After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 9: Shindou Tsubasa
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Episode 9: Shindou Tsubasa

Tomboy Upper-grade(wo)man

~Tied Up Edition~

Kyouichirou could only stand there and dumbly stare at the scene in front of him.

How did this happen? Thinking back on the events from the morning, Kyouichirou helplessly look up in midair to find out where things had gone wrong.

“Kyouichirou-sama. Who is this high school girl who seems to have some screws loose in her head her and down her crotch?”

“Kyou-chan. Who is this high-handed girl walking around with indecent clothes?”

In front of Kyouichirou, Satsuki and Natsumi were standing face to face, glaring at each other.

Their gazes are both sharp, with eyes one would have when they found their lover’s cheating hand.

Well, neither of them have any intention of backing down. Kyouichirou stepped back slightly at the murderous aura emanating around the two girls which he had never seen before.

“It is called a break-in when you enter someone’s house without a key when it’s empty. You didn’t knock either. You really were trying to commit a crime aren’t you?

“I, I’ve been asked by Kyou-chan’s mother to take care of him! W-what were you doing to Kyou-chan earlier?”

Natsumi looks at Satsuki’s body from top to bottom, and shook her arms in fluster.

“Oh that? ……Anal sex, is what it’s called.”

“A, an ……anal, anal sex? You’re totally crazy aren’t you!?”

Satsuki, on one hand, is not one bit nervous, spitting out such naughty words from her mouth. Staring back at Natsumi with a poised look.

“You start ranting about others’ hobbies and tastes as soon as you met them. So much for being the grown up. But actually, you’re an exhibitionist pervert who likes to expose herself in a public, and you seemed like a criminal too.”

“W-w-what did you say!? Why do you know about that?”

Natsumi screamed out then stare at Kyouichirou with her face turning red. She seemed convinced that the culprit could only be him.

“Kyou-chan! You’re terrible. I sent those things because you said you won’t show it to anyone. Why did you show them to a girl like her.”

It was Kyouichirou who is most surprised at this though. He is sure he have not shown anyone any of Natsumi’s photos.

Kyouichirou immediately turn to Satsuki.

“Fuu. You immediately doubted Kyouichirou-sama. Know what shame is. Shame.”

Satsuki nonchalantly ward off Kyouichirou’s gaze. But that said, he’s not good with it.

“…Satsuki. Did you touched my phone without me knowing?”

He throws his gaze at her. Satsuki meekly open her mouth, as if she could not bear his gaze.

“But, but, I didn’t do it on purpose. I just happened to see them when I look at you from behind.”

Kyouichirou recalled the day when Satsuki peeped at his exchange with Tsubasa. Now that he thought about it, he regretted his stupidity for turning away defenselessly. And thus, he felt sorry towards Natsumi and Tsubasa.

Satsuki is trying to push on the notion that she isn’t at fault since it wasn’t a call in the first place.

“What, what’s up with that! You peeked into my boyfriend’s cell phone! How come you didn’t have a girly mannerism? Know what shame is. Shame.”

Natsumi criticise Satsuki hard while Kyouichirou thought back on how it happened.

“Girly …mannerism? I don’t know if it is about that, but in my case, it was a necessary supervision. And as I suspected, perverts like you were flocking around him.”

“Kuh, pervert. You were pushing down on Kyou-chan earlier …a-and, I don’t wanna hear that from you who likes doing it in her ass!”

Satsuki and Natsumi’s argument is becomeing increasingly fierce. And before long, not just Natsumi, but also Satsuki’s voice is getting sharper.

Kyouichirou focused on erasing his presence, while looking alternatingly between the two. He really wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, but wasn’t in the position where he could do that, both physically and mentally. Kyouichirou stared bitterly at Natsumi who is standing in front of the door.

“Kyou-chan should say something too! Who is this person! Who is she to Kyou-chan!?”

After Natsumi suddenly passed the baton to him, Kyouichirou flustered. His mouth is unable to immediately state his relationship with Satsuki, and he tried to come up with a plausible answer.

“I am Kyouichirou-sama’s sex slave”

Satsuki replies with a composed face instead of Kyouichirou, who froze. He turns around to Satsuki in regret, but words cannot be stopped once they’ve left the mouth.

