Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1750 - Give my Brother Ling some consideration
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Chapter 1750: Give my Brother Ling some consideration

Ling Han breathed in a mouthful of air, and blew forwards.

Hu, a ball of fiery flame danced. The Regulations of the Great Dao actually took the form of chains that rattled loudly.

Ling Han couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. The might of the Nine Heavens Flame had become stronger and stronger. As one of the source flames of the heaven and earth, the strength of its life force, it was naturally powerful.

Under the burning of the fierce flames, the two ice swords immediately melted, and became steam. The Regulations embedded in them were also completely disintegrated, and not the slightest bit remained.

Bei Xuanming’s expression became grim in an instant.

At the beginning, he was only filled with a boundless fury, and thought that Ling Han and Fu Gaoyun were deliberately making fun of him, but he could tell if his opponent was an elite as long as he made his move.

Ling Han was very strong!

Not just he; Fu Xiaoyun, Xiao Sheng, and Changsun Liang were similarly incomparably stunned. Only the Empress, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and Fu Gaoyun looked like this was completely as they had expected.

“Severing mundane through the alternative method!” Bei Xuanming guessed immediately. Otherwise, how could he have possibly surpassed the gap of a minor level and battle?

Hiss, this guy actually reached the height that only Holy Sons and Holy Daughters of the true major sects could attain.

Striking the heaven and earth!

Bei Xuanming’s eyes were red with envy. He had also attempted advancing to the Severing Mundane Tier through striking the heaven and earth, but he had only struck once, and he did not dare continue further. Otherwise, it would definitely be his life that would be severed.

At first, he had thought this was something that only existed in legends. Among three-star forces, or even four-star forces, this could not possibly be seen. But the reality was a harsh slap in his face.

A guy that was just a piece of trash in his eyes had actually reached the height that he had dreamt of!

He did not dare believe this, and was not willing to, either.

Meanwhile, Fu Xiaoyun’s beautiful eyes lit up. Severing Mundane with the alternate method! So someone could actually manage it?

“Severing Mundane through the alternative method!” Xiao Sheng and Changsun Liang mumbled softly. Limited by their level, they were still unaware that one could advance into the Severing Mundane Tier through striking the heaven and earth.

“Sister, why don’t you just marry Brother Ling?” Fu Gaoyun played the role of matchmaker. “You see, my Brother Ling’s natural talent is who knows how many times better than that despicable guy’s, and in future, he would definitely be able to beat up various prodigies. If you miss out on such a good man, you will definitely be crying in future.”

He did not lower his voice when he said these words, so Bei Xuanming could hear each word very clearly.

Bei Xuanming’s expression was so dark that it was practically dripping. How could you undermine him right in front of his face like this? He was truly angered by now. He drew a hand over the middle of his forehead, and actually drew out a silver short sword that was only three inches long from it.

This sword seemed to have been formed from ice. The moment it was drawn, the temperature in their surroundings dropped drastically. Fu Gaoyun and the Empress looked undisturbed, but the others were all shuddering heavily.

Fu Gaoyun and the Empress released their auras, defending Fu Xiaoyun and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, respectively, but Xiao Sheng and Changsun Liang had no one to take care of them, so they could only retreat far away.

However, they immediately looked shocked because they saw that the Empress was actually capable of resisting the might of that Pseudo-Celestial Tool!

“She, too, has advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier by striking the heaven and earth,” Fu Gaoyun explained to his sister.

Fu Xiaoyun’s small mouth immediately turned into an ‘o’, and Bei Xuanming almost stumbled. There were actually as many as two such prodigies!

Changsun Liang and Xiao Sheng were rendered speechless. They did not know the exact significance of advancing into the Severing Mundane Tier through striking the heaven and earth, but there was one fact that could be confirmed: if one advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier in this manner, the strength of his battle prowess would be astonishing.

For example, Ling Han was presently able to fight on even terms with Bei Xuanming because he had successfully struck the heaven and earth.

Bei Xuanming dismissed all his other thoughts, and focused on the small sword in his hand.

This was Icy Clouds Sword, a Two-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tool. If he could completely activate its full might, it could reach the extent of the third severance or even the fourth severance.

