Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 13 - Soul Realm
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Chapter 13: Soul Realm

"Anyone knows what’s the punishment for killing people?"

Nuwa’s question echoed within the crowd, making many cultivators stop, interested to see the incoming drama.

"Haha, I don’t advise messing with the law!" The leader of masked men was the first to reply, only a bit intimidated. "If you kill anyone inside the Safe Zone, you will be kicked and blacklisted from the entering any Cities for a hundred years!"

"So what?" Nuwa replied, her voice sharp like blades. "It’s not like we are even registered. Can we even get punished without even having an ID Card?"

"Hahaha, so naive!" The masked men laughed. "The Almighty Spirit will recognize your face and report you to the Central Bank! They will ban you without even having an ID Card!"

"I see... So as long as the Spirit doesn’t see anything, I should be fine killing you," Nuwa said confidently. "I think you should say goodbye to your friends. This is the last time they will see you."


All elements burst out from Nuwa, showing she wasn’t joking at all. It surprised the crowd the most, especially those who were already in the same situation, scammed as well.

"Girl, don’t risk your future for those scum! It’s not worth it!"

"Yeah! Listen to us and just wait for the City Guards. Don’t waste your life!"

The crowd suggested, seeing the battle was about to start, but Nuwa didn’t stop, glaring daggers at one of the men who shit-talked the most. She didn’t have a habit of following the rules.

"You are bluffing!" The leader of the masked man shouted, getting more assertive. "Come at me if you are so brave!"

The leader of masked men acted tough, yet Nuwa could see the fear in their eyes. She displayed her elements to scare them, hoping she wouldn’t need to use her new ace ability, but it seemed like it wasn’t the first time someone threatened them.

"I will leave everything to you. If there are any problems later, I will use my background to settle it," Wu assured out loud, creating even more hesitation in the masked men’s minds. They could see it in their eyes. They looked at their leader, waiting for him to make a decision.

The masked men were not the only ones in wonder. The crowd was also interested, the circle around them getting much bigger. How big of background did they have to be so confident?

Everyone knew that even though there were laws, the top powers in the Heaven Realm didn’t have to follow them. No matter what, the ultimate power was the strongest rule, and that didn’t change even after setting up the Safe Zones.

If someone was more powerful than the rule makers, what could stop them from breaking the rules?

"Bullshit!" The leader of the masked men cursed. "Boys, we are not moving anywhere until they pay us!"

His call gave the rest a confidence boost they needed.

Nuwa smirked under the hood, ready to proceed when she heard a robotic voice of a Spirit in her mind.

’Excessive amount of Qi detected. Please limit the usage of Qi to the bare minimum. The failure in following the order will result in a warning. Upon collecting three warnings, the Citizen will receive a three months ban of entry to all Safe Zones. Initiating a fight will result in similar punishment with the period extended to one year.’

’Huh, so this Spirit can see everything...’ Nuwa thought, but that didn’t discourage her at all. ’Let’s see if it can see this too...’

Nuwa pulled back her elements, not even needing them anymore, and grabbed onto her hood, pulling it down.


Many exclaimed seeing her beauty, and the masked men were similarly dumbfounded. They seemed to regret their actions, but it was too late.

Nuwa’s eyes turned golden, and she gazed at the leader of the masked men.


In a blink, everything was replaced with white space. The crowd disappeared, the buildings vanished. Only Nuwa and the leader of the masked men stayed behind.

"Perfect, it seems like it worked," Nuwa muttered with a smirk, slowly walking up to the man in front of her. "Now its just you and me. No one can save you."

The presence of the Spirit was gone, which meant she was right.

"What did you do?!" the man shouted, turning left and right with his eyes widened.

"Are you scared that you can’t feel your Qi?" Nuwa asked happily with a sudden sword appearing in her hand. "Don’t worry. I will be quick. I don’t have time to torture you."


His head flew in the air just like that. He couldn’t move, nor could he defend.

"Welcome to my Soul Realm."


His body dropped to the ground before slowly diminishing, turning into a small, transparent orb. Nuwa grabbed it and shook her head, crushing the ball with ease.

"I knew his Soul would be trash but to have so little soul energy... Not even enough to set-up my Soul Realm. I guess I will need to feed myself more..."


Nuwa snapped her fingers, and her surroundings changed again, returning to the outside world. Only a second passed in her Soul Realm. She was able to come back just in time to witness the leader of the masked men fall to the ground, his body lifeless.

Your Soul is everything. If it dies, you will die as well. The body is just a vessel for the Soul.

"Who is next?" Nuwa asked with an evil smile, but she already chose her next target, gazing into the man’s eyes.


A second later, he also fell to the ground, dead.

Thud. Thud. Thud.


Three more followed right after, making all five in front of the girls die in a matter of seconds.

The crowd looked stupefied, all watching from the side as if frozen only to make a unified decision to distance themselves as far as they could. In a moment, there were only two girls and five other masked men on the side-walk, giving them a space of almost fifty meters.

How could they not stay to see how the drama will end? Many began recording the scene, but Nuwa didn’t care, turning around to the other five men.

"Why isn’t the Almighty Spirit stopping her?! She is killing in broad daylight! Where are City Guards?!" One of the men panicked, shouting out with the horror in his eyes only to fall to the ground, dead.

How powerful was she?!

Nuwa only grinned to his claims.

"I don’t know what you mean. All I see are some weak kids, who didn’t even reach the God Stage, falling to the ground. I’m not even doing anything. I’m standing on the same spot the whole time. Everyone in the crowd can confirm, right?"


The crowd was silent.

Milady, how shameless can you be?!

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