“……eh? Eeeeeeeh!? Kyo, Kyou-chan, is that true?”

This time, Natsumi looks back at Kyouichirou, who is at his wits’ end. He can see and hear how flustered she is.

“Uh, um. Well, to say, sex slave is a bit too much, uh, no, I mean…”

Kyouichirou spun his words carefully, alternating is gaze between Natsumi and Satsuki’s faces. For an instant, Satsuki’s eyes emitted a terrific glare. He didn’t know what she might do if he denied it here. An unpleasant sweat pass down Kyouichirou’s back.

“Well, anyway. You probably seduced Kyou-chan yourself. Too bad for you, Kyou-can is not interested in you.”

Natsumi wanted to supress Satsuki, so she especially emphasizing this.

“Hm. What do you know in that regard? And well, you’ve been saying so much since a while ago but, what exactly are you to Kyouichirou-sama?”

Satsuki however remains unfazed and gives a rebuttal to her, not showing any gap. Natsumi develops a stupid look on her face.

“Eh? I am, that ……Yes! I am Kyou-chan’s first love! So I’m like a guardian! Also, Kyou-chan have always liked me!”

She seemed stuck for a moment, but Natsumi brighten up as soon as she remember that. Kyouichirou felt embarrassed at her declaration of being his first love.

“First love huh? So I guess you’re his ex then. After all, I just received a passionate love letter from Kyouichirou-sama. Here you go. I’ll grant you a special permission to read it.”

Looking smug, Satsuki produce an envelope from her jacket pocket, while Natsumi denies her claim.

“That is… why is that here?”

Kyouichirou is familiar with the envelope. It is the love letter he gave to Satsuki when they first met. Something he will never forget. He recalls the evening of a certain not too distant past, when his relationship with Satsuki all began.

“What is this? Umm, ‘From the moment I first laid my eyes on you, I can’t calm my heartbeat. I waste my days thinking only about you.’ ……W-what does this mean?”

Natsumi squeezed the letter in her hands after reading through the contents. The fact that she doesn’t tear it to pieces seem to be due to the last semblance of reason she still had.

“Hey, don’t treat it so roughly, please return it. so, do you get it now? There’s no longer a thing between you and Kyouichirou-sama. You’re just intruding on us.”

Satsuki took the letter from Natsumi as she pride her fingers open, and stuck her chest out boastfully. Natsumi, who has was just been brilliantly brimming, can now only groan sadly.

“Kyou-chan, you’re terrible. You, you said you liked me so much.”

Natsumi’s eyes turned to Kyouichirou with tears brimming in her eyes. However, her tears did not hide the hint of anger behind them.

“Um, Natsumi nee-chan. Let’s calm down first. A-and why don’t you stop raising your hand?”

Kyouichirou look at Natsumi’s right hand, and shifted backwards. He seemed to saw a fiery aura of anger rising up around her.

“No, I won’t put it down. Please give your onee-chan a proper explanation.”

Seeing Natsumi with tears in the corners of her eyes, Kyouichirou completely gave up making excuses. Since things have come to this anyways, he should try to explain everything properly.

Kyouichirou stared at Natsumi to open his mouth. Satsuki also glances at Kyouichirou to see how things will go.

“Natsumi nee-chan, actually……”


Kyouichirou’s words were interrupted by a brief electronic sound.

“Ah, it looks like someone has come, maybe a courier.”

It was Natsumi who quickly returned to her normal countenance at the sudden interruption. She tries to head to the entrance for a moment but stopped, remembering that this is not her home.

Natsumi looked back and gave a questioning gaze to Kyouichirou about what to do.


Meanwhile, Kyouichirou stared in front of him in an upright and unmoving posture, oozing out sweat endlessly.

(Oh! How terrible!)

An alert kept ringing in his head, warning him of the disaster coming ahead. He remembered the promise he had forgotten about because Satsuki suddenly came in the morning.

(Well, it will still be a while before the promised time ……so it’s not that. It just can’t be.)

Remembering that they were supposed to meet at the station, Kyouichirou managed to fix his smile and talk to Natsumi.

