Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1822 - Reappearance of the Celestial medicine
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Chapter 1822: Reappearance of the Celestial medicine

The speed of the light of death was too quick. To say nothing of a Severing Mundane Tier, it was probable that even Dividing Soul Tier might not be able to evade this strike. Thus, this beam of light naturally landed on Ling Han’s leg directly.

Ling Han stood proudly, like a boulder.


Zihe Bingyun’s face was instantly filled with shock, her small mouth involuntarily widening into an ‘o’ THis was something that she could not understand, could not believe, and could not accept.

How... could this be?!

Ling Han humphed, and he charged over. “Demented woman, I will use your head to offer apologies to the Gururu Tribe!”

“You overestimate your own capabilities!” Zihe Bingyun declared in disdain. She had already regained her senses from her previous astonishment. She was, after all, a king among kings.

He actually dared demand that she be buried next to them?

She was the heir of a Celestial King Tier clan, a future empress of the skies, so how noble and dignified was she?

‘So what if you managed to block the staff weapon? Can you match me in battle prowess?’

Zihe Bingyun fought fiercely with Ling Han. She had full confidence in herself. She had only used the staff weapon as a threat so she could save herself some effort. After all, Ling Han’s physique was too tough, and she was well aware of that fact.

“Which Celestial King Tier force are you a descendant of?” she asked. If that was not the case, without having the brand of a Celestial King into his body, how could he possibly be able to resist the Regulations of the Great Dao that were formed from the Source Power of Earth?

And this was why the staff weapon was so frightening. It was equivalent to a Celestial King using techniques. Without a height of Regulations that was its equal in level, there was no way to resist it at all.

“Humph, if it’s not a Celestial King Tier force, you can freely slaughter whoever you please?” Ling Han also used the staff weapon, and as the light of death *****, Zihe Bingyun similarly could not dodge, and was blasted head-on.

However, Zihe Bingyun looked like she was completely fine. As she attacked madly, she asked in disdain, “Do you think that you are the only one that has been bestowed supreme Regulations by a Celestial King?”

Realization dawned on Ling Han. It was no wonder she guessed that he was the descendant of a Celestial King Tier force.

Since the staff weapon was ineffective, Ling Han decisively put it away, and brandished his fists, using Nine Heavens Flame and Xuanyin Source Water, and beginning an exchange of blows with Zihe Bingyun.

However, while the staff weapon could allow a group of Shattering Void Tier natives to insta-kill a third severance king tier, the same trick clearly could not be used on those like Luo Changfeng and Zihe Bingyun. Going by the look of things, it was still the Source Power of heaven and earth that was more powerful.

When he thought about it, it was true. Just how many Source Powers of heaven and earth were there, and just how many Celestial Kings were there in comparison?

Or in other words, if a Celestial King wanted to grant this kind of destructive power to others, he himself would have to pay an extremely great price. To grant a descendant the ability to insta-kill just a Severing Mundane Tier or Dividing Soul Tier, the Celestial King would have to make this kind of sacrifice. Which Celestial King would be that foolish?

Ling Han and Zihe Bingyun exchanged blows. In terms of battle prowess, he clearly was at a disadvantage, but with the might of the two great Source Powers, he was not much too inferior.

Zihe Bingyun smirked coldly. Even if he had been bestowed supreme Regulations by a Celestial King, how could he be able to use them without limits?

Just look at her. By now, she had only used this kind of Regulations to protect herself, but did not use them in attack. That was because this was something that could be expended fully. And it was not that she did not hate Ling Han, but rather that she wanted to use these precious Regulations when she fought for the Heavenly Dao Jade.

Otherwise, without the Celestial King Tier Regulations protecting herself, there would be no way that she could take hold of such a treasure.

With Ling Han being so extravagant with his use of them now, as soon as he had expended his power of Regulation completely, what else could he match her with? And on what basis would he take possession of the Heavenly Dao Jade?

Idiot, what Celestial King Tier force had produced such an idiot? But when she thought about it, this brat seemed to be extremely treacherous. He was clearly a descendant of a Celestial King Tier force, yet actually went to become a subordinate at a three-star force, and she had almost been deceived!

