Age of Evolution

Chapter 192 - 192: Transformation of Luminous Particles (10 updates)
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Chapter 192: Chapter 192: Transformation of Luminous Particles (10 updates)

Translator: 549690339

Looking at the items within the Marching Stone, Lin Zhen felt touched and bitter at the same time.

It was full of soil, piled up into a small mound, and on a branch, there was still a flower that was alive.

Above the flower, there was actually a special stargem!

A Radiance Star Crystal radiating endless light power!

After coming to the Star Fruit Tree, Lin Zhen had already obtained two special star crystals, one being a Spiritual Power Star Crystal, and the other being a Spatial Star Crystal.

After obtaining these two star crystals, they greatly benefited his martial strength and granted him two powerful techniques, Soul Lock and Psychokinetic Teleportation.

He never thought that he could obtain a third special star crystal. The fact he was missing one more to finish his absorption was regretful. (f)reewebnovel

But he didn’t expect Su Mingyue to leave such a great gift for him.

Su Mingyue probably didn’t know that Lin Zhen was only one star crystal away from completing his promotion. She obtained the Radiance Star Crystal and just thought it was a treasure, so she left it for Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen could see that beside the flower of the Radiance Star Crystal, there should have been a second flower

It was a Twin Star Crystal!

There was a legend in the Star Fruit Tree that whenever ten special star crystals appeared, a Twin Star Crystal would also appear with two special star crystals on it.

Although absorbing a second special star crystal of the same type wouldn’t benefit a person as much as the first one, the advantage was still great. And Su Mingyue even left it for him.

Moreover, the more important thing was that once a star crystal was taken off, it would disperse and could hardly be preserved. Su Mingyue came up with such a method, filling a Marching Stone with soil and adding moisture so the branch could be placed inside for a much longer preservation. Just like the Space-time Wandering Flower, it could live on a small hill and survive for a long time.

Of course, a Marching Stone couldn’t provide nutrients as long as a small hill, but surviving for a few months would be no problem.

Lin Zhen picked up a handful of soil and felt its fineness and moisture, which made his eyes a little sore.

Had the soil been carefully selected?

Thinking about those delicate hands constantly playing with the black soil, Lin Zhen felt the pressure on him.

“What a silly girl…”

Lin Zhen whispered and took a deep breath before picking off the star crystal.

“Since it’s a gift from Mingyue, I must not let her down. Once I absorb this one, I will gain Radiant Power.”

“Radiant Power in Star Strike is a top-notch skill, known as the king of endurance battles. It not only has unparalleled speed, but can also condense attacks and even attach to weapons. The most important thing is its extremely strong recovery ability. It can not only heal injuries but even regenerate limbs!”

“I got lightning before, but it always lacked the atomic part, so I couldn’t fully master its power. If I could absorb the power of light, maybe there’ll be some miraculous changes?”

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Zhen placed the Star Crystal in front of his lower abdomen, maintaining the Spiritual Barrier while circulating the energy in his Dantian.

Silver streams of energy began to flow into Lin Zhen’s Dantian.

This energy wasn’t just cosmic energy, but also the power of light.

This star crystal was a fully mature Constant Star Crystal, and as the power of light poured into it, a strong energy and light filled Lin Zhen, making him feel warm all over.

“Ah! What a powerful light power, my body is recovering rapidly!”

During his previous battle with Yue Feng, Yue Feng’s spear pierced through the liquid metal arm shield, injuring Lin Zhen’s arm. But now, a faint white light shone on his arm, healing the not-so-small wound in just a short time!

“Amazing! The wound healed before I’ve even truly mastered the Radiance Power, and my Spiritual Power and Dantian energy are both recovering rapidly too.”

“The title of ‘King of Endurance Battles’ is indeed well-deserved. With Radiant Power, my actual combat strength will definitely improve significantly, at least in group battles, I won’t get as tired easily.”

As the Radiance Power recovered, Lin Zhen’s Dantian energy and Spiritual Power gradually returned to their full state. Moreover, he felt that his Dantian energy was getting closer and closer to saturation.

“Am I about to break through?”

“No, I can’t breakthrough just yet. This Radiance Star Crystal is definitely a treasure, and I must master its power. Anyway, I don’t need to worry about Mingyue’s safety now. I can practice peacefully. As for Yue Feng outside, let him wait.”

Thinking this, Lin Zhen’s Dantian energy began to guide the Radiance Power intentionally into his Dantian.