“Oh, I have to go out. You two, please wait here for me here……”

“Onee-chan will see you out”

“I too will do the same Kyouichirou-sama”

Just like that, Kyouichirou’s plans completely pooped.


“Uh, H-hello there. Kyouichirou, kun ……I’m here.”

Tsubasa is looking above Kyouichirou’s head, and her smile hardened a bit after being greeted more differently from what she expected.

She was on air as she moved to Kyouichirou’s home, with her hand holding the pink bag that she bought recently.

“Wow, what a cute girl. Kyou-chan’s friend?”

“…Kyouichirou-sama, who is she?”

Natsumi looks at Tsubasa and shakes her hand with her bright smile. On the other hand, Tsubasa stared at Natsumi and Satsuki alternately with a ‘?’ floating over her head.

“Uh, um. Are you Kyouichirou-kun’s onee-san? And, eh? Why is the student council president…”

When Tsubasa lands her eyes at Satsuki, she begin to shake her heads as she could not understand what’s going on.

“Umm, she’s Tsubasa Shindou. Uh, well……”

Tsubasa seemed confused and opened her mouth wide as she alternatingly move her eyes between Natsumi and Satsuki. If you went to pick up your boyfriend from home for the first time, and you’re suddenly greeted by two onee-sans you didn’t know, it would be impossible to not panic.

“Kyouichirou-kun’s …girlfriend.”

Tsubasa muttered faintly.

“…Kyou-chan? I think there’s a little something your onee-chan wants to hear about.”

“What a strange occasion this is. I’d like to hear about this little something too, Kyouichirou-sama.”

Two hands were placed on Kyouichirou’s shoulders at the same time.


“Hey Kyou-chan. We need to do it such that Tsubasa-chan can see better.”

“Wait, stop! Seriously. Stop it already Natsumi nee-chan!”

“Kyouichirou-sama looks great. Now, you just need to spread a little more.”

“Satsuki too! Stop it, really! You, you’re my slave! Listen to what I say!”

The sight in front of me unbelievable.

My heart is beating fast and I stood on the spot, staring at the sight in front.

“Ara, Shindou-san, is this the first time you saw something like this?”

I couldn’t do anything but to just stand there and breathe, Satsuki-san looked back and stared at me in surprise.

“Eh, really Tsubasa-chan? Then what did he do to you? I was sure that Kyou-chan would have done something to you.”

Natsumi-san too turns her eyes at me and makes a face like it was something unbelievable.

“No. Kyouichirou asked me to touch my c-c-chest…… but that’s about it.”

I moved through the room as I was told, being put in the current situation without knowing the reason. My head is on the verge of bursting due to the string of events that followed.

Today is my first date with Kyouichirou, but I couldn’t wait and went to pick him up.

Then I was greeted by these two onee-sans.

I’ve seen Satsuki-san’s face before. She is the student council president in middle school. She always stood at the school gate during the greeting campaigns, and it is not just once or twice that I thought she is a beautiful person.

I have heard of Natsumi-san too, though only her name. She is a next door onee-san to Kyouichirou. He had said it before that she is taking care of him in various ways. She’s an only child and like his real onee-san.

That’s fine and all now. They both seem to be a good person, a really beautiful onee-san.


“Sa-Satsuki help me. You’re my ally aren’t you?”

“Of course, Kyouichirou-sama. But listening to orders isn’t compulsory in an alliance is it? And besides, you can always punish me later anyway.”

This is……

“Kyou-chan, you’re pretty gentle with Tsubasa-chan. Even though you weren’t like that with me from the beginning.”

“No, that’s because Tsubasa is just an elementary school student… wait, ah ~tsu, Natsumi Ne~e-cha… stopp~u!”

Why are the two onee-sans doing something terrible to Kyouichirou in front of me?

“Shindou-san, is it the first time you see this?”

My body shook when a hand suddenly press on my shoulder. Before I noticed, Satsuki’s beautiful profile is close enough to feel her body temperature.

“Eh, that… yes.”

She have a dignified voice. An mature tone different from my childish one’s.

“Fufu. Stop hiding your eyes with your hands, and look over there. Look. He is your boyfriend isn’t he?”

