Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 15 - The Power of the Crowd
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Chapter 15: The Power of the Crowd

"Excuse me? What did we do wrong?"

Nuwa’s innocent question visually irked the Captain.

"There are ten dead bodies around you two, and you ask what did you do?!" The Captain questioned sternly. "You are under arrest until we fully investigate what the hell happened here. You two are the only ones at the crime scene, so you are the main suspects! Those are standard procedures."

"I’m sorry, but Sir must be blind. Can’t Sir see thousands of people surrounding us?" Wu suddenly interjected. "Every single one of them can confirm that we didn’t do anything wrong. Those ten masked men surrounded us, wanting to scam Credits from us, yet all we did was stand still and wait. Is it our fault they suddenly died?"

Turning to the crowd, Wu took off her hood and asked confused, "Can anyone help us confirm? We didn’t move at all, and those men just dropped to the ground on their own."

Her black hair caught the wind, bursting out from her cloak while single strands coiled around her wronged expression. How could they not help in such circumstances? Many men gazed at her as if they didn’t see a beauty during their lives, and the first volunteers came forward in a blink.

"Sir! Everything Miss says it true! They didn’t even move, and those scum died on their own!"

"I can confirm too! They didn’t even move!"

"What an injustice! You can’t arrest those innocent ladies! They didn’t do anything!"

More and more people began to cry out in their favor till the whole crowd was shouting, calling out the City Guard’s as if they were the ones guilty. They were quickly intimidated, even flying a bit higher just in case the crowd decided to attack them.

The crowd was sure Nuwa killed the scammers, but did it matter? Absolutely not.

They were testifying based on what they saw, and Nuwa indeed didn’t even move. On another note, if they were indeed guilty, the Almighty Spirit would already act, immobilizing them with its power. This only meant that the two were either innocent or they successfully tricked the Spirit. Only top powerhouses could kill without leaving any traces.

Who would side with ten dead bodies instead of two powerful and beautiful ladies? The choice was obvious.




When began, everyone followed, overwhelming the City Guards in no time.

Nuwa raised her hand, the old habit from being a Queen for the majority of her life.

"Silence," Nuwa spoke dominantly, her voice loud and clear to everyone around them.

In a matter of seconds, the crowd turned quiet, shocking the Captain and his team even more. Even they wouldn’t be able to handle such a gathering.

Both her gaze and aura made everyone succumb, wanting to know what she will say.

"We heard enough, but all of it doesn’t matter as only the Spirit protecting the City knows the full truth. If we were guilty of any crime, we would receive information in our minds. Since we didn’t hear anything, it’s clear we are innocent," Nuwa explained to the crowd before gazing at the Captain, "You should already know that, am I right? If you know, why are you breaking the law and still trying to arrest us without any substantive evidence."

"We are not breaking any laws," the Captain answered with his forehead already sweating. "We are just trying to figure out what happened...’’

The Captain didn’t look like he wanted to continue this, committing a great mistake by coming here.

"We already told you what happened, and everyone confirmed that... Even the Spirit doesn’t think we are guilty, yet you seem so sure we are responsible... Do you hate us? What did we do to receive such treatment?" Wu asked, clutching the cloak on her chest as if speaking from the heart. "Is it because we are new? We arrived today to this marvelous City, hoping to make our dreams come true, yet all we received was harassment and injustice..."


Wu wiped her eyes, trying to stop tears from flowing down her cheeks.

"Why is it always like this?! We are just trying to live! Just leave us alone!" Wu cried out, hiding her face into her sleeve. When she looked up again, her eyes were reddened, tears streamed down without stop. She opened her mouth to speak but choked on her tears.

Eventually, Nuwa came up to her and hugged her, placing her head on her chest. She rubbed her back, calming Wu down.

"Shhh... It’s going to be okay... We didn’t do anything wrong..."

This sight was both heartwarming and blood boiling. Momentarily, the males from the crowd glared at the City Guards, unleashing their pressure. The cumulative force coming from hundreds of cultivators was enough to make the City Guards back off.

Not many saw the scene of killing nor heard Wu’s and Nuwa’s words before the masked men died. Only a portion of them knew the truth, but they stayed silent. The sight of Wu’s tears was enough to make everyone else stand up for them without even knowing what happened.

"Get lost!"

"They are innocent!"

"How could you make her cry!"

One small team of City Guards wasn’t enough to fight thousand of white knights, trying to protect the innocent ladies.

"But I—" The Capitan tried to say something, yet Nuwa cut him off.


"Please, don’t attack the City Guards. They are just doing their job. Maybe if we create our ID Cards, will they finally accept us as humans..." Nuwa muttered weakly. "Let’s go, sister. We will visit Central Bank to make one right now. We won’t belong to outcasts anymore..."

Nuwa didn’t hesitate and dragged Wu away, keeping her in her arms as they disappeared in the crowd.

The Fire Land Capital never saw such an enraged crowd. The City Guards had no choice but to retreat under the barrage of insults and threats.

Nuwa and Wu disappeared, blending with the crowd even though many tried to find them, hoping to cheer them up with warm hugs.

"Well done. You have a talent," Nuwa praised Wu as they sneaked inside the Central Bank. Various cultivators waited in the queues to the cash registers, but none of them knew them.

"Thank you," Wu acknowledged with a smile. "I liked your acting too."

Her face was no longer in tears as everything was simply the manipulation of her Qi. Water substituted tears while rubbing on her eyes made her look even worse.

They exchanged a smile and stood patiently in the queue for the ID Card creation, written on the sign above the cash register.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to look around for too long as they suddenly felt danger. Before the girls could react, they were surrounded by five cultivators in black with only one showing their face—a handsome middle-aged man with a manly scar on his cheek.

"Excuse me, ladies, would you be kind enough to follow me? We have some questions to ask."

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