After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 998 - 998 I Want Your House
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998 I Want Your House

“Since you have already made your way here, you must have already decided on what you want,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

“That’s right, I want to get back everything I lost! You must let me continue working in the factory and I don’t just want my previous position. I want to go back and be the team leader of the workshop! I also want… also want your house! I want you to give me a house that’s as big as yours!” Qiao Yu said agitatedly.

Xia He sneered mockingly. She did not expect Qiao Yu to ask for so much. This was simply daylight robbery.

“What makes you think that I have many houses? This house belongs to the Xia family and it has nothing to do with me at all,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Yu was not a fool. After living in this area for so many days, it was not as if she did not know how to go around and find out more information. On the surface, Qiao Mei seemed so aloof and detached. Therefore, every family around here was curious about the kind of extraordinary ability Qiao Mei had for her to be able to live in such a big house as soon as she arrived, and even be able to buy over the Cao family’s part of the house.


Li Gui’s booming business had also made everyone envious, but from time to time, Qiao Mei would give the neighbors a lot of delicious food. She would always include them whenever there was anything nice. After all, to receive a favor was to sell one’s liberty. Moreover, the neighbors also felt that if their children could become good friends with Zhang Wei and the other kids, they would have a bright future ahead!

Of course, they knew how to weigh the pros and cons. They were definitely on Qiao Mei’s side.

However, it was inevitable that they would still discuss the issue in private. After Qiao Yu found out that Qiao Mei lived here, she only had to ask around casually and she was able to find out a lot of information about Qiao Mei. She knew that Qiao Mei definitely had more than one property. Qiao Mei owned four houses in total! All the houses were big and spacious.

Since Qiao Mei could live in such a luxurious house, then she could definitely do the same! Qiao Mei owed her all this! Given that they both came from the same village, why was it only Qiao Mei who was living a good life? She must ask for everything that was due to her today.

“Don’t think that I’m a fool. I know everything. I just want the part of the house behind your house! Are you going to give it to me or not!” Qiao Yu said.

“Do you know how much such a big house costs?” Xia He asked.

Qiao Yu looked at them smugly and said, “If it’s not worth anything, why would I ask you for it?”

“You have to know that not everything is yours. If I’m willing to give it to you, it’s only because I pity you. At most, we’ll just stop running our current business. It’s not like the Xia family can’t afford to support me. What about you? What do you have to pit against me and wear me down? Without this business, I can still do other things. There’s no loss to me at all. Can you afford to wait while it drags on?” Qiao Mei said.

She could do a roaring business simply by selling ginseng. Moreover, Li Gui had a lot of cash in hand now and it would not be a problem for her to support her family for more than a year. In a year’s time, the economy would be fully open and there would no longer be any problem doing any type of business. Even if she wanted to do business overseas, no one would stop her.

Qiao Yu was still too inexperienced to be able to threaten her. She was already being very nice to Qiao Yu if she gave her a job.

“Qiao Mei, don’t go too far! If I go back to the village and say that you’ve become rich in the capital and no longer care about the lives of the villagers, see if anyone in the village is willing to work for you anymore!” Qiao Yu shouted.

Qiao Mei had always intended to go into the business of selling seeds in the capital. What she was depending on was the large piece of land in Foshan Village and that mountain in their backyard. The ginseng from the area had already become well-known. If she found a random mountain near the capital to grow ginseng, it would not be easy to cover up the truth if anything should happen in the future.

Although Qiao Mei believed that those people in the village would definitely not betray her after listening to Qiao Yu’s casual chatter, the fact was that gossip was a scary thing. If she stayed in the capital for too long, people would start believing the lies.

“I can help you with the job, but it’s impossible to get the house,” Qiao Mei said sternly.

Qiao Yu considered it through and felt that it was something she could agree with. At the very least, she had solved the problem of her survival now. There was no urgency with the issue about the house. As long as she was able to stay in the capital, she could keep coming to Qiao Mei to ask for the house. One day, Qiao Mei would give in.

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