I was shocked. I covered my face with my palms from a while ago, but I am peeking through the gaps between my fingers and looking at Kyouichirou. He is naked while being tied up.

I lower my hands slowly.

“See, isn’t he cute?”

Satsuki’s voice makes me look carefully. He is in front of him.

Kyouichirou lied bare and his limbs tied, his embarrassing part is all shown to me.

I forcibly swallowed my saliva down my dry throat.

My heart thumps and I grab my chest. I also found myself breathing roughly.

“How about it? Isn’t it amazing? ‘It’ is more impressive than usual too I think.”

Satsuki’s voice pull me back from my trance. I look at Kyouichirou’s ‘it’ as she pointed out, and my cheek became hot with shyness.

Kyouichirou is blindfolded and presented to me with his hands and feet bound.

I have only seen a boy’s ‘it’ in health education textbooks and mangas.

“It’s okay. He’s blindfolded. He won’t know it even when Shindou-san looks from up close.”

Satsuki said that and pushed my back. Thinking that it can’t be helped, I moved forward, one step at a time.

Before I noticed, I am in a position so close to Kyouichirou that I could breathe against his ‘it’.

(This is Kyouichirou’s……)

Big. My first impression is simply that.

(Amazing. Wow, I am, I’m seeing something amazing right now. I am looking at Kyouichirou’s…)

My heart is about to burst, and I feel my body temperature rising with its every beat. No. It’s beating harder than when I see myself naked.

Kyouichirou is in front of me with that figure. His legs spread and his hips pushed outwards. Tied up. The Kyouichirou who is always cool, and my lover.

(What should I do? My head, it’s turning weird…)

It’s getting giddy.

My eyes are nailed to that of a boy’s ‘it’ I saw for the first time. Probably because I moved as close as possible, I felt like I can feel the heat from it.

The tip in my chest gets hot. The place where I always have Kyouichirou touch. A place where only Kyouichirou touches.

(The tip, it’s getting longer. Kyouichirou. It’s amazing. It has become like this, like this…)

My chest always gets hard, but in front of me, Kyouichirou’s ‘it’ is even more amazing.

Big. That is the first thought that came to my mind. I’ve seen my dad’s and brother’s a long time ago, but his’ is the biggest.

I find it a little cute when it tremble as I breathed on it.

“Fufu, want to try touching it?”

Satsuki-san says so and traces lightly with her finger. With that alone, it jumped up and down.

“Eh, b-but… Kyouichirou is…”

As I keep my eyes on Kyouichirou’s ‘it’ twitching in front of me, I let my palms squirm.

I want to touch. I want to hold. I want to touch that part of Kyouichirou.

Alhough I wanted to, athough my body is getting hot, I can’t reach out. It’s impossible. I don’t want to be hated by Kyouichirou.

“It’s okay, he won’t hate you. Look, he’s not even saying anything.”

I am shocked. How far will this person go? Are all junior high school students like this?

“Nee, Kyou-chan. Let’s put on earplugs too.”

“Nmmu! Mugumu! Mummu! Mummumu!”

As I see it, Kyouichirou had his ears and mouth blocked by Natsumi-san. The earplugs are normal, but what’s in his mouth are a girl’s panty.

No matter what I do, Kyouichirou will not know. With thay self-assurance, I feel my heart getting so hot it hurts.

(I’m sorry Kyouichirou. But I’m…)

Hesitantly. But surely, I reached for Kyouichirou’s ‘it’.


Tap. The tip of my middle finger touched Kyouichirou’s ‘it’.

I retract my finger immediately. But, as if to prove that it was touched, Kyouichirou’s ‘it’ jumped up a little.

(It moved …because I touched it)

I crave for more. What should I do. I touched it. There is still heat at my fingertip from when I touched it.

(Kyouichirou’s… amazing. It feels warm. It was just for a moment. But I touched it.)

Because I’ve touched it once, I think I can do more now. For the first time, I’m seeing Kyouichirou look like this. I’m still a bit nervous, but I’m looking closely at Kyouichirou’s ‘it’.

It looks amazing. But Kyouichirou right now is, his important place. Kyouichirou is…

I keep thinking and thinking so, and they do not stop swirling around in my head. There is a lot of thoughts on how I want to touch Kyouichirou’s ‘it’, and I can’t help it.

