Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 23 - Playing Dirty
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Chapter 23: Playing Dirty

The beast owner grabbed his reins firmly and displayed his skills.

"Ayaya!" He shouted madly as he jerked on the reins and they suddenly dove down, straight to the ground.

To make flying in the sky easier, there were multiple lanes and routes one could use. They were categorized with multi-colored lights hovering in the sky as if mid-air roads. One had to let others pass before they could switch the route but they simply pierced through all the routes below them, not caring about others.


After getting the momentum, the Flying Beast spread its wings again and the launched forward in between of the buildings. Xuefeng held Tianshi tightly as they turned abruptly multiple times, changing roads and routes. In less than a minute, they lost the sight of their stalkers, making the beast owner overjoyed.

"Hahaha! That was so fun! It’s good we weren’t seen by the City Guards else we would get a ticket," the beast owner called out happily.

"Alright now return back to the sky and let them see you. It’s best if you speed up and get as far away as possible from your current location," Xuefeng ordered.

"Huh? Then what was the point of losing them?" the beast owner asked confused.

"Trust me, it’s all part of the plan."


"Tsk, did they really think they can lose us?"

A masked man in black cloak snickered under his hood, gazing at their target from afar. They tried to lose them yet ended up failing, going back to their old route.

"Not sure what they planned but it doesn’t matter. Don’t lose them again. It seems like they know we are following them," his partner pointed out suspiciously.

"Don’t worry, we get an update of their position every five minutes. They can’t escape us even if they want to," the masked man assured.


His head got slapped from behind.

"The target is too important to relax. Get your shit together," his partner scolded.

The masked man gazed at his partner hatefully and sat in silence, not talking anymore as he lead the Flying Beast.

Their task was to monitor their target at all times and wait for the real experts to appear. Even if Xuefeng hides in the Safe Zone, it’s useless. Maybe others couldn’t use violence but how could Trade Union be on the same level as others? They were the ones controlling the Safe Zones together with the Central Bank.

"He is speeding up. Catch up with them," his partner ordered which annoyed him even more.

"I am already. No need to remind me," the masked man grunted.

They followed closely after their target only to realize something was weird. The two bodies sitting at the back started to sway out of control and soon exploded, turning into Qi.

"Clones! We were duped!" The masked man called out in shock only to see his partner already staring at the map.

He held a small circular Spirit Artefact in his hand that projected a part of the city with red dot in one place. It was the position of their target which changed every five minutes. It would be best if it was updated faster but the Almighty Spirit had its limits. It already handled all Safe Zones and manged the whole Heaven Realm.

"Let’s go back. I think they jumped off while trying to lose us and replaced their bodies with clones," his partner suggested before they even got the location and a minute later they got confirmation.

Their target hid inside one of the inns on the way.

They quickly reported it to the headquarters and registered to the inn across the street with a perfect view at their target’s location. It was pretty boring just watching the street through the window so they ordered food.

"The best assassins should arrive in a day or two. We just need to spy on him for till that time."

"Aren’t there any within our City?"

"There are but apparently the target is really strong, so they are sending experts from the Capital. It’s best if we don’t approach him. He might be crazy enough to—"

"To do what? Kill you?"

When the sudden voice from behind interrupted their conversation, both of the Trade Union members jumped in surprise, turning around to face the attacker.

Both of them froze, seeing their target was literally sitting on the armchair with a Blue-scaled Sword aimed at their faces.

Fear was just one reason but even if they wanted to move, they couldn’t. Their bodies acted as if a strange force pressured them from all sides, immobilizing them.

"We are in the Safe Zone. You can’t kill us," the masked man called out calmly yet his eyes showed clear fear.

"Oh, you really think so? I don’t care about punishment. I will be banned from the City. So what? It’s not like I can stay here anyway because you will know my location. Killing you two won’t change my plans anyway," Xuefeng said indifferently. "Even if I’m banned, my wives can enter the Safe Zones for me."

The two Trade Union’s members couldn’t refute Xuefeng’s words, but they noticed the chance, realizing Xuefeng didn’t hurry with his killing.

"What do you want?"


Xuefeng smiled at that question, recounting all the prepared questions.

"Who are you? Why are you following me? Who do you work for and why is someone trying to kill me? Answer those and I will let you live."


Mhmm! Mhmm!

Two men screamed through the cloth gags as Xuefeng walked out of the room, closing the doors behind him. He placed a ’Do not disturb’ sign at the door handle and smirked. He was sure they would be discovered by the staff of the inn soon, so he wasn’t bothered by leaving them all tied up.

He already got what he wanted from them. He didn’t need to kill them and receive another punishment.

’A penalty of ten thousand credits was issued to your ID Card for the use of violence after repeated warning. Deducting the penalty from the ID Card balance. Your balance is now minus one thousand credits. Please report to the closest Central Bank and pay off the debt within a month.’

Xuefeng heard the robotic voice in his head, multiple times as he used his Bloodline Power to immobilize the two men and eventually received a penalty. Although it hurt his pocket a little bit, it was still worth it.

He at least confirmed his guess from earlier.

’Oh, grandpa, grandpa... You are forcing me to play dirty as well...’

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