tens of thousands of fellow prodigies.

In his past life, he had competed with several fellow prodigies, each pushing the others to improve. In the end, he was the one who had emerged victorious, becoming a Ninth Heaven Celestial King. If it weren’t for those competitors, he might have not risen to become a Ninth Heaven Celestial King.

Thus, if one yearned to reach the peak of cultivation, powerful competitors were perhaps even more important than Celestial medicines and cultivation techniques.

“As you wish!” Ling Han replied. He was also burning with fighting spirit. He leaped onto the platform, and without another word, he immediately launched an attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two most powerful monarch tiers didn’t warm up at all, and they instead reached their most powerful state in an instant. Fists, palm strikes, kicks, swords, and even a strand of hair. All of these could be used as terrifying and deadly weapons.

Even though Du Shaojun and the others were aware of Ling Han’s and Ji Wuming’s power, they had never witnessed it from such a close distance before, nor had they watched it with such attention. They involuntarily drew a sharp breath.

These two people were far too powerful. Their battle prowess had completely exceeded the logical limit of the Dividing Soul Tier.

“Young Master Du, when they reach Heaven Soul, do you think their battle prowess can rival Immortal Palace Tier elites?” Long Butian asked in curiosity.

Du Shaojun pondered for a moment, and a look of hesitation spread across his face.

“Impossible!” a person beside him immediately said with a shake of their head. This was one of the survivors, and his name was Ma Xian. His voice was filled with certainty as he continued, “Those who have reached the Immortal Palace Tier have cultivated a secret realm of the body. Their battle prowess is unimaginably powerful. Even if Ling Han and Ji Wuming both reach Heaven Soul, and even if they team up, it’s still impossible for them to rival any Immortal Palace Tier elite.”

The other survivor, Fan Yi, nodded in agreement. “Indeed. The gulf between Immortal Palace Tier elites and Dividing Soul Tier cultivators is far too great. No matter how ordinary a First Secret elite is, they can still easily suppress any Dividing Soul Tier monarch tier.”

“However, don’t forget that those at the fifth severance can rival Dividing Soul Tier cultivators!” Du Shaojun said slowly.

“However, it’s a shame that the Dividing Soul Tier only has four minor levels, and not a fifth. Thus, regardless of how prodigious they are, they’re still subject to the iron rule of cultivation. This is the rule of heaven and earth,” Ma Xian said with absolute conviction.

“Perhaps… these two can perform a miracle?” Du Shaojun said.

“Haha! Do you want to bet on that?” Fan Yi asked with a hearty laugh.

“What are we going to wager?” Du Shaojun asked. He showed no signs of backing down.

“The loser has to agree to a request from the victor—no matter what the request is,” Ma Xian said.

Du Shaojun didn’t nod or shake his head. Instead, he turned to Fan Yi, and asked, “What do you say, Brother Fan?”

“I agree to this wager!” Fan Yi said with a nod.

None of them paid any attention to Long Butian. After all, he was a measly emperor tier, insignificant in the eyes of monarch tiers.

“You two are definitely going to lose!” Hu Niu suddenly said. “Niu’s Ling Han is the most powerful!” Her face was filled with pride.

Fan Yi and Ma Xian both wore reserved smiles upon hearing this. Even though they were extremely thankful to Ling Han, they naturally had their own views as monarch tiers. They definitely couldn’t abandon their own opinions because of the recent events.

If they did, they would essentially be severing their own cultivation paths.

Dividing Soul Tier cultivators rivaling Immortal Palace Tier elites?

What kind of hilarious joke was this? They were certainly going to win this bet.

Meanwhile, Ling Han and Ji Wuming were engaged in a ferocious battle on the platform. However, their aim wasn’t to kill each other. Instead, it was to force the other off the throne.

They both understood that neither of them possessed the power to kill the other. Thus, their aim was simply to occupy the throne to enjoy the benefits from the Hundred Dragons.

This was an intense battle, and both of the paramount monarch tiers were unleashing their full battle prowess as they tried to blast each other off the throne.

Du Shaojun, the Empress, and the others also entered the platform. However, they didn’t have the right to participate in the battle for the throne. They could only spectate this battle from afar. In any case, there was only one percent of benefits to share, so they couldn’t be bothered battling with each other. They simply stood there to await the final result.

Time slowly crept by, and it wasn’t long before one day was about to pass. However, the battle between Ling Han and Ji Wuming was still red-hot, with neither of them willing to retreat a single step.

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