“Kyouichirou …Kyouichirou”

Stuttering, I called out the name. Weak and soft, but firmly.

(…hot, like it’s going to burn me)

The heat is transmitted to the palm of my hand and I nearly let out a squeal. I loosened my hand, then immediately tighten them.

“N mu ~tsu, u ~u……”

I can hear Kyouichirou’s muffeled moans. He feel it when I’m touching. That’s right. He can feel my hands.

“……Kyouichirou. Do you realise? I’m holding it right now. Kyouichirou’s…”

Hearing my words, I’m reminding myself. I’m doing something really ridiculous. Then, feelings of excitement gradually rise in me.

“You’re a good girl. Now, try moving it. Gently.”

Near my ear, Satsuki-san whispers. She will tell me what to do next. I’ll just think of Kyouichirou.

“Like this? How is it Kyouichirou? It doesn’t hurt right?”

Awkwardly, I move my palm. Stroke it up and down, rubbing Kyouichirou’s ‘it’.

Slowly stroking up from the root to the tip, pounding with a sensation that feels a little sticky to the hand.

“N u ~tsu! Mu ~u! U u ~tsu!”

All the while, Kyouichirou raised a muffled voice. Surprised, I release my hand and look back at Satsuki-san.

“It looks like it hurts a little. You have to get it wet.”

Then, Natsumi-san calls out. I hastily look alternateingly at them.

“Oh, you don’t know how to get it wet. Look, do this. Nm, n mu.……N ~a”

Satsuki-san accumulates saliva to the brim with a ~kuchi ~yukuchi and slowly drips it onto Kyouichirou.

With a ~tsu ~uto, Satsuki-san’s saliva fell down to Kyouichirou’s ‘it’, forming a thread as if it were a syrup.

“Ah, sneaky. I’ll do too…… N a ~tsu”

Then, Natsumi-san’s saliva are also added.

“Wait, do you don’t really have to be this vulgar? Jeez…… really now. Shindou-san should also add her saliva.”

Prompted by Satsuki-san, I open my mouth. However, it is so dry that I couldn’t work them out.

“Don’t try it so suddenly. Slowly, accumulate it in your mouth. Got it?”

Satsuki-san gently instructs the impatient me. Slowly, I wait for the saliva to accumulate in my mouth as told.

To have a lot of saliva in my mouth feels kind of weird. Now, I’m preparing something in my mouth to put on Kyouichirou. All over my favourite person’s most important place.

(Amazing. A lot of saliva came out. I’ll put all of this over there on Kyouichirou)

It accumulated to the brim, until my mouth is full.

“N a. A?”

Then spat all of them on Kyouichirou’s ‘it’.

A tremendous amount of saliva falls on Kyouichirou. More than two person’s spit are here. Despite being a bit embarrassed, I grasped them in my palm.

“Everything is mashed up ……it feels indecent. Everyone’s saliva is mixed in.”

I rub from tip to base. My palm slips, making a dirty sound.

“N u ~tsu! Mu ~u u ~tsu!”

Kyouichirou moaned. Looking back at Satsuki-san, I was worried if it hurt again, but it seems different.

“It’s okay. He’s feeling good. He’s dick is feeling good to be held by Shindou-san.”

I got excited at Satsuki’s words. I am newly aware of what I am touching now when an obscene word came out from such a beautiful girl.

“Kyouichirou, feels good…… like this.”

Ji ~yopojupoto, sound came out as I keep working on Kyouichirou. I felt that it became noticeably harder as I kept doing it.

“Amazing Kyouichirou. Just like this. You feel good, when I’m doing this with my hand. I’m glad.”

Kyouichirou’s waist began to move in line with me. He is shaking up and down without thinking.

(Amazing. Kyouichirou. I am gripping Kyouichirou’s……)

I swiftly and quickly move my hands. The tip is a little foamy, and just by smearing it, Kyouichirou’s waist bounced hard interestingly.

(I want you to feel even more. At my hands, feel more…)

With that thought in mind, I glance up at Satsuki-san. I felt like she would teach me anything.

“Use not just your right hand, but both hands. Strokes the tip with the other.”