Because he was the Holy Son of the Lunar Sect, he was worthy of this kind of Pseudo-Celestial Tool.

With Bei Xuanming’s present cultivation level, he definitely would not be able to completely force out the might of this Icy Clouds Sword, but it would not be difficult for him to attain the peak stage of the second severance. ‘Ling Han is indeed very strong. You are able to match me, someone in the early stage of the second severance, but how could it be that you would be able to oppose even the peak stage of the second severance?’

He was not going to believe that!

“When the Icy Clouds Sword emerges, all the heaven and earth will be sealed in ice!” Bei Xuanming exclaimed. The short sword rose up into the air, but was quickly becoming larger in size, and turned into a massive sword that was 300 meters long. The power of ice was strong, and various patterns appeared, their strokes glowing.

Ling Han sighed. He had not managed to improve the Divine Demon Sword to the level of a Pseudo-Celestial Tool, and the broken wooden sword was eternally frozen at the level of Level 20 God Tool, so there was no weapon that he could actually use now.

It could not be helped; who asked him to have such a strong physique? His actual need of a weapon was not very strong.

He greeted the incoming attack with a punch of his own. The power of Regulation of the Xuanyin Source Water channeled through, fighting ice with ice.


The sword and fist clashed, and a layer of ice formed on both sword and fist at the same time, and spread out towards both their arms.

Ling Han was unafraid, and allowed the ice to form as it willed, but Bei Xuanming paled in shock. With a strong shake, he hurriedly withdrew his sword and retreated.

He repeatedly spurred on the might of the sword. Pa, pa, pa. The ice on the sword’s blade shattered and fell onto the ground. Only then did he sigh in relief. But when he raised his head, he turned pale in shock. That was because Ling Han had also easily shook his arm, and then was completely fine thereafter.


This was a Pseudo-Celestial Tool he was holding, and that was why he could be strong. ‘You are only a body of blood and flesh, so how can you possibly be so freakish?’

“I am going to beat you up now!” Ling Han rushed forwards, launching a powerful offensive.

Bei Xuanming controlled the massive sword to greet his offensive mentally, while both his hands balled into fists, and began to use one celestial technique after another. The Holy Son of the Lunar Sect had naturally grasped a considerable number of secret techniques, but no matter how hard he tried, they were all ineffective against Ling Han.

If he wanted to stand against Ling Han, he would at least have to reach the height of Fu Gaoyun. At present, Bei Xuanming’s cultivation level was considerably weaker, so naturally he could only stay on the defensive.

Ling Han aggressively suppressed him, and Bei Xuanming did not even have the ability to fight back anymore. He could only stay on the defensive in a completely passive position, and cut a sorry figure.

Xiao Sheng, Changsun Liang, and Fu Xiaoyun were all dumbfounded with shock. This scene was something that they had completely been unable to imagine.

Severing Mundane with the alternate method could actually raise strength to this level?


Ling Han tore through Bei Xuanming’s defenses with a single punch, and began to beat this guy up.

This guy had repeatedly wanted to kill him; did he think that he was unaware of it?

If the two of them had been fighting alone, Ling Han definitely would not have held back, but if he killed Bei Xuanming here, it would cause the Fu Clan to bear responsibility as well. Ling Han thought Fu Gaoyun was quite likable, so he decided to give him some face.

But even so, Bei Xuanming was still very quickly pummelled into a pig’s head.

“Sister, are you sure you won’t reconsider?” Fu Gaoyun elbowed his sister.

Fu Xiaoyun’s cheek twitched. Bei Xuanming was a king tier, but in front of Ling Han, he was practically rendered incapable of fighting back. This really caused her jaw to drop.

Though she knew that this was not because Bei Xuanming was weak, but rather due to the fact that Ling Han was too strong, it had still become a thorn in her heart, leaving behind this scene of Bei Xuanming being in such a sorry state.

When Ling Han had thrashed him to his heart’s content, he finally withdrew his fists.

Bei Xuanming actually had not sustained any heavy injuries. He got back to his feet, his expression livid. He really no longer had any face to show himself.

Xiu, it was at this moment that a figure shot forwards and arrived. It was a white-haired elder.

“Yi, you’re here, brat!” It was none other than Xiang Yan, and as he looked at Ling Han, his expression was filled with excitement.

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