“You despicable villain!” Zihe Bingyun rebuked. How was this guy a worthy descendant of a Celestial King? He actually gave out half-truths.

Ling Han did not dispute her words. What good was it to bicker with a dead person?

Since his killing intent was already spiked, then who cared if she was a man or woman? No matter how beautiful she looked, it could not possibly cause him to feel the slightest bit of mercy.


The two of them fought intensely, and the more Zihe Bingyun fought, the more shocked she was. Logically speaking, with the rate that Ling Han was expending them at, the Celestial King Tier Regulations should have already been expended fully. No matter what, there was no way he could continue to use them like they were completely unlimited.

This was an impossible thing!

It should be known that though the power of Celestial King was endless, they were only in the Severing Mundane Tier, after all, so there was a limit to the Regulations they could sustain. If too many Regulations of the Great Dao were sealed in them, it would create a very great burden on them, and they could even explode and die from it!

She had used her own situation to make an estimate. Ling Han’s expense of Regulations had definitely reached the volume that was sealed into her body. Then, why could he still use them after that?

Could it be that because his physique was stronger, he had more Regulations sealed into his body?

Was this possible?

That was Celestial King Tier Regulations, so what use would a stronger physique be? In the face of Celestial King Tier Regulations, did one mark and 100 marks have any difference? They would both be overwhelmed.

This battle continued progressing, and Zihe Bingyun’s shock gradually increased further. That was because Ling Han was too extravagant with his use of Celestial King Tier Regulations, just like a super spendthrift.

She could not understand, and could only feel shocked.

What was even more unacceptable to her was that her Celestial King Tier Regulations were also heavily expended, and she had already used half of them.

If the battle continued, it was possible that she would not have enough to retrieve the Heavenly Dao Jade.

“Just you wait!” She tossed out these words, and left in a leap. She could not continue to waste Celestial King Tier Regulations here.

Ling Han did not set out in pursuit. Even if he managed to catch up to her, it would be no use. He similarly could do nothing against Zihe Bingyun.

He definitely had to break through to the third severance!

Ling Han mentally vowed. He had had that idea in the first place, and now when he thought about the fact that the village of dwarves had possibly been slaughtered by Zihe Bingyun, the killing intent in his heart was boundless.

He, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou rushed back to the village of dwarves, but discovered that this place was already scattered all over with corpses, and they could not find even a single survivor.

“This demented woman!” Ling Han’s eyes swept over the scene, his whole body trembling slightly.

Though he had not spent much time with the dwarves, he admired the sincerity and hospitality of the dwarves very much. He would definitely not have imagined that when he came back, he would actually witness such a scene.

“Zihe Bingyun, if I don’t kill you, my heart will be unable to rest easy!” Ling Han stared at the distant skies, practically spitting out each word.

Xiu, it was just at this moment that the earth suddenly cracked apart, and a rabbit suddenly shot out. However, it had the head of a wolf. It opened its mouth wide, and like a bottomless hole, it was about the size of 21-24 meters as it aimed a bite at Ling Han.

It was that mutated Celestial medicine!

This fellow really appeared and disappeared unpredictably, and was skilled at stealth, deceiving the divine sense of Ling Han and his group altogether. Furthermore, it was also quite intelligent. The time at which it unleashed its attack just happened to be a time when Ling Han was feeling incredibly furious, a strong ripple appearing in his divine sense.

Then, the attack arrived.

Though Ling Han had been surprised, he broke into a sliver of a smile instead.

He was only afraid that this Celestial medicine would never appear again. If that happened, he would not be able to take it, but the moment it appeared, he would at least have some hope.

...This Celestial medicine had also devoured a bit of the behind of the Seven Lives Divine Clouds, so no matter what, he had to seek an accounting for this debt.

Pa, the Celestial medicine swallowed, and Ling Han instantly disappeared from sight.

The rabbit’s head immediately returned to its original size. The wolf’s head was salivating. It wanted to refine Ling Han, and then extract the Seven Lives Divine Clouds.

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