When our eyes meet, Satsuki-san tells me so with a smile. As told, I stroke the tip with my left hand.

“N mu ~u u ~tsu! N n ~u u ~tsu!”

While my right hand is squeezing it, I rub the tip with the palm of my left hand.

Kyouichirou’s waist was practically floating.

“Haha, he feels really good. Kyouichirou is floating.”

Each time I moved my hand, Kyouichirou’s hips jumped. As I look at him, feelings I don’t quite understand starts to build up in me.

(Kyouichirou, I’m so excited…… Why though, am I feeling good too?)

I can feel my nipples getting erect. When I see Kyouichirou’s pitiful profile, naughty feelings swirled in my chest.

“Is it that comfortable to be rubbed by me? The tip is all mashed up. To be moving your waist like this, are my hands that comfortable?”

Words that surprise even myself come out of my mouth. What am I doing?

“Make it harder. Ji~yopojupoto sound keeps coming out as you’re being touched. I know. You have been twitching with a ~bikubiku for a while now.”

My mouth doesn’t stop. I’m going to die of shame. And they are here too.

“Fufu. I think it’s almost time now. I bet it will be amazing.”

Satsuki-san says words that will cause the excitement to rise even further.

It’s happening? Kyouichirou is?

A surprisingly prideful thought ran across my head.

“Kyouichirou is cuming? Because I am touching him? ……that’s great. Please cum.”

My heart gets hot enough to burst. My head is no longer thinking straight.

“Fufufuー Now, let’s get these things out of the way.”

Saying that, Natsumi-san begins to remove what is on Kyouichirou.

Earplugs, shackles, and blindfolds. Everything was removed and Kyouichirou lookes right at me.

“…eh, ~tsu, basa.”

Kyouichirou’s eyes are opened wide in surprise.

To that face, I lost my reason.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s me. I’ve been doing this to Kyouichirou’s dick since the start, and I’m still doing it now.”

While staring at him as intended, I clunkled and clenched Kyouichirou’s dick. From the root to the tip, I keep on swiftly rubbing on the spot I determined to be his weak point.

“Wait, why Tsubasa ……what, n ~u ~tsu! Ah, aa ~tsu…… A u ~tsu!”

Since his mouth is now free, Kyouichirou begins to leak a pant voice as he could not endure it.

“It feels good here. I know. Because you were waving your hips so much. Did you really feel so much when you were gripped by me?”

Kyouichirou’s expression is dyed with embarrassment. His desperate panting voice somehow increase the heat I feel in my chest.

I keep rubbing his penis with both hands. And spat saliva on the tip once more.

“N n ~tsu! Tsubasa, stop. Au ~tsu!”

Kyouichirou’s waist floats. ~bikubiku he keeps trembling as I rub the tip.

I ignored Kyouichirou’s plea, then squeezed it strongly.

“Your waist is trembling with a ~bikubiku. Your dick is also trembling…You’re feeling good aren’t you? Hehe, I’m glad.”

Kyouichirou is staring at me with the eyes of a puppy asking for forgiveness while calling out my name.

Desperate to endure his moans, he distort his face and stared at me.

(That’s no good Kyouichirou. If you look at me like that, I’ll……)

Inside my heart, I knew something in me changed.

“…so now, cum. Cum! I’m going to make your dick go crazy!”

Even more violently, I keep rubbing Kyouichirou’s dick.

“U a ~tsu! Aa, ah ~tsu! Tsu, basa, ~tsu. A a u ~u ~tsu! Tsubasa ~a”

Kyouichirou calls my name while swaying his waist, raising his voice like a silly girl.

“Hey, you like it when it sounds Ji~yopojupoto in a vulgar way don’t you? I’ll treat your dick well, so just call keep calling out my name like that!”

As I look at Kyouichirou’s face, my hands move faster.

“Your dick is throbbing with a ~binbin right now you know! Cum using my hands! Cum ~tsu!”

“Ua ~tsu! Au ~uuu! Cuming! Tsubasa! Tsubasa ~a ~tsu!!”

I knew something was running up from inside Kyouichirou.

“Hehe. Does it feel good Kyouichirou?”

……What will happen to me?

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