However, this radiant power wasn’t so easy to master. It was faint and went along with the Star Crystal’s energy into Lin Zhen’s Dantian, but no matter how Lin Zhen tried to manipulate it, the light remained uncontrolled.

Lin Zhen’s Divine Sense went through just like that, only leaving a shadow in the light and nothing else.

After several attempts and failures, Lin Zhen finally calmed down.

“No, this isn’t right!”

“Light and electricity are almost impossible to capture. A light source mainly contains three components – atoms, molecules, and charged particles.”

“Both light atoms and lightning atoms represent the highest mysteries of this energy, and they are not easily understood and mastered.”

“Molecules in the light represent the thermal energy of radiance. When used by martial artists, they provide potent recovery powers. After mastering the power of molecules, one can actively restore their injuries instead of passively healing. For example, with a thought, my minor wounds can heal, with light flowing around them, reverting to their original state without a scar. This is the real manifestation of radiant power.”

“Charged particles in the radiance represent the radiation of light, which greatly helps in battle. This radiation is not only a source of light but also a demonstration of power.”

“Now, mastering atoms or molecules is beyond my reach. What I need to do first is to master the charged particles inside.”

“And I have an advantage when it comes to mastering particles: I already possess lightning ions and photons, so if I use them wisely, I might be able to stimulate the resonance of the charged particles.”

With that thought in mind, Lin Zhen finally found a clear path.

However, it was easier said than done.

Lightning atoms and photons flowed within the radiance, yet they could not induce any resonance from the charged particles.


Lin Zhen took a deep breath, calming his mind as thoughts swirled within.

“That’s right… Light is peaceful and warm. To master atoms, molecules, and particles, I must first see them. I won’t be able to see them if my mind is restless.”

Lin Zhen’s soul was extremely strong, and his powerful spiritual will allowed him to force himself to calm down in many situations.

He slowly closed his eyes, clearing his mind of all distractions, forgetting everything about the outside world, forgetting that Yue Feng was lurking outside, that he still had to leave the Star Fruit Tree, forgetting everyone else, and even himself. Only his drifting thoughts and spiritual power remained, continuously supporting the spiritual barrier.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Zhen entered a state of emptiness. He felt as though his eyes were still closed, yet he could see everything clearly.

“I see it! I see it!”

He saw in his Dantian the light growing clear then blurry, blurry then clear, before finally solidifying in his vision.

A small white dot represented the basic constituents of light, atoms.

A larger, warm, and bright dot, which represented molecules.

And above them, smaller dots covered in electric currents – the charged particles.

“This is it! These are the charged particles! I finally see them!”

Under the influence of spiritual power, the lightning ions within Lin Zhen’s body slowly merged into the light, gently touching the charged particle.

The contact between currents made the charged particle dodge slightly, as if hesitating, wondering where this electrified thing came from, and why it felt both familiar and unfamiliar.

The lightning ion got closer and touched the particle again.

This time, the charged particle didn’t dodge. Its inherent electricity was related to the ion, so it didn’t resist the ion’s touch.

Seeing this, Lin Zhen was secretly delighted.

He began attempting to manipulate more lightning ions to approach the particle. freeweb m

One, two, three… Countless ions surrounded the particle, slowly choosing their positions.

Although they were lifeless, atoms and molecules had instincts, just like water molecules instinctively counteracting flames, even if the result was dispersal. This principle remained unchanged.

Under the encirclement of numerous ions, the particle didn’t feel any potential harm and gradually integrated into the ions.

Both ions and particles represented speed, and Lin Zhen’s Dantian became their playground to run around in high spirits.

They circled his Dantian at a speed invisible to the naked eye, running tens of thousands of laps in just a second. The only thing visible was dense, golden light trails!

“Almost there!”

Feeling the particle’s joy as it fully integrated into the ions, Lin Zhen’s spiritual power approached it.

The result was delightful, as the particle didn’t resist Lin Zhen’s spiritual power. Having almost been assimilated by the ions, it readily accepted Lin Zhen.


“Success! Ions and particles are resonating, and they’re resonating with my spiritual power! ”

“Come, my darlings! Bring all your friends here, come to this place!”

In an instant, light trails were attracted, and driven by the particle, countless radiant powers appeared in Lin Zhen’s Dantian, converging, contracting, and exploding wildly! They gathered around the Dark Star, erupting instantly, making it seem like a newborn sun!

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